Unethical tribal wars game play - hiring mercenaries


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This will most likely lead to me getting kicked out as a co-player. But I dont care a this point.

What is your opinion on hiring mercenaries to help run Ops when your damn council and duke take a back seat..


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I will dare not mention any names. But this is unethical. A top tier tribe ask help from an outsider that has nothing to do with W96 to help out?

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Does someone request my services again?
I charge 20k pp for a world class tribe ending op, and 20 pp for a Babin standard piss poor op that we will celebrate as a success!


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TBH who cares? The players still have to launch the attacks and time in the nobles, if all the "outsider" is doing is assisting in the planning of the op then that is far from unethical. You have players botting, betraying alliances, spying, asking for a nap one day then attacking the next, claiming their enemy broke the nap first when they declared war(yes that was vape and it still gives me a chuckle) plenty of stupid and unethical things happen in TW and on 96 but someone outside planning an op? That's like saying using an attack planner or using village notes from others is unethical. It's just information used to win, that's far from unethical. Using actual mercs would be to have someone just outright play your account 24/7 till you win and even then that's pretty much what a co-player is so again how is this unethical?


Yes.... who cares. Do what it takes to win. Which ever tribe hired the mercenary to run Ops did a good deed for their tribe.

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Oh, they are being paid in Premium. Here I was hoping it was hard cash. Give me enough money and I'll make our account leave Obey and start attacking them if you wanna win.

PM me offers, I prefer cash but I'll settle for PP. I reckon if you are willing to spend a lot, a bunch of us will come over on a package deal ;)