Village limit in squares, to reduce viability of village stacking through invites.

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The map is divided in a lot of small squares, where villages can occupy, or there can be nothing. An issue that has come from invite a friend, and the relocation that can be targeted around a friend, is that you can stack villages around yourself to farm, or to noble incredibly tight clusters. This brings an advantage to the people who do it, and it is against the rules.


If possible, an idea to counteract this (and clumping of villages like what happened on 117), is that you can set a max limit of villages that can appear in each of these smaller squares. For example one square can at maximum hold 25 villages, so you can limit this to, for example 12, to prevent people from massively congregating villages, and makes worlds like 117 be bigger, instead of so incredibly compact.

Another issue with worlds changing from spread to compact, is that a person who attacks from a spread area into a very compact area, stands at a pretty large disadvantage because troop movements takes longer time.


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Approved for voting. Good luck!

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Like the suggestion, it should stop the extreme pushing to create those massive invite clusters...

Another solution could be for relocation near tribemates/friends isnt closer than 10 fields (which is almost 6h with nobles) which possibly could hurt trying to make push accs more... and accounts that is starting on same player should have some kind of link to each other to flag support about possible push accounts :rolleyes:


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I've always wondered why something like this doesn't exist.

It wouldn't completely prevent pushing, but it would make it less of a problem, which I think we can all get behind.

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The hyper rim cluster on 117 is terrible. Probably could've reached k12 in the north and not have people be able to spam massive clusters in a ridiculous cluster that gives them a pretty sizeable advantage.

Would like it also for the reason stated above limiting the impact of push accounts by not letting you get as close to your "friends"