Update to version 8.12

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    8.12 Changelog

    Dear Warriors,

    We have a pretty nice feature for you with the update to Version 8.12! You will now be able to make sure that the friends you invite are located in your vicinity!
    This update also contains improvements for the quests and push notifications, as well as a 20 minor bug fixes.

    All worlds will be updated on Monday the 13th at some point between 13:00 and 15:00. Worlds may experience a few minute of downtime during the update.

    Any questions or feedback? Please post here.

    Invite a friend near your location!

    We wanted for a long time to give you the option to invite a friend and make sure he or she would be located in your vicinity. This could be done during Pre-registration, but your options during a running world were severely limited. No longer! While going through the invitation process you will now have the possibility to make them join you in a near area from the village of your choice, and start conquering your neighbourhood together!


    Other changes

    • The quest system has been improved in several ways to offer a better overall guidance. Changes include adding indicating arrows to some quests to help new players find their way, some small interface changes and marking which quests were newly received.
    • App users can receive push notifications when all of their troops are finished their commands and waiting for instructions