Vapour - Premade


Our phrase may say 'Never Know Where We Will Appear' but your in luck! our next location is W50.

A W50 premade, which was a W47 premade from W44, Who may be joining W53 :)

Location: North-East

Although the name is yet to be decided. We are mostly likely going to be Vapour, or The Federation.

We're a tribe of serious players, but full of spamming attitude. I know your thinking 'Ohh god, not another tribe that thinks their experienced just cause they come from W25 *Roll Eyes*' But no, a majority of us come from W12 and higher, and we know, that doesn't mean your awesome. We describe Awesome as Out-going, Spam(Cause we like it :p), Erotic S:(That's how we roll).

As you may have noticed we're a tribe of players who don''t take life too serious, and just chilax(Sounds so 80's), yet if tempted, we can't let down a cat to face :) A Bullet that goes 'BANG!', A rimming, An LC Fun Run, or just a Mother F***ing Farm Raid.

We are the Mo'Fo's of W50. A Sure win.!

If Interested, Reply, or send us a message.

DemoCon :icon_wink:

Never Know Where We Will Appear - W50


lol too many premades wait and see themm all getting beat by new tribes lol tho probly half will


Vapour won't :)

Gladiator, it will be heaps to early for alliances. but maybe later on if your doing alright.


Vapour - Never Know Where We Will Appear - W50