Ok this thread is for usernames. Says like the Tin!!! :icon_cool:
Ok this is a nice topic. for good usernames. soooo.

What is the best username on world 6?

Personally I love Coob. say it or een just think it in your head. COOOOOOOOOB :icon_razz: it is truely the best right? well anyhow. I bet the usernames you think of is acctuaklly pronounced differently. its the language barrier in some cases you think one thing and its pronounced the differnt.

my username. Miller D... originates from Dan Miller. thts right folks I'm so imaginative I acctually came up with my nick name form my name :O but hey I was a nub at young age and had the tittle of MC Miller D rocking don on XTC 1.2..3 rocki9ng on the M.I.C!!! yea sad right? yea thats where my user name came from. and its tuck ever since.

I am not like that anymore :icon_redface::icon_redface::icon_redface::icon_redface:

but. questions////

whatt is the best username?

why did you come up with your usename?

demon king7

No wonder you took so long to reply on msn about 30 minutes writing that;)
And the fact that you fell off your chair a few times?
And what a nick name, How many people called you that ? one person? one time?:p

My name is from a runescape account i created when i was 11..
Though the number 7 is my favourite number:)
I still don't like the immature name.

Best name i would say i like cazac, though as you said it probably ment to be pronounced differently to what i do.. lol


nah KAY-ZAC = cazac right? from the name catilin :p or summit spelled simiular.
yea only myu mate called me MC miller D although that the only few I'd MC too?

fancy a good ol spam ;)

demon king7

Well right now i fancy my bed.. and well Selena Gomez but i don't think that come into this context :D
Cazac sounds soo cool to me :p
I even made a wow account after it :D reminds me of a good ol shammy :p
Moving slowly on.


When I was just a naive young n00blet, I joined a little rim tribe called KAOS, and found that my tribemates included (at least I think all 3 were in KAOS, forgive me if my memory has failed on that small detail):



and doyouhaveboobs?

=P I thought that tw was filled with sexual deviants.



I chose my name on the basis that it is awesome. I didn't want something with numbers but something that sounded like a title and that was fun at the same time.

I think advacatous is a good name. It's a lawyer position originally held in the late Roman Empire. I think that works well in this game and it sounds cool when you say it too.


I'm sorry, but I always loved nghtrdr as a username :D. Know if it ever comes back on other worlds, That'll be me.


Night Rider? that would be my guess...however it is rather confusing since there is no I so it's difficult to come to the assumption of night.


You didn't even retaliate on world 6 :(
I confess, you had me quite taken aback there.

Words would not have been able to express my utter disappointment had I learned that you attacked Snickers! I even might have had to send nukes all the way from W47 at you! :icon_twisted:

But ghostie, well, that is a different story completely. At least that is not surprising to me, anyway.