UK or US Co-player required

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Lord Rudolph

I should not need to introduce my account. Look at the stats.
Contact me via Skype to talk; ChocoROID

Although I would prefer someone within my tribe, IKEA is pretty much all co'd up so I cannot really do that without stealing someone's co player.

1. Skype.
2. Must be a current player on w73.
3. Proven history and competency of in game skill.
4. Skill as a diplomat is preferred.
5. Must not be the kind of player that acts on impulse and emotion.
6. If you are the kind of player that gives up when times are hard, do not bother contacting me.

7. Must be in this for the long run.

Do not expect to get on the account, and do not expect correspondence however well the conversation goes. Me and Jacob will decide who fits the bill, suited to our situation. The purpose of this request is to get someone to relieve stress on what is a busy account.

Not open for further replies.