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lol, latchky you are down by 128 villages to us with only 31 mil odd , if i were you i would not have bragged about it. Our 200 nobles failed? It's cool,we will send another 500-600.

btw its good to see you in ronin:)


Yes I am quite pleased. Of course, my stats against Latchky aren't as good as some of the folks that share an actual border with him, but Paris mate you really oughtn't to be bragging. You've been opped, admittedly, by players totaling perhaps twice your size... Our ex-DT accounts have been hit by 3-4 times their size and still have better stats than you. When I was at war with BB/NEW, they totaled something like 20 times my own size, and (not that I needed it) DSy4 barely lifted a finger to help with my attacks (though I did receive some tribal support, which was lovely. Thanks guys <3)... And yet, during that war, my stats were exactly the opposite of your own - up by about 150, lost only 30 total villages, most of those being recaps.

Even RedLance, a barb nobling teddy bear, has better stats than you. Stop sending your nobles at an account that is clearly being used simply to push your own, and instead send them at my account. Then we'll see if you can put your money (well, your coins) where your obscenely large mouth is.

I don't expect my war on you to go quickly any time soon, given that every one of my nukes has a three day walk there and back. That said, every time I launch a wave, I get a few more villages. You are losing, cluster by cluster, inch by inch. Feel free to run all you want, but I will just keep eating you :)
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Not to worry, Latchky has an entire plan where he will single-handedly beat DSy4 after convincing some poor tribe that he is worth having in his tribe.

Only problem with that is, after Lord Blitz is gone the local internals will run dry :icon_eek:


lol just as youve already had 1 delete you will have many more real soon, looks like your pets in dt aren't holding up as well as you thought :)

Looks like recent ronin recruits (namely bombo and snoopzy) arent doing very well either. Will love to see, how long your still doing good up there in the north latchky.


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lol just as youve already had 1 delete you will have many more real soon, looks like your pets in dt aren't holding up as well as you thought :)

i'll just offer this up without comment

Side 1:
Tribes: DSy4
Side 2:
Players: latchky

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 107
Side 2: 5
Difference: 102

Side 1:
Players: dl1977, pec12, Come Little Children, RideHardOrStayHome
Side 2:
Tribes: Ronin

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 62
Side 2: 136
Difference: 74


I just read the first 3 pages, and I couldn't stop laughing.

@ Talin, if you ever decide to read this.

Your first post in this thread, you say something about honor to a couple of those members? Buddy, 2 of the names you mentioned used to feed me information about you and your tribe, WITHOUT me asking for it.

Here's a little insider information for everyone who cares and decides to read this. A little after bAd became Smoke, there was about a solid 2 months Matt and I ran Smoke through one of their leaders. By that I mean, he would come to us, ask us what to do, we'd tell him, they'd do it.
Is that dirty? I don't know, frankly, don't care. I'm here to win, not to gain anyones respect or honor. I could care less what anyone outside my tribe thinks of me, but I will always do what is needed for Infect to win this world.

People seem to complain Infect pulled some dirty tricks to get to where it is today. ABSOEFFINGLUTELY. Because guess what, if we didn't think of it before you, you would've done the exact same thing.

Talin, buddy, you were quite possibly the easiest 'leader' to manipulate that I've ever come across. Us Infect leaders used to laugh and think up ways to make you do what we wanted, without having to say a word to you, and you, and your tribe continuosly did as we pleased, without even realizing. Mind over brute is what they say, I say, mind plus brute.

You call me a noob? Without a doubt, I'm the biggest noob in this world, but guess what pal, this noobs tribe is still standing, remind me what happened to yours...?