Viscount Drake account of W45 - Addressed to the Omen Members - History and Events

Viscount Drake

Long ago in the land of the Mucky Muck clans their lay bands of Fire and Ice, Darkness and Light, Good and Evil. In those days, peace and civility were but dreams. War ravaged lands were plentiful, death and destruction the everyday norm as the thousands of tribes across the land set out to make their claim for world domination.

Every tribal war leader had a mighty war cry, drawing many great warriors to their side. One such leader was Viscount Drake, an honorable and mighty warrior that left the world of Travian a veteran Lord King that had slaughtered tens of millions to build his empire. He came in search for a new quest, a new challenge, a new realm to rule over. With him he brought seven mighty friends and warriors. Trustworthy companions that had defended each other and who fought and maimed and murdered all those who had challenged us. We were a small but merry company, with big dreams for this world. Alas, only one of us made it to the end as outer world events one by one took their toll on the comrades. This is that survivors story, the story of Viscount Drake, the leader of NET, the North East Tribe of lore.

As we came into this world, we discovered that we were no longer warriors of the North. The portcullis settled us in this world far from our ancestral roots, dead center of a terrible new world racked by fire.
To accommodate for the change in location, we adopted new friends into our tribe and took on a new more fitting name. DwB was born, Death with Brothers. We were few in numbers, yet we gained world status quickly, becoming the 11th ranked tribe in the world with half the members of those ahead of us. mingha, Verrine, mellero, bazookabaz and echo46 were some of our notable warriors then. We cleared and eliminated the strongest and the weakest warriors in our surroundings which brought attention to we few. Within a short time, we found ourselves surrounded by large hostile forces, each outnumbering us by warrior count, though weaker in true military power. R4KI held the turf to our NE, BD to the East, Zero to the South East, and a menagerie of upcoming and moderately powerful tribes to our west and South West, including a tribe by the name of Omen.

It was during this time that tribal politics of this world first came into the picture and dictated the direction of our tribe. As our leaders became overwhelmed with outside bombardments from the Earth Realm, we were forced to devise a new plan. Operation infiltration. With our neighbor a mighty local war lord by the name of Papoomio, and some insiders in a top 5 ranked tribe called BD, we operatives moved into the BD tribe. Within a short time, we enacted our plan and our allies in R4KI began their bombardment. Poparoni, echo46, myself and some other mighty souls unleashed our plan upon the BD from within, we ruthlessly bludgeoned them from the inside out.
With the egotistical and mass recruiting BD eliminated, we made our move into R4KI, soldifying the central world over night into one tribes domain.

Thus began my journey with R4KI. The tribe of R4KI was a blissful tribe, my time spent there were some of my happiest memories on this world. The warriors were friendly, free speaking, wise, and most importantly true battle hardened veterans. We spent the days eliminating nearby neighbors and getting drunk in the guild halls of skype each day. It was truly merry. We maintained our steady growth, not realizing how much of the world we had conquered in such a short time. However, with great success comes great challenges, and few could have foreseen the power of dark forces that were slowly edging their way through the cracks of our mighty realm.

The trees creaked ominously as the wicked winds beat their trunks without remorse on that terrible day. R4KI was at war with the second and third ranked tribes of the world One and Omen. The destruction of One nukes crashing against One walls and the picking of villages from Omen was quite beautiful. Omen and One had some luck hitting the inactive players, but the true grit belonged to R4KI. I battled head to head with my immediate neighbors Desmaroth and Steinlichtt losing not a single village and crushing, and sniping everything they sent at me. As a result I became the #1 defender in the world for many months thereafter.
Despite great heroics, and honest skill, the dark storm hit.
When the storms struck, they struck hard and fast. Friends turned on friends, and **** truly hit the fan. It was quite unexpected to see such a blatant back stabbing from within our own ranks. It was one thing to play spy game at the beginning of the game, but this move by someone that truly acted as a friend to all the members of R4KI within the ranks from its birth was questionably unethical. R4KI still survived the first storm, but another dark force racked the ranks; an evil we came to call; inactivity. Worst of all was the sudden loss of our leader Matt, a respectable man but who had to leave for outer world events for some months. The void could not be filled, none of us had the time to take over then. Ultimately, this brought about the end of the most powerful tribe that ever existed in any Tribal World at such an early stage in its existence.

Nevertheless, the quest for dominance had to go on. Papoomio, Poparoni, myself and a load of others moved into the next best tribe, a formidable tribe by the name of One. We put our disagreements aside with our arduous neighbors, making One the new #1 tribe and most powerful tribe of the world. The remaining R4KI split to form a great North Eastern tribe with members of the tribe Apex which became Cho-Cho. These three tribes, One, Cho-Cho, and Omen dominated the top three spots until the Omen and Cho-Cho rebirth.
Within the first month of coming together, the new One had to face the challenge of befriending once mortal enemies. For me especially, with my immediate neighbors being xenthyl, Steinlichtt and Desmaroth all great warriors in One that I had just been at war with weeks before. I decided the best course of action was to find a way for us to work together. I thus devised a plan to take out the rank 18 tribe of the world that held over a continent of territory between Omen and One. We organized a battle group between the major contenders that bordered in the One vs R4KI war. Steinlichtt, Roadtrash, Desmaroth, bhandtay1, Elfspice, Rwoy, changed, Poparoni, Papoomio, and myself split the villages between us and set a landing time. At the landing date, within hours the ranked 18 tribe was no longer worth mentioning. To this day, it remains the single most successful operation for the purpose of genocide against any tribe by force that I have witnessed since the beginning. The result, the tribe of URGE! all 976,113 points and their 206 villages entered the extinction path that late summer day of 2010.

For a few months our relations to our old comrades that joined Cho-Cho remained friendly and the Desmaroth connections to Omen remained strong. Yet tensions began to mount as the three major factions of the world One, Cho-Cho, and Omen began vying for world dominance. It was an arms race to gain more villages then each other major tribe, and the number of targets was dwindling.

The council of One convened and we decided to take a vote on whether or not to invite a merge with either Omen or Cho-Cho or no merge at all. The vote was put to membership and the arguments were divided. Keep the world with three major tribes and enter an all out war for dominance, or merge with the less experienced, battle pathetic Omen that we had watched lose more battles then win, or reconnect with the North and the mighty Mitsche and Cho-Cho. On the one hand, there were still hard feelings from half the members of One towards their ex-patriots in Cho-Cho yet at the same time the other half of the tribe was still loyal to their old allies in Omen. The votes took far longer than needed, over a month wasted jabbering and in the end, Cho-Cho and Omen took the initiative and made their merge. I am still stumped to this day how the weaker Omen was able to enlist the more experienced and more powerful warriors of the Cho-Cho realm into their fold, but it happened. The result another new most powerful tribe; Omen.
Those of us in One were stunned, over night both factions of our tribe that had been split on the question of who to merge with now had to cope with the fact that all of us had been kept in the dark by friends in each tribe. However, that day marked the true beginning of One. The players within finally dismissed all the old grudges and a new air rose with the morning dew. Things were happy again.

For another few months, Omen to the North East, East and West and One controlling the Middle Earth kept relations neutral. We all set out conquering everything we could in another arms race for power. For both sides could foresee what was coming. Just as all the wars before on the World had erupted, when opposing factions became mutually too powerful, it would be necessary to incite war.
As the arms race dragged on, we decided to make preparations for the world war that was sure to erupt. I began negotiations with the far North and far Western tribes of primarily P-Ctrl and Ash and some smaller tribes of note to form Two. With this new coalition, One would no longer be surrounded by Omen, but had new opportunity to direct the upcoming war with coordination from the North and South.
At this same time, our Southern border was engrossed in a vicious battle. We had not committed fully to erasing the southern enemies, but had harassed them for several months taking hundreds of villages from them. As the battle continued to rage with this tribe called Heat, our ambassadors worked difficult hours bringing in some of their top players. But we knew it had to be done if we were to be in the best shape against the Omen Horde that bordered all sides. Like the players from R4K1 before, the Heat players put aside their grudges and united. One now controlled the interior, the south, the far west and the far North, we were ready.

The powder keg exploded and the war between Omen and ally Onoez, versus One and ally Two finally commenced. This I must say was one of the most exciting times of the world. For more than half a year this world was quite and racked with boredom. Massive tribes had their way with the weak and insignificant to boost points and OD stats, and certain players swelled their growth by merging or consuming the lands of inactives. But never before had a true war between titans erupted; a war that could only end one way, victory or death. Those titan wars of the past had lasted no more than a couple of months, but it was certain that this war would not be over so quickly.
The One council began enacting pre-emptive battle plans in November, and when the skirmishes finally began in December, One was ready. Coordinated strikes were launched and One saw a great surge in their favor for a full month. As with past wars, Omen targetted weak players and inactives to boost stats and suffered great losses when they targetted the active players. Nevertheless, the Omen strategy of targetting the weak had its advantages. Omen players continued to gain more villages, granting them more players with top 10 rankings then One. This would later prove to be a swaying point in the war. Despite One and Two maintaining stiff resistance in the North with players such as The Rock, Sonicbubba, Asgaurd, Moorey and Mazulite plus others and players such as Marajax raining random nukes on Whome23 villages to the far West and players such as Roadtrash, bhandtay1, Elfspice, bazhabit and PapoomioW45 delivering great destruction, a realization was made. Neither side would ever maintain enough active players to overwhelm the opposite side within 1-2+ years time frame. Sadly, the longest war on the server ended well short of its deserved time frame. Like a premature ejaculation the greatest players in the world organized another world changing event, and like an extinction event from a volcano erupted our new world into a new likeness.

Myself being loyal to Papoomio since the time I sacrificed my last full nuke to clear for him against BD in the R4KI vs BD war, followed him blindly and willingly. My loyalties had always lay with my friends Papoo and Pops. Above all the tribes we were in together.

However, at this time I also had other obligations and other people, weaker warriors and friends whom catered to my sense of pity. I controlled three accounts still in the tribe Two, Marajax, Mathew le Maistre Smith, and DOHC. As they were my friends and I had believed that they would return sooner than they did, I half heartedly worked to keep their accounts alive. I did not stack against Omen nukes, but nor did I remove defensive troops from villages.
At this time I also hatched a plan to try and save my comrades accounts, or to at least prolong their journey on the server. I randomly chose another tribe on the server that seemed to have nice stats and I created the tribe AXO with Marajax. A few days later, I was contacted by a player by the name of Axobongo who inquired about why I had used his tribes name. His manner of speech was tasteful and intriguing and so we became friends. Thus began another interesting journey on this server.
I made a plan for the smallest players of Axo so that they would have a chance to survive to see the end game. The Marajax account had lost the ability to send troops to other players so I could not be of assistance to them militarily. What I did however was give them hope that they could survive if they put the difficult hours of farming and rapid growth in. With DOHC, I also sent each player in AXO a daily supply of resources, it wasn't much 10k of each resource, but it was enough to grow fast enough for those who were willing to put in the time. A few players left in the world had the courage to try, but only Axobongo it turned out was skilled enough to make a comeback. I arranged for him to conquer some of Marajax's villages since I had not heard from my friend in some time. I was able to send troops within owned villages and so I dodged Axobongo's attacks and timed defensive stacks to land behind Axo's trains. I put 3 full stacks in each of the villages he took from Marajax. I was not willing to give him more, or to stack him with more troops, I only wanted to give him a base support thus giving him a chance. I knew the vast, seemingly infinite nukes we had in Omen, and so 3 stacks in a few villages seemed harmless enough.

Regardless of these actions, nothing could have stopped the torrent of Omen fire power. Destiny prevailed, and so, here we are today, with the most powerful, most active and most battle hardened players on the server united as one. I must say, that there is a reason we are all here. We are all warriors, and we all did our parts to help end this world. The largest players did what was expected of them, and the large players that are still dwarfed in size committed fully but proportionally equal as impressive to one cause; the cause for victory. We eliminated the rest of One and Two, as well as the reformed Heat within just six months. A tough job with the time constraints we put on ourselves. Coordinated strikes eliminated the remaining players from One, individuals stepped up and eliminated random enemies, and everyone worked around the clock to get rid of the 5+ restarters and today we own the world!

My life on this server can therefore be surmised in four stages. The first like all others on the server was to survive the first month of growth to become the most powerful player in a 20x20 area. The second saga is the story of R4K1, a fun and joyous ride like the first love of high-school sweethearts. The third chronicle was a long, confusing and heart tearing journey in One which also got me temporarily mixed up with my own version of AXO in my early days of Omen. The final saga which I have come to embrace and to love, the one that really matters in the end, is the Omen saga.

Despite all the drama, the double crosses, and bloodshed, I am glad to be here in the end with all of you. Not simply because I am here to see the end world, but truly because you are the best warriors in the world and that is why I came here, why I fought and committed genocide against the masses doubling my size in 6 months and why I am still here today. Only the strongest survive. Well done Omen. We have done it.

I also want to state the motive for this somewhat dark and twisted story of our world. I wanted to try and shed light on the politics of war, to provide a pure view of human nature. We seek to succeed and will do whatever is necessary at almost any cost to achieve our goals. We see this same nature in our everyday world, we witnessed it in every mighty culture that has risen and fallen throughout the history of mankind. The ruthless and powerful win. It is a sad truth, but Asia, the Western World, and the Middle East were all formed by great ruthless warlords that had a greater vision to unite their known world. Hence we have massive countries with clearly defined borders across the globe. We have done the same with many of the same techniques. Infiltrations, wars, and alliances brought us to where we are. Remember that this is but one story of the 43 survivors and victors of W45. How was yours?

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Historical Note: For the sake of accuracy; The fates of wise Viscount Drake and Axobongo had a chance meeting. And the tribe AXOo was formed via Viscount Drakes~Marajax sit and ,,(,a fine sense of humor too ) AXOo= AXO BONGO being that tribes name, ..Not to be confused with The Axo ( AXO ) which became the only tribe outside Omen to Survive the world along with them.

Viscount Drake

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