Update to version 8.11

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    8.11 Changelog

    We will be updating all of our worlds to version 8.11 on Monday the 25th between 10:00 and 13:00. At some point during this time period each world will go offline for a short amount of time, usually for less than 5 minutes. This is mostly a maintenance release with no new major features.

    Spring Event
    This update contains a new event crafted for your enjoyment. We're glad that you enjoyed the Winter event, and have made a number of improvements we're looking forward to getting your feedback on! Among other changes, there will be mysterious new enemies to vanquish and new loot to gather and gamble. The event will start on selected worlds on the 27th of March, and end approximately a week later.

    More will be revealed soon!

    -Apps: you can now register multiple devices to receive push notifications (simply log in).
    -Improved way that published report urls can be copied in mobile version.
    -Once a world has ended with the Secrets of Power scenario, tribes can no longer be left.