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I've been working on a new stat tracking website for the past month. I think I added all core features and I'd like to share the result with you :).

  • player/tribe/village profile
  • rankings
  • real-time conquers
  • map tool
  • war stats
  • global player/tribe search
Upcoming features:
  • player/tribe growth comparison
  • attack planner
  • army planner
  • interactive map (it's a long-term project, so I don't know when it's gonna be added)
  • your suggestions :)
Supported versions:
Currently translated into:
  • Polish
  • English
  • Portuguese (thanks to xdam98 and JH FLA <3)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (thanks to JH FLA <3)
  • I'd appreciate help in translating this website into other languages :).

If you have any questions, ask here or send me a message on discord Kichiyaki#2064.
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hi, the site no longer works.
Are there any hopes that it still works or doesn't work anymore?