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First of all i joined this world after i failed on w57 and that after 3 years Retiring of TW,i failed on w57 on my start up ,
Reasons : there were a lot of new strategies in the world, like new methods of Farming, ppl growing very quickly , i dont remember the one who rimmed me, but he had like 4 times my number of troops. so i decided to stop playing and wait for a new world.
Than w58 started and i decided to join it, the time i joined i runned to the externel and started surfing in the forum, and i found ways to farms script to use that help.
I was soloing all the time, and always searching for news tactic of playing and learning still, after that started fighting for the rank of K34, there were two players above me with rank (c4ptain678 and Khoiri Ali ) , when i joined GBears i was and still very active, always helped other players , sitted them and learned from them, i was always open to learn anything new.
After that i took the rank one in k34 cause c4ptain678 moved to k44 ( i was in top 20 ODA and in top 20 of the world) , after that inc joined us (don't want to talk about it) , and i met many new ppls and alot of them are good players, one of them is Mr.nobler, he is from same country as me and we understand each others very good, his school started and he asked me if he would co with me (he was rank 1 on k35 and in top 20 ODA too and in top 20 of the world.) and i accepted cause i can have more time for myself after i was playing like 18 hour and wake up at night to send my troops out farming, and here we started merging our accounts,
And now ppl start flaming us on the world , skype , external etc.
i dont want about the rank , i m in this world to have fun, and i have to be flammed arround, if u have something to say so just it in my face, and don t run arround and say yeah UW is internalling, so be a man and say it to me and i will answer you,

Now answering some players.

Lucaya #2

1. Tribes and players have battled to become #1 since the world began almost 2 months ago, you are currently #2- Do you think you have the ability to reach #1?

Yeh, we will get to #1 again soon. Hard to compete with someone nobling so many internals. Once that is over. I see no reason why we wont get back there.
I dont know you , but i heard ur a good player, and you were ranking one, we have almost same count of villages, but im saying this, i will fight for my Rank as long i m active.

but on the ground its the players who think if they can farm they are awesome with them having to ask us to snipe and backtime for them a few times :/
When did i said i m pro player? when i said i m the best Player ? i never said that , and i know this message was ment to be for me, i have one thing to say , at that day i asked the players arround about the methode, well u didn t even bothered to answer, those who answered were Horney Unicorn and sunshine, and i asked u to do it not because i didn t want to try, but cause it was 4 am for me and i was tired and the sniping and backtiming should be done after 2 hours of it.
and yeah i learned about ttrain , sniping , backtiming, better way for farming on this world and i still have a lot lot to learn.
SO PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
and thx for everyone who take the time to read this and any comment is welcome,
Sorry about my Bad English, it is my Third Language.


idk what these haters think
if u would have been bragging about ur rank 1 then it would have made a little sense
i mean u would have taken permission them in externals before doing that?

and wouldn't they have done/will do internal nobbling if they get a chance?
i remember when i quitted and couldn't find new owners who has contacted me for nobbling the villages

they envy because they didn't get the chance or u reached there with less efforts?
whatever it is the game is still on and u guys have much time to prove whose the best
so don't envy UV or quit playing

PS:-this is the previous owner of F-H the new ones doesn't have excess to external account


i thought this was a well known fact..idiots should be ignored(stupid flamers included)
its nice to see someones activity paying off and an old veteran coming back:)

i wish you good luck in getting your gameplay back to a high level, you have a lot of skilled players around you


An what does Ultimate Warrior say about ttribes who accpet known refugees. I would really like to hear his policy and thoughts about this.



I think anyone who accepts refugees or players who are 'hated' by their tribe and get kicked out should explain themselves :)
2nd chance? well, that's a legit reason - but there are plenty of other reasons I guess.