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Barry B Benson

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Teach me something about rimming the enemy, because these players don't look rimmed to me...


I mean let's face it ODIN probably have about 2-3 spies in their tribe right now - and I wouldn't be surprised if any of them are working for their ally ADHD in the promise of recruiting them once they backstab ODIN.

It's fairly obvious that it's ADHD's style.

grave maker

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He did the same on 94... him and Ragnar. spent well over $10k each, was unreal. Prem market, events, things like this. Was a different war then but man when an event came around and we knew that him and Ragnar were going to come at us with maxed attack/defense buffs and +5 noble boosters on top of persuasion on every one of their attacks, it was a nightmare. Nobles instantly educated in every village. Wouldn't want to be fighting him again for those reasons, that is for sure.


He was supposedly match with Prayerko. Players wants to use money for the win, unfortunately prayerko cannot be find in map right now.