Village Group Organization

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When you have 100+ villages, village groups become an important part of managing the account.

There are countless ways you can group villages for many purposes such as building management, coin minting, farming, attacking and defending.

Groups are very useful. However, at this time, the number of groups you can have is effectively bottlenecked by them being presented as a huge unorganized blob.


To solve this we need to implement 1-2 features:

1. The ability to rearrange the order of groups as they appear in the blob. (This will allow the creation of groups within the groups.)
2. After sorting is implemented, further organization can be supplemented by the ability to create custom folders. (Each group of groups can just be in its own folder. Folders should be collapsible so that if you're currently working on building management, you only have that folder open.)


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This idea is approved for voting. Good luck!


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As with the notebook suggestion, I think this is an extremely valuable idea. Organization is absolutely key in this game, and QoL features to allow us to improve organization are always excellent additions.