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    Dear players,

    We've got a new update for you that we're pretty excited about. Don't forget to let us know what you think in the Discussion Thread!

    All worlds will be updated to version 8.15 on Wednesday the 28th of August, between 10:00 and 12:00. There will be a few minutes of downtime for each world.


    Added a new periodical feature called Competitions.

    In Competitions, you and everyone else playing Tribal Wars is divided up into 2-4 teams who compete to be best at certain timed (24 hours) Challenges.

    - Challenges can range from being about which team can defeat the most spear fighters to which team can haul the most resources within the given time.
    - Each team's progress can be viewed live in the rankings. (Here's an image from our Beta tests.)
    - The victors of each challenge will be rewarded appropriately, with a temporary buff to one of the aspects of their villages.
    - We aim to start the first Global Competition in early September!

    Account Sitting
    Added possibility to customise how much an account sitter can do with the Premium on your account. You will be able to allow or disallow the following:
    - Access to your Premium log
    - Activation of time-based Premium features such as the Premium Account or Account Manager.
    - Usage of instant-use Premium features such as Build Time Reduction.

    Mobile Improvements
    - Adapted the mobile Tribe Forum screen to have a more mobile-friendly layout.
    - Flags screen will now indicate the strength of Flags before they are assigned.
    - Improved style and consistency on a number of other pages, such as Friends, and Rankings.
    These changes will be visible both in the mobile-browser version of the game and in the apps.

    Other changes:
    - The contents of the bottom menu bar will now be centered instead of aligned to the left, to improve visibility.
    - Improved unit information popups to work in more situations
    - Removed settings option to disable the drop-down menus in the main menu because it was only rarely used.
    - Minor text and display changes.