Typical RAM player Annihilation

Discussion in 'World 30' started by r2d3, Nov 7, 2011.

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  1. smurks

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    RAM is broken and sure Cshipley's coup worked and i knew it did because i was still around to experience this change. your problems left and still im kept out i find that odd how RAM wouldn't let me back in because i was a "problem player". ive only had problems with one guy and that was mberns. the rest is history. im a player that is willing to lose his whole account but a few villages and rebuild. i even confronted Wittmen myself about letting me back in telling him how im back on my bi polar meds. council denied me so that in itself was a betrayal. the coup i helped create changed RAM for the better and then the rest of VLR was casted out.. branded traitors and nobled and never given a chance but you let the main man the slicker then average player but thats just it... you left us 7 or 8 people to gain that one problem child. there is a reason why I stand against your words because you don't know the whole deal. you hid in the shadows while the GREAT RAM players such as noobaxes, hulk, aubree, and a few others quit and try being your voice of reason. you and the rest of that pitiful tribe make me sick. i offered my help to Phonex and ill always back BH up. whenever they need me. ill be there to assist them. they probably wont need me but ill always be an open option.
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    This is not brief so I will do my best to keep it tidy…

    @ HULK.

    Point 1. Regarding comments about mberns, Vult and BONNY
    What are you talking about? Those players were RAMs leadership at the time along with KarmaX and MW. Are you saying they fell victim to their own lunacy or somebody else’s? Or do you in fact, not know what you are talking about at all and are just arguing for the sake of it?

    Point 2. Regarding arrogant comments…
    Shipley, myself and Raven are the only ones who have posted anything that has come out of RAM in the past few weeks. If you are talking about Shipley being arrogant then you have no objections from me.
    But you don’t need to stereotype RAM as being that way based solely on Shipley…

    Point 3. – Selling out Aubree comments
    You still have not said how RAM 'sold out' Aubree. Could you please explain and not just say the same thing every post without ever providing further evidence.

    Point 4. Comments about RAMs leadership, current and past…

    Do you still see THE around? So why are you pointing to them as a pinnacle of success?

    I have no problems with the Phoenx comment. Paj has done a great job with Phoenx. I believe it is because he is selective about recruitment so his tribe works much more closely.

    In my opinion, RAM has had a lot of trouble because it hasn't been so selective. In the past, Every Tom, Dick and Harry thought they ought to be running the tribe and that their way was best. So when any decision occurred that they didn’t agree with they left to start their own tribe or tribe to pull it apart from the inside. And when those attempts failed come crying about how RAM has 'sold them out'. How many times has it happened now?

    @ Smurks…

    Here are some facts before my personal opinions.

    Fact #1 – All players who left for VLR were sent invitations back to RAM.

    Jul 21 *TIME OMITTED TO MASK ONLINE TIMES* thecincykid has been invited by never back down.

    Jul 21 *TIME OMITTED TO MASK ONLINE TIMES* Aubree has been invited by never back down.

    Jul 18 *TIME OMITTED TO MASK ONLINE TIMES* zacrasmussen16 has been invited by mberns.

    Jul 18 *TIME OMITTED TO MASK ONLINE TIMES* h.u.l.k has been invited by mberns.

    Jul 18 *TIME OMITTED TO MASK ONLINE TIMES* HiramKingofTyre2 has been invited by mberns.

    Jul 18 *TIME OMITTED TO MASK ONLINE TIMES* irockurworld has been invited by mberns.

    Jul 18 *TIME OMITTED TO MASK ONLINE TIMES* norin27 has been invited by mberns.

    Jul 18 *TIME OMITTED TO MASK ONLINE TIMES* cshipley has been invited by mberns.

    Fact #2 – All but 3 of the active VLR players came back to RAM (Keep in mind Zac was being sat by ship).

    Aug 02 *TIME OMITTED TO MASK ONLINE TIMES* norin27 joined the tribe.

    Aug 03 *TIME OMITTED TO MASK ONLINE TIMES* irockurworld joined the tribe.

    Aug 04 *TIME OMITTED TO MASK ONLINE TIMES* HiramKingofTyre2 joined the tribe.

    Aug 28 *TIME OMITTED TO MASK ONLINE TIMES* cshipley joined the tribe.

    Fact #3 – H.U.L.K account made 6 tribe changes in the 3 months prior to the events we are speaking about. The account was only back in RAM for a total of two weeks before disappearing off to VLR.

    RAM --> T*G 14th April 2011 - 02:04:43 6,859,328
    T*G --> RAM 14th April 2011 - 03:04:44 6,869,125
    RAM --> INVAID 20th June 2011 - 05:04:20 7,092,871
    INVAID --> CH~ST 21st June 2011 - 04:04:15 7,093,658
    CH~ST --> None 01st July 2011 - 03:05:11 7,197,262
    None --> RAM 01st July 2011 - 17:04:35 7,198,787
    RAM --> V L R 14th July 2011 - 19:04:42 7,273,262

    Fact #4 – H.U.L.K account nobled 3 KarmaX villages on 26th July.

    Death Star 37 (718|830) K87 8,449 KarmaX [RAM] h.u.l.k [V L R] 2011-07-26 23:06:31
    Giedi Prime 0388 (753|832) K87 10,065 KarmaX [RAM] h.u.l.k [V L R] 2011-07-26 21:52:30
    Death Star 7 (718|831) K87 9,572 KarmaX [RAM] h.u.l.k [V L R] 2011-07-26 16:56:45

    Fact #5 – RAM then started nobling H.U.L.K. account on 30th July.

    Giedi Prime 0830 (757|822) K87 9,505 h.u.l.k [V L R] mberns [RAM] 2011-07-30 10:03:20

    Fact #6 – Cshipley was invited back a second time but 4 weeks later once H.U.L.K account was gone for all intents and purposes.
    Aug 28 *TIME OMITTED TO MASK ONLINE TIMES* cshipley has been invited by Michael Wittman.

    Fact #7 – ex-H.U.L.K players have done nothing but badmouth RAM since.


    OK, my opinion time,

    I'm not surprised they haven't let you back in looking at the above information…

    I find it amusing that you think I know nothing when half of your information is incorrect or missing detail. I also find it funny that you think I hid in the shadows during this time frame. After all, you weren’t in the tribe for any extended period of time to know what my participation was like. What I was actually doing while this was happening was sending my :axemen: at the enemies and :swordsman: to my allies. Basically, I did what I was told because I know my role in this tribe.

    Unlike you, who has flitted around a number of different accounts and changes tribes like pairs of underwear, I have been on this account since Tomy asked me to co-play him not long after the PMP/TWC merge. Even then, I only did it so that I could be helping out on a front doing my part. I was more than happy to leave leadership up to the people who were doing it. Just because I didn't stick my nose where it didn't belong or pretended that I could do any better doesn't mean that I was hiding thanks champ!

    My problem with you is not that you wanted change. After all, you didn’t do any different to myself when PMP first formed out of the WOR tribes. The difference is, if PMP had lost that war, I wouldn’t then go and blame WOR for my own actions. My problem is that I’m sick of seeing the both of you post inaccurate information here about how RAM has done wrong by you when you have no-one to blame but yourself.
  3. ravenj

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    T33ch - your previous post is in the wrong forum. This is Politics n Propaganda.
    Evidence and reasonable debate have no place here!
    Stop it before you accidentally make your point, and leave people with no target for their spurious accusations.
  4. smurks

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    i dont even remember that invite xD screen shot it. otherwise your proof is invalid. INVADE was a temp tribe because i was going mentally insane. CH~ST was helping me clear my head. i didnt believe the leadership in RAM was good to even begin with when i left. hell the time i was in CH~ST it was better off the RAM was. im not mad about being let back in. i don't even care anymore. i don't play this world and im just happy with my tribe/ account in W55. if i honestly wanted to be back so bad i could have made an alias and tricked my way back. im not an idiot. i am a man of many faces and many names. RAM only knows two. Black Rose.. and Smurks. i have 9 others i could use if ever called upon. and i can always make more. all with different mental thinkings;)
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  5. t33chr

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    Since you asked so nicely...


    Good luck, have fun...
  6. bobbynaked

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    Um... Aubree and I quit that account like 6 montha ago, maybe more... :icon_rolleyes:
  7. H.U.L.K

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