Update to Version 8.87

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Morthy, Jun 4, 2017.

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    Dear community,

    Our new update to version 8.87 will be released on Tuesday the 6th of June between 10:00 and 10:30. The update mainly consist of improvements to the rally point building and features provided by it.

    Request templates
    The "Request" screen in the rally point now allows you to request support from multiple villages by filling them with a predefined troop template


    Total population
    In the "Request" section of the rally point the final column now displays the total amount of population


    Shared incoming support
    The "Requests" section of the rally point now also includes troops from shared incoming support commands

    Attack size in support requests
    The size of an attack (if provided by a watchtower) will now be shown in the support request templates

    Moving secrets
    The "Secrets" screen now also allows you several ways of selecting a target, not only by coordinates


    Rearranged tribe screens
    The "Recruitment" and "Welcome message" fields are now located in the "Recruitment" tab and no longer under "Properties"

    Dynamic groups by coordinates
    It is now possible to create dynamic groups based on the position of the villages relative to specific coordinates

    Inventory tool-tips
    Inventory now has mouse-over tool-tips to help you find the right items quicker

    Deleting village notes
    It is now possible to delete notes of own villages from the village overview

    Changing population flags
    You can now replace a population flag with a lower tier one as long as the provided bonus is high enough to meet your current population. You no longer need to remove the higher flag first (and by that reduce your population) before selecting a new one.