USSR is recruiting


Join The USSR Now!

The Soviet Union Needs You!

USRR was founded by taddypeter. If you have questions please contact taddypeter in the game.

if you want to be in the tribe you are sure to be excepted.


1 Starlin
2 High Command
3 Tank Squad
4 Commander
5 Officer
6 General Officers
7 Field Officers
8 Puskov
9 Sergeant
10 lieutenant
11 Elite Infantry (+1500 pionts)
12 T-34 Crew
13 Private
14 Conscript (200-350 pionts)
15 None combat units (0-200 pionts)

so join.

thank you
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Big Bobbert

Oh i allowed to flame on here?...ah well

Several Faults here...

1 - "Supreme" is a capitalist phrase and does not belong in USSR literacy.

2 - Your picture, King George....KING!!!, Soviet society does not allow for monarchy, never mind figures from imperialist England

3 - "Dictator", technically no such thing in USSR, a Chairman of the People's Republic is an appropriate rank.

4 - "the higher rank you are" - USSR (communism) means that everyone is equal, so the fact that ranks exist in this tribe is a severe flaw in its constitution.

5 - with regards to rank, they are always needed in tribes, i would suggest you change your name, something like "The Red Army"...this follows your communist manifesto, and allows ranks to be plausible.

As a communist myself i am rather insulted at your attempt to recreate the Soviet Union. Correct the above faults and it will make me feel better.



i thought i was being creative,and i just copied and pasted the text from the tribes profile and im sorry for insulting you
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Big Bobbert

Not at all, if you wish to know more about communism, then feel free to contact me in game, i dont mind people re-creating it, but please make it accurate.


If you wish to discuss communism, please do it so in the General Discussion forum.