UC declared war to Rythm

Dr. Bratwurst


We won`t dodge anymore we will fight. I have the feeling that the Rythm leadership is too scared to reply to our war or tell their members, because they are scared of refugess.

War name: We sell Dr. Bacon!War!

Did you really thought only because you don`t get Unicorn Rewards you have a reason to be angry?

Silly and why do you think you can attack as?

you down because...we are epic.

Did you ever wonder what we stand for?

The "P" in Unicorn Committee (UC) stands for professional.

And btw. we are Batman!

Some people believed they can farm UC Awards but everyone should know: "Only if you get nominated you have the chance".

Btw. if you have any unsolved love problems speak to Dr. Bacon , he is like .... judge?!

I saw what some of you wrote in the forum. I saw it , I felt sorry, but there`s a way to be good againg because today you don`t play like : In the Game of UC you win or you die. Today we can all win , but is your tribe really worth it?

We hope so. We`ll come back...back...back.

Btw. if you have any questions contact Dr. Bacon he`s the man in this committee and Dr. Bratwurst has nothing to do with this.

We won`t accept any refugees . Its time to fight like we did it in history. Today we write not her story we write HISTORY!

(btw. small quest for you: You have a house and all 4 walls point direction south. A baer comes past. Which colour has the bear?)

Its time that the noblemen speak their very special language. I wish everyone a good fight.:axemen: