??? vs SPAM


I am fighting back just not enough troops to actually do anything with them. I was not paying attention to the fact that andre got removed from the area so quickly and did not have my account ready for that kind of fight...So it was my fault thinking that I was in a relatively safe area. Hence why my stats look so terrible.


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I found it increasingly amusing how ??? top 5 players only have 574 conquers against spam, while SPAMS rank 1 account alone has 479 conquers against ???. Oh and, 355 conquers against SPAM come from sweetmisery. So the other 4 players actually nobled less then her, only 219 conquers.



I had more or less quit w60.

Thanks to Butonel* & A Warrior Dark Heart For bringing me back by attacking my account.

Love & Kisses to Both..Obviously one by One
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we missed you ash (hug).


Missed you as well Bro

Dylan joined 73 as well in my tribe

Will find account for you guys to join and let's start working together in 73 as well

Getting the team together again