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Village notes is a huge part of the game and I think the use of it could be greatly improved. The two things I thing would be immensely helpful are:

1) The ability to have village note templates similar to troop templates. Obviously these would be customizable and up to each player but easy examples could be "O", "D", "Dead Nuke Dec 4th", etc etc. Click on village, edit notebook - bam! - on the right hand side there is your village note custom templates. This would be extremely useful IMO.

2) The ability to add an additional village notes sharing option to be able to choose to see the text of other players notes without having to click on the village itself as this is insanely tedious and the presented improvement would be so much more helpful. Could even make it a 3rd option to choose specific players to read their notes etc like village note sharing option.

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Your first suggestion is approved for voting.

Please note that each suggestion needs a separate thread for voting. Therefore please create a separate suggestion for your second idea.

Good luck!