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Ok, this is probably not a really important change, but I would quite like to have a way to check the active + effects for villages from the overview screen(s).

Right now, we have neat little icons for bonus villas 1660387801108.png1660387814830.png, but none for the perma-buffs we get from events or quests. You need to manually open the village to check them.
For the perma effects, it would ease getting to the villas (good connections, or improved saddles, +10 pop, etc.) you actually search for. Without having to name them somehow or making several dynamic groups only to find that crops villas you plan to build your special trains/nukes in.

It would also be useful to allow to quickly find the temporary single-villa buffs, as that ones are trully a pain to find (currently its only possible by manually checking the villas if you didn't leave a note/wrote down what you used where).

Granted, sometimes people have over five buffs in one village so it could be clogged, so my suggestion is more like a 1660388140518.png sign with an explanation on hover, placed either next to villa name, or even better in a row next to the notes' one 1660388187216.png


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Approved for voting. Good luck

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a bit torn, Crops is kinda the only buff that has any big impact of your troop template, rest is just "nice" buffs without bigger impact.
Its not that hard to make dynamic groups to find the buffs you find interesting (which also gives you access to map highlights).