Update to version 8.22

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    Update to version 8.22

    Dear players,

    A new update is coming, which will be released on Monday, the 28th of April, between 10:00-11:00. Please let us know what you think in the discussion thread! Discussion thread.

    Send commands and resources from the map

    We've added the possibility to send attacks, supports and resources without leaving the map, saving you the step of being directed to the Rally Point or Market.
    -It is possible to still be directed to the Rally Point or Market by opening the "send troops" or "send resources" links in a new tab.
    -It is also possible to disable this feature entirely.



    - Clicking "Overviews" in the main menu will now direct you to your village overview if you only have 1 village and do not have an active Premium Account.
    - Unit research requirements will now be displayed in the Smithy.
    - Arrival time shown on the command confirmation page will now update itself to reflect the time at which it will arrive. This feature was in the game a few years ago but removed again because it wasn't as accurate as it needed to be and so caused confusion. Due to the time improvements we added in 8.21, the displayed time will now be accurate in the following browsers: Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox 27+, Chrome 31+ and Opera 20+. In other browsers, it will be an approximation. (Note: players with a Premium Account can see the seconds of an arrival time on the command confirmation page.)
    - Apps and the mobile browser version will no longer have their pages reload when a timer reaches 0, which for example can be inconvenient when there are many attacks shown on a page.
    - Added milliseconds to the arrival time displayed in battle reports.
    - Made filtering by ratio for other player's market offers work better with the various world configurations that influence allowed ratios.
    - Command IDs have been obfuscated so that they can no longer be used to accurately determine the sending time of a command.
    - Menu in the Rally Point has been moved to the top of the screen to provide more horizontal space for the Rally Point contents, such as commands.
    - Minor text and ui changes
    - Bug fixes