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    Dear players,

    The update to version 8.16 will come with some changes that will affect your way of playing, not in the sense of gameplay, but mostly concerning the interface and the changes of some options.
    We hope you will like the modifications we prepared to help make the game clearer and easier to use!

    Don't forget to let us know what you think in the Discussion Thread!

    User Interface (UI) Improvements

    We've made some improvements to the UI to make the game more intuitive. These changes are mainly to help new players adjust more easily to the game, but hopefully also make the game a bit easier on the eyes. If you are used to the way the game is at the moment, you might need a bit of time to get familiar with the changes. But we do believe it is an improvement, let us know what you think!

    - We replaced "action" links with buttons. If clicking a link performed an action, it has been changed to be a button.
    - We replaced icons in Headquarters and Recruitment pages with miniature images to improve recognisability.
    - We moved Village Overview- and Headquarters-specific settings to the central settings area to reduce amount of unnecessary information shown.

    More information + screenshots can be found on the DevBlog (in English)! You can also already test the new UI on the Beta server.

    Less reloading and clicking

    - We won't reload the entire page any more when a timer reaches 0, and instead only update the information that changed. What this means for you: the game will feel slightly more responsive, and it will also save you the hassle of losing the coordinate and troop numbers you typed into the Rally Point when a command returns, for example.
    - Quests will open automatically when the requirements for completion have been met (can still be closed if you want to complete the quest later).


    We've continued work on the Competitions we told you about in 8.15. We've put the finishing touches on them now, and will soon start using them outside of Beta. Stay tuned!

    Other noteworthy changes

    - We Removed the "Classic layout (Tribal Wars 6.5)" settings option due to the low usage and the necessary time spent maintaining it that could be spent working on new features. You can find a CSS file mimicing the 6.5 style here that you will need to download and host if there are players interested in maintaining it (once hosted, fill in the file path at "Settings -> Settings -> "Path for CSS file"). You will also need to upload a vanilla graphics package.
    - Graphical Package & Custom CSS file functionality are now also available for non-Premium players.
    - Players transferring to Casual worlds can now choose if they want to take along their Premium features when they transfer or not.

    Smaller changes

    A number of smaller improvements and bugfixes to give you a smoother playing experience, including but not limited to:
    - The Farm Assistant will now save the last way you sort reports when you come back to it (by "distance" or "latest information").
    - Successful scout reports will now properly be blue when a paladin with scout item was included.
    - We added name completion in more locations.
    - Players you invite are now no longer set as friends automatically.
    - Accepted mass-forwarded reports will now be stored in your current folder instead of always going to New Reports.