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The World 100 Blog is here! Please keep this thread clear of comments. Please comment in the blog discussion thread.

100 worlds... It's quite an achievement. Even though we have seen a decline in registered users over the past 20, the long hyped world 100 is here and looks to be a who's who of Tribal Wars personalities. A special thank you to InnoGames for listening to the voices of those who have been advocating for an "old school world." The settings alone are enough to cause fights in the forums. I'm sorry(not sorry) to those who have spent the last 10 worlds farming premium to save up enough points to make the first 2 months sitting in the top 25 a breeze. I guess you will just have to learn how to play as the old ones did. (Better luck in 101)

So who am I and why should you care what I think? I am Undead Billy Mays. If you have read the forums you might have come across my name associated with a past blog or kick ass war declaration. Some of you may know me from the first documented militia snipe in Tribal Wars history. (I try to find a way to bring this up every world I play) I have been a student of the game, trying to research and find new methods to win or at least frustrate my opponents both on the field and in the forums. I have had success and failure through my worlds and will never tell you different. As we take this journey through the centennial world I will do my best to educate our players while our team covers the important events shaping the world. Let's go ahead and cover a few things you can expect from this blog.

- We will try to cover information in a timely manner. I am not committing to a certain schedule. Sometimes you will see long organized blog releases and in between we will try to post one-off articles, especially if something big happens. Please remember we are doing this on a voluntary basis and it is a big undertaking.

- Satire, Never will the blog address anything personal for a player. If you ever feel an article attacks you and your out of game persona then you are being overly-sensitive. My staff will not engage in such behavior.

- Opinions, we all have them. Part of the reason I am not joining a tribe and built a team of reporters/writers is so that the readers can hear from multiple viewpoints. This will help to alleviate any favoritism. Sometimes you will see us all weighing in on the same topic in a round table discussion.

- Facepalm award - Yes that will be back. If you do something worthy of the facepalm award, don't feel bad. It's better to be known for stupidity than to not be known at all right?

- Rap Battles? Maybe

- New Blog Features such as BUT WAIT... There's More, and others once I think of them.

We are here to help keep the forums alive, misinformation in check, and to have some fun. Lets all remember that when posting.


Dwarven King since world 8!
Greatest TW achievement
- Co-Duked AXE on w76 for two months, becoming the rank two tribe before real life kicked in. Also caused a family tribe that held multiple top 5 tribes that world to disband after farming the main duke the day Beginner Protection ended.
Greatest TW Blunder - Trusting my Duke on world 8.
Age - 24
Style of posting - Informative/Troll/PnP

UBM's notes: Dwarven King has been a influential poster throughout the Tribal Wars history. Be careful not to get trolled too hard, thinks he's better at pnp than I am.

Baltazar best known as Nest

Greatest TW achievement - I am proud of the prep work I've done for Obey on W96 and how I handled the startup. It was a lot of fun leading this great tribe but I had to step down not being able to cope with the work load when my son was born and that was the biggest disappointment of my TW carrier.
Greatest TW Blunder - Disbanding 1984 on W88
Skype: Novembre_tw
Forum Name: Novembre
Age: 37
Style of posting , i.e. I prefer to write informative stat based analysis but also PnP and propaganda from time to time.

UBM's notes: Nest and I had the pleasure of playing together on W80. A tame forum poster and good in world team mate. Great source of stats and analysis but need's to spice up the pnp to get noticed.


Greatest TW achievement - on .net was probably winning world 91 while our tribes was looked down upon for a large part of the world and miles behind the #1 tribe since day one.
Greatest TW Blunder - was on .nl where i blindly trusted my neighboring tribe mate who fell for a fake op and sent him all my def shortly after which my own frontline got wrecked.
Age: I'm a 21 year old student from the Netherlands.
Style of posting - I mostly post an informative style of posts backed with statistics.

UBM's notes: Superdog was the last addition to the team. Not someone who I am overly familiar with so if he doesn't rock, he's the first to get the axe. (j/k) sorta.

Undead Billy Mays

Greatest TW achievement
- Besides the militia snipe on w66, behind the scenes, I orchestrated events to lead to the creation of A-21 which won world 39 (my first world)
Greatest TW Blunder - W66 pnp where a plan had been orchestrated to change the world, all pieces were in place, as the move was made, players dropped out of the plan leaving me looking stupid.
Skype: Edgeukated
Age: 36
Style of posting - God Like

UBM's notes: UBM can be a bit full of himself at times thinking he is smarter than he actually is. Would do well to seek therapy for narcissistic behaviors.

We will be posting more articles this week!

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W100 Settings
Article by Dwarven King
Hello everyone! The day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. That's right, the settings for W100 have been announced! For those of that don't know yet, the following link will take you to the announcement thread -


Now, there are a lot of things in this announcement that some of you may not understand, so I would like to take this time to go over some of the more important ones and the implications they will have on the world.

The first one that I will go over is the tribe limit. Why is this one important you ask? Because the limit itself is 25 players, making it harder for leaders to just accept anyone that applies to their tribe. Now based on previous worlds and the expected amount of players for this world, it's safe to assume that we will see a lot of family tribes as it’s the most common way to get around low tribe limits. Of course, we have no idea if this will lead to more early game wars or merges. Personally, I'm more inclined to believe it will be the latter. The good news is that we will see plenty of anti-family tribe PnP!

One thing I notice in many worlds is that tribe limits are never enough for those tribes that will build families. While 25 tribe limit will only entice them more I think it's more of a mentality than an issue with the actual amount of members in a tribe. Over the years I have been in tribes that attempted to get around the tribe limits and it never seemed to work. There is always a break down in communication or a group of players who think they can do things better. Yes there will be family tribe shaming as there is in every world and I believe you are correct on the frequency of merges we will see. What I don't think we will see is a group of players who manage a family tribe successfully.

The next one I would like to discuss is the settings for hauls. For this world, the setting that was chosen was limited. This is quite different as generally the setting is for normal hauls or no hauls. Instead, we get a setting where you are only allowed to farm a set amount of resources during a 24 hours period. You can find out the amount you have looted and what your limit is in your Rally Point. Your limit will also increase the longer you are on the world and the number of villages you have. However, each world has a maximum amount that depends on the world's settings. Once you have increased to that limit, you will no longer increase the amount of resources you can loot. Another thing to know is that the amount you have looted does not reset to zero after twenty four hours. It is a continuous calculation, always based on the past 24 hours. If you loot 1,000 resources now, those 1,000 resources will count towards your limit for 24 hours.

A great choice of setting to keep the world on an even playing field. Innogames has put some thought into this world and it appears that strategy, diplomacy, and skill will be the key factors in creating effective tribes. While the overachievers may not be happy with this setting I believe the fun factor of playing a world has been given a shot in the arm. Farming isn't fun and being glued to an account 24 hours a day can be harsh. These settings so far are a love letter to the players.

Now, the final thing I want to discuss and the thing I'm sure you are most happy about, is the reduced premium system. On this world, only Premium Account, Account Manager, and Farming Assistant will be available for purchase at any given time. There will also be limited amount of events, decreasing the impact exponential growth of PP bought items. This of course has heavy implications on the early game as it drastically changes the playstyle that players have grown accustomed to here lately. In recent worlds, those who threw money at the game found themselves growing exponentially, easily acquiring a second village in a matter of days. Without Premium Exchange, this will no longer be possible as that large sum of resources will no longer be there for players to instantly buy. Instead, we will find ourselves sitting on the edges of our seats, waiting in anticipation to see who will noble their first village. The days slowly rolling by as the top players continue to grow, debating on whether they should hit a player or a barbarian. Without the safety of Premium Features to accelerate one's growth, players will now find themselves having to rely on skill as they compete with some of Tribalwars’ best players.

Praise whatever deity you follow or the lack there of. As DK has pointed out, this world will provide a different feel, one that players starting in the last few years haven't really been able to experience as much as those who are more seasoned. The excitement over the first noble, whether it will be another player or whether we get to flame someone for taking a barb first. These are the moments that always made the game so fun.
Overall, these seem like the settings everyone has been waiting for. If there’s one thing I can say for sure is that this world will be quite aggressive and bloodthirsty. Good luck everyone! You're going to need it.



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The Premades
Article by Nest

We have finally done it, next world we play is the epic 100 which may be the last world for some. The hopes and expectations are through the roof with majority of players who were active in 2017/2018 declaring to play It. There are multitudes of veterans coming back to reignite their TW flame and try their skills under new meta and against the new generation of players. But some people say the world will be boring and won't live to the expectations. I guess they might be right. For the veterans they will go through the shock of seeing how small the worlds are these days. They will be in even bigger shock when they realize the full scale of pay to play features and the scavenging battles raging on the market in early game. For players who are expecting to get a world the size of those we had 3-4 years ago they might be disappointed but I think we can still get a world larger than any of those we had since W80 and that would be something.

When we talk about quality of past worlds size is definitely important but it goes in line with quality of players, quality of tribes and activity on externals. As much as We can't predict how many players will join w100 we can already reassure you that regardless of the number we will see some quality players and tribes and a lot of good content on externals.

It has been a long time since a non premade won a world and it is a trend that is very likely to continue. Good players are naturally attracted to well prepared tribes, they choose to team up with people they played with before but and follow successful and charismatic leaders.

The last time I counted we had 24 Premades to compete for W100 crown. I would like to focus on those that in my opinion will have an impact on geopolitics of this world. I don't have a crystal ball to give you names of those tribes so I'll have to go by what I know, who is duking or referring to tribes we had in the past that are returning.


While we have had many pre-mades take their tribes to the finish line according to nest, we have had settings that have allowed that. I believe that world 100 will see many pre-mades fall earlier than expected. While the old world settings lend themselves to some of the players that have been successful in the past, Even the best premades on paper won't necessarily gel like they have in the past.

Let me start with dukes who declared their Premades on w100

Incoming Impact

Sam had a good run with his tribe CORP on w91 where he dominated the startup even though his tribe wasn't a premade like his opposition Apathy. He posted his premade declaration on forums back in January 2017 giving himself plenty of time to get a solid roster and I am sure we will see a group of loyal players following Sam into W100. If Sam can get a large solid roster and commits 100% to duking we could see a very strong opening from his tribe, his side had enough time to bank up some PP which will definitely help in gaining an edge over opposition on their continent.

There is a bit of drama following Sam, whether because of his decisions on past worlds or his personality some people seem to hate him. I asked Sam few questions and he was kind enough to give me an honest answer:

Nest: How is it Sam that you get praises from so many people as a great player and leader but in the same time you attract so much hate?

Sam: I have made a lot of mistakes in the past , Causing people to not trust me. The people that do trust me have been with me for a very long time because they know I will do as much as I can for them. I regret what I have done and all I can do now is remain loyal to my TW friends.

Nest: During last year you have duked CORP on 91, would you say that was the most successful tribe you duked to date? What was the key to having such dominating startup?

Sam: Well W91 we only joined to PP farm and ended up Duking the rank 1 tribe. It was hard work building a tribe from new players but it worked while I had the time to put silly hours into the game. We had a very dominating start because of PP and because we were so aggressive.

Nest: Since you mentioned spending premium points in early game would you say it is a must these days to spend pp if a tribe wants to be competitive and successful? How much pp do you think an account needs to have a solid start?

Also you said you 'put silly hours' into duking Corp, is having to spend long hours the most challenging part of being a duke for you? How would you describe your leading style and what is your take on having a council?

Sam: I defo think you need PP to be competitive. Everyone is using pp these days so you adapt or be rimmed. I personally think you need around 6k to get a strong start but that will only give you a very strong foundation to work from.

I do find it quite challenging putting silly hours into the game because we all do have lives to live outside the game. When I lead people know from a very early stage that I am quite strict and will not have anyone not pulling there own weight but at the same time I am always there to help sit and provide advice when needed. I have players from W60 who have stuck with me because they know I am a upfront person but will do my best for them.

Nest: We are looking to have quite few Premades starting on W100. Al Murph is coming back to duke another strong tribe and so are Gnomeland Security and Kriegers. On top of that we have another 10 premades I know about. How would you describe your chances of winning such competitive world? I know you fought against TEA on W90 and it didn't end well for you, do you see playing against Al as an opportunity to get revenge but also prove yourself as a duke?

Sam: Let me say one thing on W90 everyone seems to think it didn't end well against TEA but I lasted 2 weeks and they did multiple tribe ops on me and it didn't break me at all. We ended up gifting our villas because I joined BIP and my friend Dread doctor joined TEA. I was only 160k at this point. Al is not a good duke at all. Most his success was because of Trex and Jake. I think my premade will have just as good a chance as any other premade. We have a strong loyal roster. I will have my revenge against Al !

Nest: In my final question I would like to ask you about something you and many veterans have said recently, that W100 will be your last one. Do you think we can ever quick this addictive game ? Also is there hope for tribal wars and if so how would the game have to change?

Sam: The reason I have said this will be my final world is because TW have killed it with all the PP features and I think winning W100 will be a nice way to end my time on TW. Only way I think they will keep this game going is by Taking all these silly PP features out.

Iron Lady

I've known Iron Lady for a year seeing her lead only once since then and if I'm not mistaken it was a family tribe on w93. She is a very dedicate leader with lots of charisma and good understanding of general strategy in games like tribal wars. She seems to prefer having larger roster and running family tribes as a strategy for startup. Quantitative play can be effective but relying on average mostly non co-played account can only get you to certain point after which those tribe either recruit /merge strong accounts or start to fail without having that rock solid base of players.

We can expect to see heavier recruitment and potential a family tribe play with good coordination during the start up. Iron Lady will rely heavily on diplomacy and spying to get an advantage against stronger tribes in her area.

Gnomland Security

When I first heard that Gnom is coming to W100 with a premade I got very excited. His team has recently won a messy w88 & are close to winning w94. He had some great players on both worlds and I expect at least some of them to be on his roster on 100.

The tribe will probably start similar as on 94 with less quality accounts that will grind their way up and shine in mid and late game. I don't know Gnom personally so I contacted Varika (part of leadership) who was kind enough to talk about their plans for w100.

Nest: Thanks for taking part in the interview. So the rumours are true Gnomeland Security will be Duking on W100. I remember both of you from W88 and you have won that world at the end. Is that where you've met Gnome? What can you tall me about him as a leader?

Varika: I first met Rav (Gnom) on World 88, indeed. What can I say about him? Well, Rav as a leader has the ability to talk to anyone with ease, reguardless of the situation. He has the perfect balance of being strict as well as fair, but he can be ruthless, and strives for perfection. He leads from the front and there is nothing he would ask others to do without already having done (or prepared to do) himself. While I myself - and many others - would call him a good friend, he has the ability to put friendship aside and make unbiased decisions for the best

Nest: After W88 your team have started on W94 and it looks like you are now wrapping it up with Vodka, so you will have two world wins within 12 months, that is quite impressive. What makes you and your team so successful?

Varika: I think, honestly, we can factor some luck into what makes our team so successful. Each world, we find more players who are unknown to us, but really are exceptional. That aside, I think it is the attitude, ambition, and mindset. We are all on the same page in terms of what we want and what needs to be done. Each member will go out of their way to help the others whenever possible, and the good communication between us is what's really key.

Nest: There is a huge hype for W100 but then some people say it will be disappointing as we won't get preferred settings or the player numbers. What are your expectations before coming to W100? What would you need to see before you could call that world epic?

Varika: I'm kind of in the middle in regards to expectations. I think it really comes down to the premade teams and how long they stay afloat, and how much the world merges. I think in order for it to be epic, there needs to be a good early/mid game in terms of wars and competetitive tribes still alive.

Nest: Do you agree premium features are ruining Tribal wars and that the 100 should be possible no haul no p2w world?

Varika: I think to some degree it really is. In particular, the special offers and constant events give a ridiculous and almost unstoppable advantage to those with large wallets.

Nest: And finally so far we had Al Murph and Incoming Impact officially declared to duke on W100 but there are rumours of several other Premades including Kriegers crew, Thinblueline's Gents vol2 and few others. What do you think of the competition so far? Who would you see as the strongest contender to win the world?

Varika: "No haul?" Hmm. I think that a "No haul" world would give a much larger advantage to those who have played "No hauls" before, while many (like myself) haven't. So, I'll say no.

Yeah, for sure - there are some big names lining up for World 100. I think how the Dukes lead will be most important. With so many egos in one place, there's going to be a lot of work to be done to stop splinters in tribes imho.

Al Murphs crew (certainly on paper) look like the guys to beat - their roster is full of previous world winners and dedicated players.

What about Kriegers crew? 06? 09? Trump? We faced them on World 88, heard all the big hype about them, but honestly (while having a few select quality players) on the whole, they were massivly disappointing and a big let down.

Thinblueline and Incomming Impact Duking? You have to be a special kind of player to knowingly join a tribe with them. Perhaps Kirk the Wineman will make an apperance and they can form some mass coalition with at least 2 family tribes each? Maybe Sir Cornish can join them.

Romanian Premade

Every now and then .net experiences a foreign invasion, we had Greek and Norwegian Premades wining W86 & 90 and only recently we had a Romanian premade coming to W96. It was a short lived episode that ended after a week when the Romanians quit to play back on their home server. For those who don't know .ro server is considered to be very strong and competitive. I've heard a rumour some time ago that they are coming back to win W100 and I had that rumour confirmed recently. I don't know much about the premade but after talking to the Romanian duke on W96 I can tell you that they are very confident they can beat any .net tribe with their crew.


I have heard a rumour that Krieger is to appear with his crew and some Koreans from W92. I always admired authoritarian tribes and leaders and I would love to see Krieger in action.

He seems to be very competent as a leader, mixing ton of experience with strict control over his tribe. That combination allows him to do quite well on several worlds. He got backstabbed a couple of times making me think he must be difficult to deal with and not doing well in diplomacy. It can be a significant disadvantage coming to W100 with so many strong tribes.


I heard from good sources that Mint is also preparing to come back with a premade. His team has done very well on W75 giving him quite good reputation in terms of his leading abilities. I was in @night on 89 for a short time to find out what is it about Mint that everyone get so hyped about. He is definitely a unique individual and his authoritarian style has its benefits but his attitude to people and inability to resolve conflicts will never allow him to be a good leader. (Unless he rules People's Democratic Republic of North Korea or Zimbabwe)

The whole greatness of @night came from people surrounding Mint and especially Cody and the rest of leadership. Also I have realised after Mint hijacked One Last Goodbye account on 96 that he is nothing more than a tantrum throwing fool.

I am very happy for Mint to join w100, getting popcorn ready for the moment he gets wrecked, explodes on externals to get another ban.


Anyone who played W80 would remember Gents. The tribe absolutely dominated during the early phase to the point where three other tribes had to band together to form a large coalition. I couldn't believe it when I first heard the rumour about Gents coming back to w100. Luckily Brad didn't hide that fact from Me and agreed to talk about his plans for Gents 2.

Oh I can't wait to rag on Gents this world. We have a special history from world 80 where I ran my last blog.

Nest: Brad, thanks for accepting the invite fro the interview. Can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your tribal war history?

Brad: My name is Brad, I’ve been around since W3 and have played pretty much every world since w3. I have had several “successful” tribes over the years and most recently known for Gents on w80 and apparently PD which was a joke tribe.

Funny, Gents was a pretty joke tribe....

Nest: You have duked Gents on W80 as Thinblueline would you say that was your most successful tribe to date? Gents did very well for about 6 months but didn't survive the mid game, can you tell us what was the main reason for it's failure and what would you have done differently as a leader?

Brad: Gents was successful for the most part because of the works of diplomacy. This was not my most successful tribe to date, one of my better one in the past due to not really having the time to lead a tribe until recently. The reason Gents failed was due to work and when I got injured at work right before training for a month. I was completely out of reach as some knew this. I was literally doing almost everything within the tribe which was the downfall because I had to leave for a bit. I have learned to delegate the duties among the leadership and this is something that will be emphasized this world.

The works of diplomacy were also it's downfall. Tried to spin too many webs and forgot where the center was.

Nest: After 80 you have duked Personality Disorders on W86, it seemed like you used much different approach to leading PD and it didn't work out with all the drama and silliness. Gents and PD were two very different tribes, what can we expect seeing from you on W100?

Brad: W86 wasn’t really supposed to last longer than two weeks. The reason being is I went to every individual that I knew that was crazy and had them join the tribe. It was supposed to implode quickly, but somehow it lasted longer than anticipated. I plan on working with a few tribes that I know that are already joining the world as we’ve already spoke about the future and the plans.

Nest: Some people say you are a master of diplomacy, infiltration, manipulation. Having a larger world with many strong tribes could be a perfect place for using those skills, how important do you think diplomacy will be on W100?

A master of something... Not sure diplomacy and manipulation were words i'd use after that.

Brad: World 100 is going to be an interesting world with the number of tribes. I know there will be some that already do not like me because when I make an enemy I enjoy the trolling and PnP of the game. The use of diplomacy will be the key to this world if it is as large as it should be. I’ve recently played and about to finish w93 which was a smaller world. We had to use diplomacy to get where we are now.

Nest: What do you think will be the key to having a successful startup on this world? Are concerned about some tribes abusing PP exchange getting ahead?

Brad: The use of PP exchange is getting out of hand. This game is turning into even more of a p2w game. If you look at some of the top accounts now days, they have spent 70-100k in pp which is absolutely absurd. The reason is the allowance of using scripts on the exchange as made it even worse. I would be happy if there was no PP exchange on this world, but it will not be able to be done as TW would lose a lot of money.

Nest: And finally is there anything you would like to say to your competition or players who still haven't joined W100 and are looking for a tribe?

Brad: Gents is back and ready for a fight.

In all seriousness, I wish Brad and Gents the best of luck on this highly competitive world. Brad has always been a fierce opponent and should not be taken lightly. Gents will hopefully make some waves in the sea of premades.

Kirk the wineman

Kirk is one I those players that are now part of the .net folklore. An example that Duking this game is not about achievements and winning but rather enjoying the journey. People have been criticising Kirk for his style laughing every time he fails a world. But they forget that all tribes but one succeed and Kirk is always there in the mid game where other tribes are long gone. I think people pick on Kirk cause he is coming back like a boomerang and keeps on trying with the same style, strategy and often the same players that follow him. Clearly those people are enjoying playing under Kirk, he must be doing something right?

I bumped into Kirk on skype to ask him few questions about the last and his plans.

Nest: Kirk, you have been duking tribes as long as I can remember, BugZ, Warpig, AntZ and now APEX most recently but none of them have been very successful.

What do you think was missing for those tribes to get to the late game stages? Is there anything you will try to improve in your tribe on W100?

Kirk: I think a brief intro of character is required i guess so that some may understand my background and how i create tribes yet get top 6 but dont win.

Firstly im a institutionalized guy, follwed by 15yrs in military, so my character dictates that a tribe is built on positional respect. added to that is a view that my enemy IS my enemy, and my friend my last spear for.. also my tribes are built on a interaction of enjoyment, activity and a view to help and assist in all aspects of tribe running with a big degree of trust. all members have the options for vid chats with us and discuss plans etc.

Nest: You have a big group of players following you from world to world, seams like you must be doing something that attracts people to play under your command. Can you explain how is it like to play in your tribe and what is special about your tribes?

Kirk: this works very well for a long time.. the down side to this to answer a question or two.. is that we dont land on a world premade as such. we dont have many coplayed accounts. we have a mix of skilled and mediochre skilled members. but are willing to learn and enjoy the tribe. however its certainly more enjoyable than taking in bigger multi coplayed accounts without any real identity that simply grow and and only plant their flag with a tribe thats winning. EGO players..:) i know a lot that would like to join me.. but wouldnt suit.. so we will stick to the comarderie we have and do our best.

Nest: What do you expect from w100? Do you think it's going to be epic or rather disappointing? Do you have any preferred settings for W100?

Kirk: regarding w100.. well epic or disappointing? i think the first.. why? because no matter who said they will retire a lot will return for a final show down. so its gonna be big. its going to have a record amount of tribes. and all them skype prep chats will soon be in place. Prefered settings? oh yes bring back my burners lol. 40 members limit. even 30.

Nest: You have been known for drama that follows you often spilling out to the externals. I have witnessed few of your outbursts in the past, what is it that brings you to a boiling point? Do you have any Dukes/players that you don't tolerate?

Kirk: i play a lot.. more hours than anyone in tw. the fact of my outbursts is players and dukes who do not have the same comitment to their tribe. or sit in a big spread tribe in the rear who disrespect tribes that are fighting day in day out.. so their views "rubbish" others.. well im the guy that will react.. even though it doesnt reflect on my tribe running. its my personal moment.. its called simply do not slate my tribes.

We will be on w100 and we will form one of the above mentioned tribes.. all have had a great input on worlds so its up for debate with some frind members.... i hope ive answered yr questions.. and others also have same with a input to assisting that TW continues after w100


I have also heard a rumour that the team that played in Mors might come back under leadership of Pavle. They did very well wining the w86 in express style. I would love to see that team facing another good premade, there was not much competition on 86 so it's hard to know their true value.

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The Riot! Begins
Article by Dwarven King​


Upon investigation, it's clear that Riot! is one of the tribe's to beat. The tribe is lead by Almurph and Smurfy, along with H0llyGh0st being part of their leadership. Their past speaks for themselves. So I figured, why not see what the Duke's have to say about each other?

Smurfy: Al knows and reads the game extremely well, and can help give insight where perhaps i sometimes misread signals. The dedication put into leading is very impressive I am actually amazed he is yet to get his duked win lol, the only thing i plan to change about his leadership style is i want to toughen up our recruitment policy.

We've been on councils together before and we do generally get on really well, Almurph, the one who brought me out of retirement for world 100 and tbh there isn't another player in tw would rather duke along side atm

Almurph: Chris is a legend. He is a very skilled player and is tactically minded. He has a very distinct leadership style and that's 'work hard, play hard'. So while he'll be ridiculously offensive and has a good time. He is also very strict, sticks to his rules and is fair across the board. He takes no shit. I on the other hand am a bit too nice so I believe we complement each other well. He unfortunately won't let me hug or recruit. This is a real area for concern especially when we have a relatively sound line-up. He believes in winning with what he started with. On world 77 no account was lost due to a war. I find this an incredible statistic to put to your name.

UBM still in blue
You guys make such a cute couple! Both players have a very good resume and there will be a lot of tribes gunning for them.

The Interview

DK: As we go into w100 gentleman, there are talks of old, new, and current players gearing up to play. So while you are known, I'm sure there are plenty of people that don't recognize either of you. Care to tell the world a bit about yourselves, what brought you to the game, and why you continue to play?

Chris/Smurfy: We've been around for a long time, played different worlds mostly but the ones we've played together we've always been enemies strangely enough. Except for W61, where we all played in Riot! since we have pretty fond memories of that tribe we decided to ask our old duke if he minds us using the name and he didn't. Hence: Riot!

So i once was in this stripbar, but he was afraid of the girl so found the backstage where the kids of the strippers were playing this weird browsergame, he joined and like it quite a bit. He's still hooked to this day and loves going to the stripbar to play backstage TW

Almurph: Well, I’m sure most recognise our leadership one way or another. Chris and H0lly have both duked world winning tribes. However, in both instances they were no-hauls. That is our preferred setting. I’m going to give quite a comprehensive introduction to myself for those of you who don’t know who I am. Something not many people do in tribal wars due to a number of reasons, predominately they don’t have to or have inflated egos and do not believe it’s necessary. I find this a real shame but such is life.

I am Alex. I am 25 years of age and from Ireland. I have been playing tribal wars for a number of years but to keep this short(ish) I’ll just speak about a few of the highlights for me over my time on .net.

W19 was my very first world. I joined it after a bunch of my friends joined. They made a premade called Crabs – where heroes are showered. One of my favourite tribe name of all time and of course they had a family tribe under the name HIV which today is apparently too offensive. To this day the majority of them quit, other than Ianlynch101 and Just-4-tonight. They aren’t great players but still join worlds with me for a bitta craic or play under alias. We all really enjoyed world 19 because none of us knew what we were doing and just liked playing in our spare time. It started off extremely uncompetitive but the better we did, the more time we invested which is natural.

W57 was my next milestone, on this world I learned scripts, game dynamics, timing etc. I started off as a noob but ended up being offered the classic co-play and learn role - I took it. The tribe I was in was called Dream. There were some excellent players and I became passionate about everything we were doing. Unfortunately, we eventually lost. In the process of losing I moved onto a Duke account and learned about leadership, tribe roles and lots of other stuff that was way out of my depth. It’s also worth noting that leadership had real respect and people really valued their position and dedication. Something that is really overlooked on current worlds.

W61 was my favourite world by a mile. It was my first no-haul world - I entered the world with a co-player and was ready to take on the world. I was very sociable and spoke to everyone in the tribe I was in and the surrounding area. The tribe was completely grassroots, like all tribes I had joined prior. I also lead my first rebellion here. I know what it’s like to be the underdog and I loved to challenge the system. Eventually, I got the call up to join Riot! after the coalition successfully destroyed one of the most well-known prolific premades on the world. I had completed my goal, the coalition started to fail. I joined Riot! and quickly grew and managed to maintain rank 6 for a bit. This was such an experience and I thought I was totally out of my league - and I was. Unfortunately, I cared too much about the tribe and did anything I could for the tribe at all costs. I undertook a mission to sabotage the enemy tribe. I succeeded in part however Riot! did not go on to win the world. But neither did the enemy we were fighting so I guess we won in part.

W65 after world W61 I was asked to help out a friend lead, we joined W65 and I ended up leading a coalition against Wobble. This was my first time leading on my own. I gave it a real bash. We really stirred up the world from what was a guaranteed win through countless merging.

W69 I joined a premade secretly as I had fallouts with some of the members from previous worlds. I find it hilarious how I got on so well with players who disliked me by name. However, I proved to be a great tribemate. I find this a very common trend in tribal wars and it sucks.

W71 was a premade I lead called Music! It was spectacularly unsuccessful. While the tribe was going well, we had allied to a tribe I was enemies with previously on another world. We were warring and they backstabbed us, broke the alliance without warning and hit our unstacked front. Completely my fault.

W77 I joined to try and upset Nam. While it wasn’t easy for them at start up - they went on to win the world quite comfortably. Chris lead Nam for the world win.

W83 I struggled to get a member base for my premade so I merged preworld with another to make up numbers. This was a terrible idea and leadership conflicted greatly. We also landed right next to another established premade. Both tribes pretty much eliminated each other but our remains survived. We ended up joining forces with Nam and ultimately losing the mid-game war.

W90 was my first proper premade and we did well. We warred every tribe we faced and decimated them. We were fighting two other premades in the final end-game war and managed to force them to merge as one of them was severely struggling. They were able to regroup and we ended up having extreme internal conflicts. We could not close out this world but it was extremely competitive. It’s also noteworthy that the premade I had made was a bunch of randoms playing together for the first time. We still had a blast.

W96 I am inactive and like give Obey a hard time for no reason.

So, in summary I know what it’s like to play tribal wars from a variety of different perspectives. It can be a fascinating and I welcome a challenge and always root for the underdog. I wasn’t always wanted in ever tribe which I accept but I certainly didn’t like being the role player either which suits some people down to the ground. I have very little motivation to play the game other than to lead a tribe to victory with my friends. I achieved a lot in the game and I think this would be a fitting end to my competitive career.

DK: You say you have been around for quite some time. I'm sure you've seen TW go through plenty of changes. From new features to player base changes. Where do you feel the game is heading? Have there been any good changes, or strictly all bad for the game?

Chris/Smurfy: I feel the changes to this game have been mostly geared towards more consumption. Innogames needs to make money as a company of course and that's understandable. But a lot of changes have neglected the players itself. I feel like Inno was not thinking about how the community would react to changes. If the playerbase was shrinking or not. They might have seen but just ignored a shrinking playerbase since the incoming money was increased due to a small number spending more. Regardless... We're from an older generation of TW players and we liked the original game. Some of the changes like adding archers or even churches weren't that annoying, but watchtowers for example can stall out the game immensely. Stuff like that isn't preferably in a game that already can last for several years... A game that goes on day and night.
So to your question of where the game is heading? Well if W100 is not a success for the players rather than Inogames itself, than the game is going to the grave.

Almurph: The best introduction to the game from my perspective was all of the features to reduce the manual tasks involved in handling large accounts. From a biased perspective I think that no-hauls were a great addition for players at a high level that didn’t want the title of casual worlds have to offer.

DK: Any ideas/suggestions on what Innogames could do to save the game from hitting the grave? Something more specific than "listen to the players".

Chris/Smurfy: Not have every world with the pay 2 win features maybe every other world again, bin watchtowers and bring back no hauls >< but everyone has their opinions on what settings they like. Thats just the ones that would personally keep me interested beyond w100

Almurph: Stop lying to its players. I remember when Inno would quite blatantly lie stating that the game was still growing even though it was declining. They also stated they were not introducing P2W features. These are just two examples of ridiculous garbage Inno have spouted. I also think that they should hype 100 up more and give the community advanced notice, make it a recommended world and try and grow it as much as possible because size is important and I believe directly correlates to the quality of the world, especially in the case of no hauls. Even though I didn’t play W56, I have read some of the PnP and it is amazing. Each no-haul after that was slightly worse than the previous in broad terms.

DK: Fair enough. It seems like a lot of people are interested in W100 and hoping to leave their mark on TW history. Any known players or premades you guys are keeping an eye on?

Chris/Smurfy: Premade we're keeping an eye out for? Well I don't know tbh. I've only heard about one and from multiple people and that's Garrock's, seems he's hyping up his premade for some reason and everyone is talking about it.

DK: Right on. Are you guys planning to start right when the world starts and stay there, start and restart, or wait and start later?

Chris/Smurfy: Hah, guess you'll have to wait and see to know that :) Can't give away everything right?

DK: Can't blame me for asking! I suppose that means a list of your members in your premade is off the table too. ;)

Chris/Smurfy: Member list is as follows
Jerry McCabe
Cry baby Balian

DK: Starting the world with seven members? :p

Chris/Smurfy: Have you seen the list, you think anyone else wants to play with us? :)|

DK: I'd play with the seven people you listed ;P

Chris/Smurfy: Recruit number 8?

DK: Don't tempt me now!

Chris/Smurfy: Always room for a member of the w100 blog team

DK: So my next question is for both of you. What makes you think you have what it takes to lead Riot! and win world 100?

Chris/Smurfy: We honestly don't know if we are going to win or not, but we are going to give it a good go and we have just as much chance as anyone else at this stage. Our leadership and members have vast experience (as you can tell from the list above) so worst case scenario i feel like we can make a big impact on the world.

Almurph: I actually have co-players this time and I’m not going to try and win by leading the greatest coalition the world has ever seen. I have lot of experience on my council and a lot of the players are great. I’m normally used to throwing a group of random players together and going for it. This time is different and I’m looking forward to a new challenge.

DK: I'll keep that in mind! Anything you two wanna say to the players for w100? Maybe some tips? Or maybe threats? ;)

Chris/Smurfy: Dear tribes/Players of world 100
We look forward to playing with and against you all. There is a Riot! coming, and we intend to make our mark one way or another. Help us make w100 great!

Almurph: I would like to finish saying that not all leaders who have won worlds...

DK: I think that should just about do it! I just need Al's answers. I don't wanna include to much since we are already including other things in the article.

Chris/Smurfy: thank you sir, cant wait for the blog :)

Great interview with the leadership team from Riot conducted by DK. Every time I hear DK I think of that forgotten installment of the Fast and Furious series (Tokyo Drift). It was actually my favorite in the series but I often get blasted for admitting as much. Personally I liked Fast and Furious better when it was called Point Break. Back to business, while they look to be a top contender for the worlds crown, we are going to be in a situation we haven't seen in quite some time which is a highly competitive world that will likely last longer than a world we've seen in the past 2 years. Over the past 60 worlds I've seen quite a few great tribes fall short due to attrition, real life requirements, and falling outs.

As part of the preview - I expect Riot to come strong for the first 2-3 months. My estimation is once they pop up on the map you will see a coalition of tribes gunning for them. These settings will actually work in favor of close-knit tribe being able to defend against enemies of lesser coordination. I am very excited to be able to cover these events along with our blog team.

It's impossible to ignore the diplomatic successes seen by this group of leaders in the past as well so while some tribes may seek to halt their progress, that might be those tribes undoing as well.

REALISTIC PREDICTION: If ranked in the top 5 tribes by month 4 we will see a multi-tribe effort to stop their progress. If ranked 1 by month 4 we will see tribes willing to work with them to save their own skin.

FAR-FETCHED PREDICTION: Tribe disbands by month 4 due to flourishing you tube career from leadership bar hopping videos.


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For those of you new to an Undead Billy Mays blog... One of the staples over the years has been the Facepalm award. Sometimes they receive their own thread rather than just a blog post but it's usually an article about someone who has said or done something that just makes you plant that palm on your forehead. These aren't given out like candy, someone really has to try to earn being honored with such a prestigious award. and that being said.......


The world hasn't even opened and we have our first Facepalm award to give out. It would be against forum rules for me to show you how excited this has made me. The Official "Forum Personality of the Year (2015)" was dishing out the salt as we were preparing the blog team. I was actually looking forward to his cute threats of "combating our obviously biased news with actual facts" Just like many will find out on this world, it's great to have been someone notable in the past but if you don't evolve along with the game and the people in the game then where you will end up is in a Facepalm thread.


Thank you for the honesty, it's better to know you aren't playing here rather than just staying quiet while we spread our propaganda and biased opinions about how the world is actually playing out. This way our readers can know that their white knight isn't agreeing with the content posted, just rather moved on to a different world to play with settings that don't require as much hard work and strategy. I am a little disappointed, I really wanted a toy to play with out here in the W100 forums. There have been very few who have been able to knock Undead Billy Mays off his throne in this realm. I was really hoping for you to be a contender instead of a pretender. If you change your mind - You know where we will be



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Welcome to the first full issue of the World 100 Centennial. The world has now been open close to a week and while no major plotlines have hit full steam we still have a lot to cover. In this issue we will be looking at how each continent is filling up and what strategies are being used, the notable noticed tribes forming and potential conflicts. We have finally uncovered a major Innogames conspiracy and will seek to thwart it through the most dangerous weapon... knowledge! I also took some time to talk to Tribal Wars most loved player of all time. The amorous Sir Cornish. Sadly our blogger Nest has had to step away for the present so we do have some room if anyone is interested. Remember if you read this blog, go ahead and send 50 spears and 50 swords to (463|497). The less work I have to do in game means more work I can do providing the blog! Let's get you started with some startup expectations from Superdog.


Article by Superdog

Since the introduction of the premium exchange we’ve seen premades execute a similar startup across the last 15 worlds. Premades usually start out in a core k, join 1-2 days late and instruct each member to send friend requests to players around a certain coordinate and relocate there using the relocate item one day after. Using this method a premade can secure a good spread for farming but plan it out in a way in which the distance between members in manageable.


Using W96 as an example, the tribe OBEY stretched their members all the way across K55 and a bit into K45 and K54. Nearly all their members used a lot of pp early on to rush lc and start farming a lot more than their neighbors were, using pp in combination with the large amount of lc they had, each member was able to outgrow their neighbors which makes such a large spread work.

On W100 there is no premium exchange to get such a huge advantage on your neighbors, there is no way to snowball a small lead like getting lc a day earlier than your neighbors with limited farming, tribes won’t be able to successfully pull off such a large spread as has been happening the most recent worlds. Tribes will have to start way in a more clustered manner to defend each other vs other tribes which especially early on will be quite similar in pure numbers. Clustering more than on other worlds won’t be a huge issue because of the limited haul.

Limited haul will make farming a lot less powerful that it is on other worlds and will make the start up a lot less time consuming, this means it’s quite easy to play solo until you get an academy and the gains from having 4 players on one account are certainly there but they are way smaller than they are on other worlds in start up. This means that we’ll see a lot of coplayers starting on solo accounts and joining the worlds next to the account they will be playing on later in the world, build up the village until the other account gets to nobles and merge when they can. Normally this would hurt farming but with limited haul that’s not really the case so any account not starting on separate accounts and merging will probably be a lot behind others who did.

Coplayers starting on separate accounts instead of all on 1 at the start of the world will mean tribes will start off with a lot more accounts than they’ll have in a month time. Everyone wants to do well so an average of 3 players per accounts is about right meaning that if a premade plans to play the world with 25 accounts, which is also the tribe limit of the world, with coplayers starting separate that will be a whopping 75 accounts during start up, so a potentially a 3 way family tribe. So the world might be littered with family tribes for the first month and the first caps will likely be disappointing merges.

Don't Fall Off


Innogames and a secret society of other browser based games associated with the Illuminati have been pushing the flat earth agenda for over a decade. While FlatEarth believers have just started to make their presence known over the last year it's easy to see that TribalWars has been subconsciously training you to believe in the FlatEarth model. Before we get into their crimes lets take a look at a portion of what it means to be a FlatEarther. Here are some Flat Earth facts.

-The earth being a sphere is a conspiracy pushed by the powers that be.

- The earth is actually flat and does not revolve around a "sun". Moonlight is a cooling light, and is therefore must be some kind of light source of its own. If the Moon is not giving off its own light why do Moon phases affect crops and farming?

-The North Star Polaris has never moved from it’s position above the North Pole, and it never will. And all of the other stars in the sky revolve around the North Star. How is this possible if everything in the (so called) universe is forever rotating, orbiting, and constantly moving further out into space in different directions.

-We never see the so-called “dark side of the moon.” Why? Because a dark side does not exist because it is not a ball in so-called “space.” If you want a laugh, look up for yourself “science’s” explanation for why we never see the “dark side.”

-To the naked eye, the Sun and the Moon are the same size.

-As you increase in altitude in an airplane, a hot air balloon, or some other aircraft, the distant horizon always stays at eye level no matter how high you go. Not only that, it stays at eye level in all 360-degrees around you.

-The earth is spinning at a crazy speed according to science, yet the water stays level. Try taking a tennis ball on a string, soaking it in water, then spinning it at a high speed. The water flies right off. -Neil Armstrong’s strange behavior and lack of willingness to do interviews for most of his life following his “One small step for man…” If he’s so interested in this “giant leap for mankind,” then why wouldn’t he do interviews? Being one in a handful of people to have ever stepped foot on the Moon, shouldn’t he feel compelled to make himself available for questions? He never stepped on the Moon. He knew his life was one gigantic lie, and he knew the lie couldn’t hold up to scrutiny. Therefore, avoid interviews. I would guess that his guilty conscience at being part of the deception ate away at him until the day he died.

- At the edges of Earth there are walls of ice guarded by organizations such as NASA to prevent people from falling off.

We at the blog team have reason to believe that Tribal Wars organizers have been closeted and long time Flat Earthers with the way they are forcing you to play the game. The obvious giveaway is the borders. If you've ever played Pac-man you know that it's actually built on a cylinder. You can travel from the left side of your screen and end up on the right indicating that this seemingly flat surface is not. In Tribal wars you cannot travel past the edge of the map to end up on the opposite side as you would in a globe. The tribal wars map also does not allow for the most effective routes of travel. If the map was representative of a globe as it should be traveling from k to k at a faster rate of speed.


The true story of Sir Cornish has actually been hidden away in the archives. It is rumored that he was one of the first to uncover the secret agenda of the Overlords and was forever shamed as the only player in TW history to be nobled by a barbarian village. I asked Sir Cornish about his connection with the Flat Earth conspiracy.

I know you may be scared to speak about this but the real reason you were nobled by a barbarian village courtesy of Morthy was that you had discovered the real agenda of Tribal Wars was to promote a flat earth model, subconsciously suggesting to it's players that the world is in fact flat and not round as made apparent by their use of a map with finite borders, is that correct?

Nah morthy abused his powers because we have never gotten a long morthy is a stupid piece of (edited for content) he always has been and he always will be feel free to quote me on that

It is obvious that the society had gotten to him, much like they had gotten to Neil Armstrong. It's very common for those who come face to face with the faceless giants of industry (often the ones progressing the illuminati agendas) to tray and avoid subjects like this at all cost. Who can blame him. This led me to trying to find an Innogames employee who would start the whistleblowing. To protect the identity of this person - His name is not Jirki

The Tribal Wars worlds are built on a Flat Earth model. Why has Innogames secretly attempted to subconsciously manipulate it's players into believing that the earth is flat and not a sphere?

I'm afraid that isn't in my sphere of responsibility, so it falls quite flat.

If you read between the lines there you can see he was trying to send me a coded note. The key words being "afraid" "sphere" and "flat". With this information I now have everything I need to publish this info to the public. Now that you are aware of the agenda Tribal Wars is trying to push I want all of you to raise this awareness with the hashtag #Sphere after every post. In the Blog Discussion post please point out other clues in this conspiracy, only the spread of knowledge can set the mind free.

Who knighted this guy


Sir Cornish the lovable ( I think that's what people call him ), in between his excellent smack talking in the w100 skype chat and receiving compliments from everyone who knows him, made some time to chat with me.

Sir Cornish as you are known best, you consider yourself one of the most hated players in Tribal Wars... before we get into that - you've been playing as long as I can remember - why did you start Tribal Wars

Well it's been a long long time I think a friend got me into it while I was in school

Over the course of playing do you feel your persona was an true extension of who you are or does it represent only certain parts of you that you allow to be experienced?

I only show what I want to be shown sorry but not everyone's like jasper

I think that's fair, I've always approached it in the same way. Part of having a persona whether it's hated or loved is being able to control every aspect of it and how it's viewed. How does the Sir Cornish persona that's hated by many, but still respected work in your favor?

I'm the kind of person people love to hate and its normally just guys who do the hating the tw girls can't get enough of me well apart from w0sh but then again there is no proof she's female

There are no females on the internet - that's a scientific fact. So you have a decorated past in tw, you've been the center of attention and even an ongoing joke. None of that really matters here on World 100. What do you plan to do here - Is this a time to dominate and silence all of the hate or are you here specifically to fuel the fire?

I'm here to win if the haters want to hate they are free to but nobody knows who I am on w100 and my biggest threat is currently jasper's tribe known as riot even though I came to w100 with just a Co we are fully confident that we have the ability to make this tribe our bitch if they try to make a move in the near future

Riot has been getting a lot of attention, I'm not sure that's good this early in the world. They were the "public favorite" coming into this world and now that they've landed they will have to play their cards very carefully if they want to succeed. I'm more of a fan walking softly and carrying a big stick. What is your overall feel for how they've handled their "fame" so far.

It doesn't matter how you handle your fame riot are in my territory and nobody in my territory will survive if I don't want them too. Sure they have a few decent players but these decent players are use to spending lots of pp to keep up can they do it without pp is the big question I know I can I will and I have before w100 is no different

Well you've made your thought's pretty clear on Riot - You won't be the only one gunning for them. On to something a bit lighter... Inno gave us settings we've been asking for for a long time. Do you think this is enough to keep the game invigorating? How often are we going to need to see a world like this to keep players like yourself coming back?

This wasn't the settings anyone wanted yes it didn't have pp features but only an idiot would prefer limited hauls. People say this world is for the pros and yet back in my day there were no ms limit and now it's 50ms there wasn't no limited hauls but now there is. Its pretty clear world's will never be what they once were

Okay so not perfect but still an improvement over many of the last worlds. So you suggested I interview the most hated player on the world, and I called you infamous, maybe not the most hated... but yeah after doing a little more research you are probably in a top 3 list of most hated. Who else do you put on that list with you. And alternatively who are the 3 most loved players you know and should they be

I'm not sure who I would liable as hated as me and this is a war game correct? So if people are loved there are either an idiot or they are playing the wrong game

How is that different than being the most hated - Love and Hate are not opposites they are equally as powerful - I feel its worse to feel indifferent about a player because then they are not memorable. I think many people can use the tag of most loved to accomplish what they need to.

People want to be the most loved as that gives them easy worlds these days people don't fight to win worlds they get handed world's with hardly any effort what so ever so yes not many worlds over the last few years have been won by fighting its been done by either hugging or back stabbing and none of that has any place on tw

It's the ongoing struggle between TribalWars and TribalHugs. The victory in the world has become more important than how they got there. With that mentality set in over the past x amount of worlds, do you think there are enough old school players and tribes to change that for world 100?

I don't think there is, tw has changed way to much over the last few years and now even players playing w100 probably don't care about the outcome even I don't as this world will probably have lots of cheats the mods can't catch like usual

You really are a bucket of sunshine   - alright so what else do you want to talk about. The floor is yours

How about you make sure my interview is top of your next blog people want something to catch there eye and Il do that no need to out jasper on the first interview nobody gives a shit about what he thinks wants or does xD


One of the oldest tools in Tribal Wars has been the use of spy warfare. For some of you this may be very basic 101 type material, with some of the tribes spies, it’s so poorly done in most cases that I felt a need to write this article. The best spy you’ve ever heard of is the spy you’ve never heard of. That statement alone likely eliminated 80% of you from receiving a passing grade. As we discuss the proper use and handling of a spy try and reflect on your past successes and failures and how you can improve.


Depending on where your moral compass lies, at one point in Tribal Wars you have probably used or at least considered using spies. A good spy will give you a leg up on the competition by effectively relaying pertinent information to help your tribe in many ways. Spies in a pre-made for instance can let you know where a certain tribe you will be gunning for has chosen for their starting location and time. When in world, the spy can not only share information, but also lead the tribe they are spying on in a direction that benefits your tribe. Simple right? Then why is it so easy to find out when you are being spied upon? Lets get into ways to limit exposure for your little snitch

- Get them in early

The best time to plant a spy is in a pre-made. Tribes are less likely to suspect a member who has been on board before day one of a world. This player has made friends, likely started to bond with the tribe, taken part in conversations and will be considered one of the crew. With so many announced pre-mades this is also the easiest time to get a member on the inside.

- Need to Know Basis

If running a spy, don’t tell more than 1-2 people. Those 1-2 people should be leadership only. Just as you are running a spy in someone else’s tribe, you may have spies in your own. They may be people who you started the world with and would never expect them to give any information to another person but in a faceless game such as Tribal Wars, you can never be 100% certain. You can however tell your World 100 blogger and share all important information with him. Limiting the amount of people who know about your spy is all about limiting exposure. When other members of the tribe ask where your information about a particular op comes from, simply respond with something along the lines of “this is the most probable scenario and we are acting on that” It’s not your tribe’s business to know every little detail of how you run spies.

- Part of the team

Make sure your spy in regularly contributing to the tribe he or she is spying on. Your spy should be taking part in ops, account checks, and even volunteering for some extra duties early on. The best position for your spy to be is a trusted member in the group. While some could argue having a spy on council would be more advantageous, having someone who is privy to information without being able to actually change the course of the tribe is a little more inconspicuous if suspicions were to arise. This ensures that they get the good juicy information that can help your tribe. If the spy is called on to attack your tribe, let them. It sells the façade even further.

- Don’t Act on Everything

Part of protecting your source of information is not acting on every little detail. If I’m running an op and I see that every op target I’ve sent attacks to is fully stacked beyond a reasonable response time amount, then one of the first things I’m doing is looking for a spy. It is more effective to look at information provided by a spy and evaluate what you are willing to lose to protect the spy’s work. For example, an op is leaked to me that has 20 targeted villages. I would defend 10 of them, snipe 10 of them with no stacking. Possibly even lose one or two with recaps in place. Snipe the attacks that will be coming to majorly front line villages, while defending those where the response time would be a little longer. If you are confident in your ability to defend with minimal troops with sniping, militia sniping (hey I know a guy who did that and documented it) and other effective defensive strategies it will leave your enemy frustrated and shows you can properly defend. They won’t be thinking someone leaked the information.

In the end make sure your spy is well taken care of after his or her duties are done. A spy’s work is more dangerous and at the end of the day, they have more to lose than the player sitting in the comforts of their own tribe. Offer a foot rub, massage, a signed Undead Billy Mays Poster, or even a spot in the tribe when it’s all said and done. Do not leave the spy out for the wolves unless you now feel that you cant trust them because their entire game has been played lying to a group of people and well how could you trust someone like that in your tribe? XD

K44 Overview
by UBM


K44 which has landed the premades Riot, Balkan Mafia, and Aftermath still seems like a family affair after the first week in world 100. We've already seen some formerly top ranked tribes disband such as Metal, which stinks because I had such an amazing quote from UltraSaur their leader. "DEATH TO ALL BUT METAL....THE METAL WILL LIVE ON". I guess that metal will live on our hearts but does not look like they did in K44. Let's jump into some breakdowns. Rankings 5/3/18

Band Of Brothers

This three prong tribe has a high concentration in the south/southwest K44. The recruitment looks to be on a mass scale based on the proximity of players. Luckily this is not as important currently with low levels of farming available to players on the limited hauls world but can be problematic in the future. Riot! with a later start is right behind them in points and likely will overtake them by the time this blog is posted.


We've already covered Riot at some length in the blog so for now all I'm not going to go in depth about their normal pre-made spread, landing almost on top of Aftermath and Balkan Mafia. I'm sure we will have fireworks soon enough.

Tequila Sunrise

Showing up all over K44, Tequila Sunrise has benefitted in the rankings from the disbandment of Metal and Mini Metal. We will look more into them over the next few weeks. With so many tribes rising and falling in the first few, once the world stabilizes we can get more in depth with the tribes.


Havoc has been reported to have some connection with Riot! Likely to have pre planned some things.

BCT Family

BCT is a hybrid of a pre-made and recruiting tribe also taking a shot at world 100 with family ties. Currently consisting of three tribes BCT is showing a good spread of the southeast. One thing I like is the honesty of BCT. They understand that the world 100 settings are going to be a challenge to players that have in the past benefitted from premium use.

From Lateri of B.C.T
BCT isa tribe that was pre-made by some of player that have went through W96-W99 and challenged with the W100 world setting that reduce the PP use, so it is going to be a fair World. So here we are, came together as BCT Family.


Iron Lady's tribe Aftermath has really had an unfortunate placement in the K. Part of the problems with the worlds not filling up as fast as they once did is that nay sort of delay in joining only puts you a few fields away from a premade that joins 24 hours later. Aftermath is intertwined with Balkan Mafia, the Balkan premade and at their backs they have Riot. I asked Iron Lady for a soundbite

"Yea, BM is right on top of my tribe...
Riots and Murph to the west...
Chaos abounds.....
Ha.. Oh this is going to be a fun world.... Then again, maybe not
. "

It will take some hard work, perfect diplomacy and a bit of luck for Aftermath to prosper in this area.

Balkan Mafia

This Balkan (corrected) premade will face some of the same challenges of Aftermath but might have a little more wiggle room with space to expand towards the core. Having 3-4 premade practically on top of each other might make for some interesting early world wars.

K45 Overview
By Superdog

With W100 being very hyped every continent has multiple premades, K45 has 3 premades covered in the previous articles of the blog.

Kirk (Antz), Frederik (BEAST) and Brad (Gents) have ended up in the same continent.

With W100 being quite small early on and we’re nearly a week into the world i’ll be naming the regions as follows.

Inner Core, most center of the world, mostly pre-registered players in here.

Outer Core, just outside the densest part of the core, mostly players joining less than a day after the world has opened up.

Rim, even though the world is young and the world will probably grow at this stage i’ll refer to the outer part of the world as rim.

I won’t be covering any farming stats as it’s very dependant on spawning time and the cap is just too low to make a significant impact at least right now.

The stats for K45 are as follows.



Knock! & Knock?

Holding both rank 1 and rank 3, this family tribe has a total of 49 members. The duke of this family seems to be on a new account and is yet to prove it’s worth. The tribe does have some decent players. Their spread in the outer core is quite good, at this time they seem to have no major threats inside their cluster but are surrounded from all sides so at later stages diplomacy will play a huge role on their success. Points don’t say that much at this stage of the game as some that are pointwhoring now will fall behind later on, so being rank 1 now doesn’t mean much.


Rank 2 in the continent is duked by sword smith, an account unknown to me at this point. They are in the outer core of the continent having joined the same day as the world opened. There seem some fresh new accounts making it hard to judge their strength, but they do have some old school players such as crimsoni and soragado which might point in the direction of a decent premade but it’s a bit to soon to say for sure. They’re quite clustered in the south of the continent but they do have about 6 members of BEAST in the core of their cluster which might bring some problems for them later on.


Rank for is held by Kirk’s premade which also has a 17 player family tribe. The interesting about this family is that there seems to be a split in their players, a core group who pre-registered who are in the inner core of this continent and the players recruited after the world started who are mostly in the outer core / rim. The cluster in the inner core is mingled with DND which might lead to early skirmishes or possibly an early merge. With ANT2 Kirk shows he doesn’t mind adding tribes to a family so a merge between DND and ANTZ isn’t an unlikely scenario. With the ANTZ players in the outer core / rim being located in between Knock, BEASTS and Gents it will be very hard for them to survive and nearly impossible if a fight breaks out between ANTZ and DND. Kirk is known for leading his tribes successfully through the early game into the mid game so we’ll have to see if he can pull that off again.


The tribe holding rank 5 in K45 is the tribe i just mentioned being mingled in with ANTZ, another tribe which was founded during the pre-register phase. The 2 contacts on the tribe profile are new accounts so again it’s hard to judge the strength of this leadership. Not just the leadership is hard to judge, the majority if the accounts in the tribe are new which could mean it’s a premade from this server trying to lay low or a premade from a different server. Being mingled in with ANTZ means they will need to somehow take care of them to by either nobling them or a merge to get them to the mid game.


Brad’s premade is currently holding rank 6 in K45 having started a few days late and relocating to the North-East rim. Brad is a well known leader inside the TW community, Gents on W80 was very successful early to midgame for example. Gents does have an 18 player family tribe of which the players will probably merge into the accounts in the main Gents tribe when we get to the nobling stage of the world. With their relocating Gents have chosen to spawn across the entire K45 rim which causes them to be somewhat spread thin but also means they’re intermingled with BEAST in the rim. There is plenty of room to grow on the rim but Gents and BEAST will run into each other very early into the world leading to either early skirmishing or diplomacy. Knowing Brad and Frederik it’s unlikely either of them will give up duking this early into the world so a merge seems less likely than the conflict/diplomacy part.


Having joined the latest of the 7 covered tribes they currently hold rank 7 in K45. BEAST has 2 main clusters in the rim, one sharing part of the rim with Gents and the other stretching into the Code cluster. Early on in the world BEAST will lack the firepower to fight both tribes so will have to pick one to fight and have diplomacy with the other. Choosing either of the 2 tribes to diplo and let them grow freely does not seem ideal and Code would box in about 6 members of BEAST bringing those in a sticky situation but on the other hand Gents could outgrow them on the rim would BEAST decide to fight Code. To win this K BEAST will either have to rely on some significant skill or some good diplomacy which will help take care of one of the two threats fast before the other one can outgrow them by too much.

K54 Overview
by Superdog


K55 Overview

by Dwarven King

Hello again everyone! Today I have decided to give all of you an overview of K55. Now that we have had a few days pass since the end of Beginner Protection, tribes have started to solidify and secure their positions. As such, we shall take this time to look at the top three of K55.

Rank 1

Tribe Name - Original Dunder Zubbis

Tribe Tag - ODZ

Points - 22.026

Not only does this tribe have the rank 1 spot for K55 secured, but also the rank 1 spot for the world as well. Now whether or not they are they from pure skill or pure point-whoring is to early to tell. Though with none of their members being in the top 20 rankings of individual players, it may be safe to say that skill is the leading factor of their ranking. On top of that, any tribe with Four Nerds No Villages in it should probably be watched. I heard that account is quite formidable!

Rank 2

Tribe Name - Phynix

Tribe Tag - PHY

Points - 20.764

While I personally don’t know much about any of the players within this tribe, it is safe to say they are another contender for the top spot. While they sit at rank 2 in K55, they also hold rank 3 in the world. They also have their top member bisuu holding the rank 5 spot in individual ranking. With a brief scan of them, it appears to be a tribe full of skill with bisuu easily farming over 1,000 villages. But with an ODA as low as his, it may be safe to assume he hasn’t had to work to hard at gathering those resources. On the bright side, they have a pretty sweet looking Coat of Arms! And by sweet, I mean extremely simple. Surely they could have found something better on Google.

Rank 3

Tribe Name - Life

Tribe Tag - Life

Points - 19.147

Like the two previous tribes, Life also finds itself in the top 10 of the world sitting comfortably at rank 9. However, unlike the other two, they are a family tribe. Of course, with the world settings the way they are, family tribes are not surprising. As such, we will have to look at both Life and Death, the latter of which sits at rank 13 for the world and rank 6 in K55. Both tribes are ran by the same people, creating an easier method of leading. However, they have far fewer players in the top rankings compared to the first two. But what they do have is numbers and area covered. This of course could very well give Life/Death the opportunity they need to step up and take the top spot of the world. Question is, can they pull it off?

It seems K55 is geared up and ready for a bloody brawl. Or it could be the first stage of a massive Hug-Off. Sadly, it’s too early to tell. But I can guarantee you that these rankings will change drastically the moment nobles are introduced to this world.

This has been our first full installment of the W100 Centennial. This wraps up week 1 on world 100. We will try to have a long blog every 1-2 weeks depending on the events in the world. In between we will have one off articles to address events as they happen. Please use the Blog discussion thread to discuss anything you've read here. Thank you again to the readers for continually supporting our efforts.

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Hello W100!
No I'm not UBM, apologies. But he has other things going on atm which leave no time for Tribalwars.
The rest of his blogteam as well has been quite busy, which is why I offered to help them by doing some interviews myself!
The structure of these interviews will be fairly loose but normally there should be 4 parts each focusing on a different continent. Starting with this week featuring K54.
Spoilers have split themselves up automatically, probably has to do with a max amount of text being allowed to be under 1 spoiler.


HUN family in Green
Flame family in Red
Uruz in Yellow
HUGS family in White
What's left of ..VD.. in Pink

Unfortunately one of the top tribes, HUGS, could not find the time to do a proper interview. I've asked them trough various friends of mine whether or not they'd be interested but I only got as far as a baron. The duke apparently had no interest. The baron wouldn't do the interview in the duke's stead either. So I'll post my own small piece about them myself at the end.

So out of the top 5 I wanted to interview I only managed 4. And another has since yesterday dropped 4 ranks down the rankings. But such things happen! Lets get started in the order of was available first.

Huns! A premade tribe coming from the Turkish servers. The person I will be interviewing is their diplomat Reignerof.

h0llygh0st's text will be black. Reign's will be red.
Hi there


Aight this is much better

So, will you be alone in this interview or do you want to invite a few more people from HUN to it?

most of the leaders are working atm so i guess we do it like this

Alright fair enough, you can always share the questions with them and if they want to add something they can always contact me before Sunday evening about it. That's when I hope to have finished all of these and post them on the externals.
I've prepared a short disclaimer I'd like for you to read first while I go get a drink ^^

So, obviously I prepared the same questions to ask all of you. But I do like to improvise as well and if I see something interesting in an answer I might ask more about it. You are free to ask me not to include anything that was said prior or plainly refuse to answer a question. Of course trough text this is easy, trough VC or Video not so much. (I suck at editing.) I like to keep things loose and relaxed, and you might notice it during this interview.
What us talking here comes down to is entertainment for the externals and a way for the community to get to know it's leaders in and outside their tribes. And preserve its memory for future generations who like to read old boring stuff ;)
If you have no more questions for me, lets get started.

sure , sounds good

Good! Now first question: Can you describe yourself briefly for us (Us being the community) Not the tribe just yet, but you. Is there anything we should know?

My name is yusuf , its the same as joseph btw
, im a uni student in turkey , coming from TR servers to here when we heard the p2w wasnt on in this world.

Nice to meet you Yusuf, how long have you been playing TW for?

i would say about 5 years.

Impressive. Long enough to feel like TW is bad for your real life if you're anything like me ^^
Next question, Anything you'd like to say to the community about your own tribe?

HUN family is a real family in my eyes , we care about good players and provide support for them as much as we can , there has been a general negative attitude towards us because we were a family tribe but when you come from TR servers which has 450 man strong family tribes , this is normal to us

Haha, it's good to hear about the many differences between the servers. .net always had family tribes but generally they were considered to be weaker than the other tribes even if they were larger. On .nl there are apparently no family tribes at all.
Have you noticed any other differences between .tr and .net?

.tr server is a bit more ruthless i would say , if you are not part of a really strong family you dont really stand a chance with a single tribe

Interesting ^^ Any reason why there are so many family tribes?

Well there is a lot of people playing the game in .tr server , .net seems a bit empty to me for example on w47 tr server there is a lot of 200+ tribes rolling atm

Ah, I miss those times where .net was that large, I'm glad to hear other servers are doing so well.
Aright, next question: If your tribe hadn't been in K54. Which tribe do you think would come out on top there?

Hmm , thats a hard question. Uruz seems to have most competent players in my eyes but they lack in numbers , there would be no clear winner but if 2 -3 those small tribes would make an alliance maybe they can win K54

Yeah Uruz is the old school small but strong premade :stuck_out_tongue: Perhaps we will see such a coalition appear to fight the various premades in K54 ^^
Have you had a look at the other K's? Who do you think will come out on top in the other 3 K's? Feel free to give me multiple tribes if you're unsure

Hmm , i think its still too early to say who would come on top yet i do have some ideas but would like to keep it for myself at the moment
, Avoiding early fights is a good bonus in your pocket if you can manage.

I very much agree, wish we could have done that ourselves :D
Now, you've already somewhat touched upon it but my next question is fairly straightforward: Did this world meet your expectations so far?(edited)

Its good but i wished it would have more players. So many tribes disbanding because its too competent and its causing new tribes to pop up everywhere waiting to be devoured by a bigger tribe.But overall it always beats having 3k point villas on day 1 of server.

Again I must agree
I had hoped for about double the amount of players but I suppose this is what we have to settle for. These are the favourite(ish) settings for a lot of the older players myself included. But it seems most of the newer generation players have skipped it. Ah well... At least the competitiveness will be amazing now.
Last question and something non TW related
From my IG name and my profile you can probably see that I like music quite a bit, so I'd like to ask you: What's your favourite kind of music, and your favourite song? ^^

I love old school music
its hard to put a favorite for me but i would say "Final Countdown"

Tududude Tududududuuu ^^ Good choice


So whats your favorite ?

My favourite song? Oh man... I don't really have one :S Should've foreseen people asking me this haha...
Like I said, I listen to everything and have all kinds of genres mixed together on my phone, one song I never skip is this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1NuCWfYeYc

Hmm , there is a hyperbeast lying inside you then

Thanks for the interview Reign! You'll see it appear somewhere on sunday hopefully.

I must admit I like this Turkish tribe ^^ From the small things they've posted on the externals before to this interview they are quite pleasant to chat to. I had always hoped W100 would attract more players from outside .net's sphere of influence and while not everything is as I'd hoped about it, at least this is. I hope they stick around!
On to the next interview though. Flame! Otto Rocket, duke of Flame was actually the first to react to my proposal but it took a bit longer for us to actually go ahead and do it. He had hoped to be accompanied by his 2nd in command but he was no available at the time.

h0llygh0st's text will be black. Otto's will be red.
Let's just do it solo. You may question me Jasper lol

:D Fair enough
So, obviously I prepared the same questions to ask all of you. But I do like to improvise as well and if I see something interesting in an answer I might ask more about it. You are free to ask me not to include anything that was said prior or plainly refuse to answer a question. Of course trough text this is easy, trough VC or Video not so much. (I suck at editing.) I like to keep things loose and relaxed, and you might notice it during this interview.
What us talking here comes down to is entertainment for the externals and a way for the community to get to know it's leaders in and outside their tribes. And preserve its memory for future generations who like to read old boring stuff ;)
If you have no more questions for me, lets get started.

So, you ready?
First question is simple, who are you Otto? Not your tribe, but you. Introduce yourself to the community please :)

Haha! The community would love to know who I am. Firstly, my name is Evan, 26 years old. Living in Russia. My occupation is Hotel Managnent, side job is in security networking. Secondly, People probably know me under the account names of Bigevan2/EvanX. Sadly I lost passwords for them. Otto Rocket username was for a premade with Repenski if you heard of him

I do remember him, older player like myself. Started in 2008 if I remember right :)
So how long have you been playing TW for Otto?

I've started my 1st world on w7. Was complete noob. The memories! So probably 2007-2008. Can't really put exact year down. 11 years or so. And played it ever since. This was my childhood game, and sure it was others aswell.

For sure, it was my youth as well and helped shape me into the man I am now (The good and the bad.)
Is there anything you'd like us (The community) to know about your tribe Otto? It was a premade right?

Totally agreed Jasper! Yes, Flame was organized as an premade for W100. In W48, Flame was the 1st tribe to acquire the 80% K Dominance. It was milestone. Was under leadership of .medive(Sarah) and myself. And wanted to bring Flame into W100 as revival and see what we can do on this most anticipated world. We have many of the ex Flame players in W48 here with us.

Ah nice, always good to see old tribes coming back together ^^
Now Otto, if your tribe hadn't been in K54. Which of the other tribes there would you expect to come out on top? ;)

Well, there's many angles/card plays. I don't think I can actually anwser that question. Good tribes in Top 5 in K54. Anyone's move to be honest. But K54 will not be spared for bloodbath, thats can be known.

Aye, it may very well be the most stacked continent on this world. I certainly has the most premades.
But if K54 is to complicated to predict, I hope you've been paying attention to the other K's and you can make a guess about those? :p

Well, The 4's K all are in for major war. That's for sure. I can't relay a response as I'm not paying attention or playing in that specific region. Seems to be, it's all complicated.

To bad ;) I would've taken a risk and made some form of prediction at least ^^
But I hear you've been busy in your own K so I understand, how has your early conflict with HUN gone? From what we've seen on the forums it was fairly even?

Yes. 6 tribes vs 2. Hun Tribe to anything is "War" haha Its amusing. Thought we be easy fight, as were outnumbered. But we're seasoned players. And we're still climbing the ranks and on tail with Hun. But they were focusing on us so much their forgetting about their other flanks and that's starting to show.

I hope for their sake they haven't forgotten about the other tribes to much, It's always good to see outside servers coming to play on .net so I do kinda hope they'll do well.
Another question then, did this world meet your expectations so far?

Well as you see their diplomacy, they just hugging. I think so. I wish they had unlimited farming though. And everyone is basically at the same points thus far. Some players are starting to pull away due to free villages, but what can you do really. Has it met your expectations?

Mine? No. I had hoped for at least double the number of players. But due to high expectations and low numbers it did turn into a very competitive world though. Which is something I'm enjoying so far :)
I think the argument that this world would simply be to difficult for newer players is the best one to explain the current situation. and lack of said newer players here... Unfortunately

Well, they open 101 3 days after 100. To get that lost income. Sadly

Alright one last question. Not TW related but something I like to ask :p
I'm sure you've noticed my IG name and perhaps my profile, I like music. All kinds really. So I'd like to ask you, what's your favourite genre of music and which is your favourite song? ;)

Genre? I really like Russian House. And Mahmut Orhan, especially remix (Game Of Thrones Theme Song)

Russian house? Give me an example ^^ Most of the Russian music I know is the meme music like Mandarinki :d
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGkx8W0uQ98 (party)
Cheeki Breeki :p
Ooh wait, I do know a lot of songs from Little Big
I love Hateful Love o0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6od76UNHt-M


Thanks, I'll have a listen ^^
And also thank you for the interview!
Sam, when you get on and you feel you have something to add please do and if it's before Sunday I'll include it!


(Later his 2nd in command left this, in blue:)
Sorry guys! I had Skype on mute - been at Microsoft today
I’ll catch upon the c
Hi Jasper, pleased to meet you. I’m Sam - met Otto on a UK world around six months ago after many years away. Happy to answer any questions, but I don’t have anything to add to Otto’s answers. Other than, I’m more of an TW oldie

Then that's a wrap. Flame part of interview is done Jasper, thank you

Thanks Sam, and Otto of course :)

And that was Flame :) Another interesting group.
Next up we have one of the better known premades for W100. Garrock's tribe Uruz!
And... There's 4 different people responding to my questions. So the colourscheme will be a bit more complicated.

h0llygh0st's text will be black. Garrock's will be red. Drew in green, Hurod in blue and Chris a beautiful pink.
[removed by moderator]

Yesterday was hot and muggy as hell
We’re sweating our asses off
My coworker says “damn I taste salty”

anyway, i am now a spectator and can no longer post (nerd)

My response being “damn your limber for an old man”

Aight, lets get on our way :p

no more gutter talk guys, this is a serious discussion (nerd)

Would you like to introduce yourself for the community? :) I mean you, not the tribe just yet ;)

I’m at work btw only here a few minutes during break
Most people know me as Garrock

Then it'll take several hours no issue ;)

sure thing jasper, my names Chris and i have been on tw for around heck knows how many years now

Been playing TW for more than 11 years since w6
And there’s Chris my coduke
Currently infiltrated the tribe Riot

so far no useful info found, they all seem slighty dim and lack any kind of organization

Sounds like the standard jasper tribe

Any highlights through the years Garrock? :)

and thats when they are sober :X

A serious question
Well for me w14 would be the most significant
I led Uruz there and met a ton of fantastic people. All of the tribes I’ve led since were in part built with a core of w14 players
W35 was also significant where I met estoyloco and we coduked GKhan
I draw most from those two worlds

Been playing since early knife, fork un spoon ..

Break over jasper passing torch to drew

and I have to agree with G that from w14 and the guys I have met there I have not found better or more loyal in the oldskool ways

Alright Garrock, hf at work in this weather ;)
I'm at home with the ac on
Drew, anything we should know about you? other than that you've been playing since cutlery?

w14 ]:)

P.S. I know I won that world but it was with the help of a lot of good solid guys
and TBH it is about the most fun I have had since playing TW

Nice ^^
Hurod you also wanna introduce yourself? :p

Im Hurod, Garrocks shadow (bandit)
been stalking him since w14

How close in RL have you gotten to him without being caught?


i watched him sleep

Nice (mm)

well ive tickled his ball sack

Now guys, anything you'd like people to know about your tribe? Other than what is obvious, you guys plan to have fun while winning at the game ;)

Not really just a bunch of old mates out for some TW shitz un giggles ..

yeah something like that :D

Just good to laugh un chat with old mates
oh and take the P as we all make nub mistakes

Those tribes are always the best to be in, I've lead several like those before ^^
But I'm going to ask a more serious question now. If Uruz hadn't been in K54, which tribe do you think would end up dominating it in the end?

great question

hmmm, Hugs have shown good coordination

Well to be frank I have to hand it to HUGs as they seem organised and active ..

but small active groups are always fun so i say 777777

yea another to keep an eye on

Good answers and again I must agree.
Both Hugs and 777777 seem reluctant to do an interview though
So they fall to the bottom of my rankings now.
Hopefully I can get them before tomorrow night!
Now, you gave an honest answer about K54 and I appreciate that, but have you been paying attention to the other K's? Who do you think will come out on top in the other 3? ;)

good folk there

bit early to say just yet as there is a lot of background hugging going on

ODZ have some good players also, Nerds is badass

yea I fancy his chances to make a mark

and Riot ofc :D

gents are just utter trash and will get ruined by anyone they square up against (nod)

if they can keep it up they will be a force to recon with
also there are some good players around that seem to be holding back or have bunded out early

Interesting predictions :) I hope you didn't say Riot! just to please me Hurod o0 I agree on the other 2 mentioned though, they do look strong.
Would you say this world has met your expectations so far though?

slow start .. but speed 2 helps
also very much a game of chess going on with a lot of smaller moves happening on the map

opinions on world size?

Member count is smaller than i hoped.

we get what players want to play this type of game setup

Inno did same with w85 (last so called non-p2w) and opened w86 few days later

least they did not give us churches

was very small world also

I think everyone was hoping for more as a lot of players I know were saving PP for w100

i think if inno gave the option before the world started to take these settings but for 101 to open right after we wouldve ripped their hand off for it still
so im not too fussed about the size, as we still got very decent settings

anyway i love settings, best ive played in ages
and good competition

Lets have another laugh while thinking about all the people who saved up PP months prior (cwl)

limited hauls makes start up a lot harder so its fun

harder to stay awake

But yeah, thanks for the insight, I had hoped for a larger world and even more outside servers joining in. But we have the Turks, Greeks, Czech and quite a few others so I guess it's not to bad :)

and a lot of Koreans to boot

Ah of course, I shouldn't forget about them just because they're far away from me ^^
Well I hate making interviews to long, I want to keep people interested so only 1 more question. A non TW related one I ask everyone I interview :p

CL final predictions?

From my IG name and if you have seen it my profile, you can guess I like music quite a bit. So I want to ask, what's your favourite genre and song?
And of course who do you think will win the Champions League :d
i listen a lot of different music but atm deadmau5 :)

I am hoping Liverpool show some talent .. that would be good
as for music anything fun and rocky

Hell yeah Drew :d
Awesome choice in music, I mean I listen to both Deamau5 and Alestorm, but Drink is amazing (sun)

yea is a good one .. halestorm I have been following her for a while now too

They're both coming to a festival 5km from where I live this summer :p

sweet .. you gota go see alestorm live they are good
Seen um twice and got smashed up in the mosh pit twice so all is good

(The interview just kinda died out on its own, Garrock later added the following:)
Seger, bad company
Late 80s rock Appetite for Destruction the last great hard rock album
Pearl Jam was alright in the early days

As you can see... Uruz was more of a conversation than a real interview, but I liked it the most out of the 4 I did though because of it :) It felt more natural then the others, and I hope I was able to transcribe that feeling to this post. They're obviously just a group of friends having fun who happen to excell at TW. Which is personally my favourite setting for a tribe. I expect great things from them!

The last tribe I interviewed was ..VD..
Yesterday they were the #2 in the continent. When I started typing this up about an hour ago, they were rank #9, now that I'm typing up their part they're #18. By the time you are reading this, they'll be gone at this rate =/ Seems they are joining the HUN family.

Continued in post #2!
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h0llygh0st's text will be black. Hoover's will be red. Sam in green and Chris a beautiful pink.
Hello Hoover, I'm Jasper and I'm taking over for the bloggers for now. I'll be the one interviewing you ;)
Disclaimer for the interview:
So, obviously I prepared the same questions to ask all of you. But I do like to improvise as well and if I see something interesting in an answer I might ask more about it. You are free to ask me not to include anything that was said prior or plainly refuse to answer a question. I like to keep things loose and relaxed, and you might notice it during this interview.
What us talking here comes down to is entertainment for the externals and a way for the community to get to know it's leaders in and outside their tribes. And preserve its memory for future generations who like to read old boring stuff ;)
If you have no more questions for me, lets get started.

Oh I see now :p
Was trying to figure it out sory

hi guys, great to meet you :)

After joining the Bang wagon please Chris

Hey chris

what did i do :(

Is YouSett here as well or should I just start? :p

I’m at work so responses may be sporadic
Sett is with family, not sure he will get a chance to get on

Will be me and Hoove
Mostly added sett as he is council

Sett likes to be involved too if won’t admit it :p

Aight, I'll get started then ^^
So guys, would you mind if I asked you to introduce yourselves to the community? Who are you and why should we know you?

Everybody knows me I am the Incoming Impact everybody loves.

My name is Hoover, most recently people will remember me from the Silentbuttdeadly account. I haven’t really had a full go at a world in quite some time, but going to be here for the long run this time around.
Just wanna throw it out there, sam is a dumb Brit
I’m a smart American.
We build walls and stop nuclear war here

:D Fair enough
And yes Sam is fairly known
How long have you been playing for Hoover? :)

I’ve been playing for close to 10 years, but I’m only 20 so I can’t say I was worth 2 shits at a young age lol, played a lot with my father who quit playing cuz he got addicted, but didn’t stop me :p(xd)
Been playing World of Warcraft since 9 so i like to game always have

Ah, sounds like a story I've heard many times before lol
Now guys, your tribe is rather new. And the first bit of publicity it has gotten was pretty negative, do you want to tell community something about your tribe?

I will let Hoove answer that.

Thanks Sam.
You know, there was a lot of hype coming into this world about riot and tribes that everyone knew would show up lead by players we all knew would lead, Kirk for example and bugz, etc. But our K is owned by a family tribe. Which in TW has rarely worked. We are a group of guys all interested in one thing. A world 100 victory. An achievement that means almost everything to those that still play this game. We have a very talented group of players. Externals are used for personal gain and agendas. People change world from world. The past doesn’t define the present or the future. I recommend those that think they know what our tribe is about to take a second look. An to think past the views of upset players. Our tribe has the potential to make something of our selves. And with the trusted council behind Sam. I believe we are in great shape to get started on our young tribes growth.

Inspirational message to the externals Hoover, thanks ^^
Now, some more interesting questions. If your tribe hadn't been K54 and you'd be watching from outside in. Which tribe do you think would come out on top in 54?

Sam would you like to answer?

I'm hearing you :)

Sam not here? Lol

Sam just isn't here anymore I guess :D

I will answer then :)
[o be honest with you, without our group here in the middle huns probably would have recruited the other half of the K. They will be a tough beat just because of numbers. But I feel the K will team up to take them out eventually whenever it gets down to the nitty gritty. I really like Hugz, they are a great group of players that always have my interest! I have played with a lot of them and all are amazing players! The fight between them in uruz will be very interesting!
Sam will not be joining us for the rest of the interview.
RL issue

Ah to bad, but alright.

Yeah really wanted him to be able to voice a little

Ah well, no problem
I agree with your vision about K54, though I think there are several other tribes that will play an important role as well ^^
Although those 3 will be the main stars of the show for the time being

Yes! For certain
77777 on the rim will play a huge role if Hun fall
Tequila is also around to the west
I believe diplomacy will seal K 54 due to how poorly the K has structure right now

So Hoover, obviously you're aware of K54 (I mean, that's to be expected ^^) But what do you know about the other K's? Who do you think will come out on top there?

I believe that Kirk will find a way to get out of that K with his tribe. He is always around late game and would be a shock if he wasn’t. There is good talent there but Kirk is just so good.
55: I believe ODZ will come out of 55 I don’t know diplomacy there well if I’m honest right now because been focused on other things. But I believe that persona and company will make it out of there. They also are #1 OD and have still had amazing growth. Very impressive.
44: I believe that riot is going to have a very hard path out. They’re the best tribe in 44, but everyone is gunning for them. If they don’t pull it out, which I think they will. Potentially TQL could come out of there with 2 very good tribes they have a strong chance.

I agree on 55, the rest though... Eh :p
But well, this is not for me to give my opinion ;)
Did this world meet your expectation so far Hoover?

I’m open to hear it :p
You don’t think riot will come out of 44?

Oh I think we will, but the potentially TQL? Nahh, they would've already fallen apart if they stopped merging tribes in lol
But for now they have enough people to recruit to keep up the appearance of a decent tribe

You know honestly I expected there to be a lot more people play in this world I figured a lot more old-school players would come back the numbers are not bad though and there is a lot of competition in this world which makes it a lot more fun the haul limit has really disappointed me I was really hoping for a bigger haul limit because it’s a limiting farming but at the same time it prevents players from jumping way ahead by no lifing the game. I feel for this as I work 7 days a week during summer time and 8-10 hour days.
Riot is the only real possibility there imo I just was trying to throw out someone who might have a chance. They have some solid players
By the way, I haven’t ever had the proper chance of actually playing with you. It’s a pleasure to see you here and I hope we will meet end game :)

Thanks (sun) Would be fun indeed :p
Yeah the amount of players is something everyone is disappointed about :( But I do like the settings personally ^^

Yes number count is sad was hoping for at least 8 full K :(

Ah well, we had hopes and reality proves us wrong again ;)

But the competition is fierce

True. Very much so
Now, last question Hoover
As you can see from my name and perhaps my IG profile if you've visited it, I love music :) And I like learning new music as well. So my question is: What's your favourite genre of music and what's your favourite song? ^^

My favorite genre is defiantly hip hop/rap I went to a music festival called rolling Loud in Miami about 2 weeks ago and it was the greatest experience of my life. To be honest there are way to many good songs. But my top 5 artists are NAV, Travis Scott, J cole, Post Malone, Lil Wayne
Thank you for your time and efforts jasper. Means a lot to me and sam and our tribe. Hope to see you out in the world mate. Best of luck everyone.

It's been a pleasure for me Hoover :)

As you can see, sadly enough Incoming Impact dissapeared during the interview before I could ask him about the thread that was posted concerning SLY... I suppose plenty has already been said about it, but would have still been nice to include a part of it in the interview. Hoover was a pleasant person to interview though :)


Now. About HUGS/HUSH... They're a very interesting premade, A lot of them were in the world winning tribe on W91, so they're some of the most recent worldwinners. And their spread is also something worth mentioning. As they have villages in all 4 core continents. Something not often seen from premades!
They have early on taken villages from Uruz in a (So I heard) magnificent OP and while currently HUGS is ranked #6, if they reshuffled some of their family around they could be close to #2.

Their duke is BlackGrimReaper (Jeffrey) who succesfully lead the WolfPack to it's win on HP in 2015 where I was a member. He has 5 further wins according to his profile on TW-Stats:

3 HP wins, W71, W77 and W88.

And one of their barons is Darkness Jordan, who duked his W91 tribe to the win and previously won W71 and 77. Both nohauls (So he's familiar with these settings. just like his duke.)
That's about all I know off their leadership but it certainly looks impressive. Which is probably why their tribe was mentioned a few times in the various interviews. It's quite unfortunate neither Jeffrey or Jordan wanted to give an interview. :'(


Now at the end here I wanted to include a small bit about myself that was supposed to be in future UBM blogs. But since they've appeared and since I'm fairly relevant to the world atm (Doing blogs, leading in Riot!, being #1...) I thought I'd include it here. It's a bit... Long... And probably dry to read, but eh. At least it's being used now.

I told UBM I'd give him some of my backstory, he wanted details... :p

[12/04/2018 16:48:49] Undead Billy Mays: oh yeah- just give me the details :)

[13/04/2018 08:34:54 | Edited 08:51:56] h0llygh0st/Jasper/FiveNobleDeathPunch: Alright, well this will be quite long so be warned. For people reading this in the future I suggest putting on some music, I suggest Doom's OST (
But perhaps Lofi hiphop radio is better suited as it's far more relaxed. (

Before I begin with telling you who I am and what I've done on TW over the years. I'd like to remind you that when I started playing this game, it was completely different than what it is now. At the beginning, everybody was a noob and me especially, I was 15 years old and I've spend so much time on this damn game that I had to redo 2 of my school years. Though it's likely that if I hadn't wasted time here, I would have wasted it somewhere else instead.

So I began playing TW in 2006, september. Both on W1 and W2 together. W1 had been going since the spring but W2 was more new. And it's where I put most of my focus.

W1: I was a noob like I said, but I managed to join HNR (Honour) which was the academy of RoBaC, most people won't recognize that name but old school people might. RoBaC v TW was one of the most fun wars I've happened to be able to spectate (As I was rimmed very easily by TW's allies) and sadly enough the PnP and effort put into it haven't even been matched since... I fooled around after getting rimmed involving myself in PP (Paladins Paladins) a parody tribe mocking the Paladin family tribe, which were the noobs of the noobs back in the day.

W2: I joined and landed in K75, joined a local tribe named Condo and then joined it's leadership. It was a fun smallish tribe in a world with massive family tribes, there were at least 10 large family tribes with 2-5 branches each or more. One such family was XiG, and I liked them. Their leaders posted on the externals and were pretty aggressive and so was I back then. I managed to help convince my tribe to merge into XiG but it only lasted for a few days because a new power was rising named RUM (Regional Underground Movement). Which at its peak had a massive 52 family branches... Like I said, it was a completely different game back then. Our tribe (I was no longer involved in the leadership after the merge) decided to leave the XiG family and join RUM instead. I quite disliked that and left to join a friend's tribe called TUBA (The UnBeatable Alliance? ... I think.) But I didn't stop to check the diplomacy of the world. Apparently they were being gangbanged by most tribes around. Smoker, FTR, XiG, ... So I was rimmed. I didn't quit there though. I restarted and went NW to join close to a RL friend of mine. I joined StW which was allied to XiG which I still liked. Here I finally managed to grow to a respectable size and noticed for the first time that... I dislike playing TW. A large account was boring (Large being 20+ villages) So I quit and fooled around on W2 like in W1, joining ROFL which made hilarious threads on the externals. After a year or 2 I spoke to some friends of mine still playing W2 and joined TW. But again, large accounts bored me... So I quit W2 once more. It was still my favourite world to follow though.

W5: Still a noob here, I got rimmed early on by WOLVES.

W6: The first world where I really started to learn the game. I joined with a few friends and we made a family tribe in the North of the world. I was a duke for the first time. After a few weeks though we started slipping in the rankings as family tribes do and I also grew tired of my fellow dukes recruiting people without bothering to even talk to them properly. I spoke to a local 6 man tribe called STONED. Which was being lead by Alphabonkers and... I think Stonesour? And these guys showed me the ropes. I left my family tribe but took their best members with me and joined STONED. Which would do quite well in W6, we eventually formed w00t with another tribe in the south (I think lead by Matt?!) and fought CHE!!! lead by Bloodhood. I grew large again though and got bored. Still kept in contact though.

Now follows a series of worlds where I truly enjoyed the fun part of TW, startup. During and after W6 I finally managed to make somewhat of a name for myself. I was still pretty much a noob but I did notice I had some talents in leading. I grew my accounts fast but got bored with them equally fast.

W7: I was a baron in a premade I believe was called "BIRDS" lead by Xavirus but disbanded by Friskybird. I grew to a few villages in size before quitting as the next world came out.

W8: I was a baron in CEG, a gathering of W2 players from XiG and StW. I went on vacation though and had to put a sitter. After I came back my account had barely grown... I grew to a few villages in size before quitting as the next world came out.

W9: I was a baron in NGR. A grouping of several W8 premades, mostly NG and REL (New Generation and Relentless) I grew to a few villages in size before quitting as the next world came out.

W10: I was a baron in IBAN, lead by... Omnitank? and a few others who's name I'm forgetting atm. (Sp.Ag was also a baron I believe.) This world had some amazing PnP banter and I believe was the first speed 2 world. We had a good group going but internal discord and I believe a better showing by a neighbouring premade made life hard. I grew to a few villages in size before quitting as the next world came out.

W12: I was a baron in XiG, yes the same XiG as in W2 again. I should also mention that people like Tyr Hades, Warhawg and Bill were also from XiG. We were pretty good friends. This world was also speed 2 and by this time Tribalwars was truly becoming a big game, the world opened and immediately the center K's were filled up. It was insane, XiG had several branches and joined a coalition called "The Fantastic Four" I had great fun here but being a diplomat and coordinator of this coalition was taking a lot out of me. Keeping our duke Warhawg from attacking everyone at once was also troublesome. I grew a bit larger here before ultimately quitting again. School/family was also starting to pressure me more about spending less time on the PC. My grades were failing...

W13: But that didn't stop me from playing yet another world. In W13 it was the first time since W2 where I wasn't in the leadership. I joined Thargoran's tribe n00bs and while I learned a lot from them about actually playing the game, I felt I couldn't quite play at their level and I decided I didn't like utilizing scripts as much as they did (Guess I was still a noob.) I quit around the time nobles came out.

W14: I was a baron in -Bio! under Sp.Ag and this was the first world where I co-played someone, JoeyKangaroo. Another forum poster with to much time on their hands like myself. We did really well and managed top 10 I believe, but... You know the drill by now. I grew to about 10 villages in size before quitting as the next world came out.

W16: A very hyped up premade called Hippos and lead by Openeye was joining this world and I wanted to be a part of it. Now this is where my memory fails me for the first time. I'm not sure if I was a baron or not, but I do believe I was council... Regardless, this was also the first 0,5 speed world. 4 times slower than worlds 10 and 12 had been. Hippos did pretty well as was expected with their line-up but then our duke got into an accident. Although later I learned he just couldn't cope with duking anymore and needed an excuse. Which I can understand having been a duke myself. I ultimately quit that world as growth was truly slow. I did manage to farm an elder mod on that world though which made it all worthwhile (The mods had given me so many infractions over the years...)

[13/04/2018 08:51:28] h0llygh0st/Jasper/FiveNobleDeathPunch:
W17: Here I joined the world with an intention of duking once again. I joined a bit later in the rim and behind a tribe lead by Bloodhood, an enemy in W6 but a friend in W12. The tribe was called -Evo- and we grew quite well, we took control over about 2K's with 40 members, no more family tribe shenanigans. I went on a school vacation for almost 2 weeks to Greece though and I only had very limited internet access, I left the tribe under my co-duke's management, Wickerman. He did well considering I basically dumped the tribe on him. The tribe's influence grew to being dominant over 3 K's and we had a fairly secure backline to our east and a secure North thanks to our allies. In our south though... Was Wisdom. Anyways, after my vacation I took back the dukkeship but felt that I wasn't really enjoying it much anymore. People had been recruited whom I didn't know and friends of mine had quit. I quit the world as well soon after I returned. Our tribe fell to Wisdom who I believe managed to win the world in the end.
I did some more world hopping in W19 and 20 I believe, but by now you get the gist of it. Besides not much noteworthy stuck in my memory from those worlds.

W21: I was a baron in SHYT, which was basically our XiG friends from the past. (Like Bill and Tyr) We fooled around a LOT on the externals with our tribetag and basically got told that is enough is enough, change the name or start getting bans. So we merged with some friends to form Static (We were only 20 or so members after the merge) Then again a merge with another small premade to form Sexy! (I chose that name ^^) And Sexy had a pretty damn good line-up at this point. With a very active leadership. However... Sexy! as a name meant that we also had quite a few IG threads in our forum about well, sexy things. And apparently pornography isn't allowed there. Which resulted in almost half our tribe getting banned, including our duke and some barons. I and 1 other person were left to lead the remains of our tribe after the banwave and this was right around the time that a war with Puffin was starting (Another merged premade, PoE and Muffin) Basically, we got wrecked. Perhaps without the bans things would've been different but who knows. We disbanded. Some of our members ended up winning the world though in the end (Go Busamad!)

I slowed down in joining worlds around this time. Probably a good thing, I was redoing 1 of my years.)

W30: I joined a premade under Bloodhood this time. Again as a diplomat like in W12. Me and Rob (Bloodhood) had been friends for a while now as we kept playing the same worlds. We had great fun on this world, owned some noob family tribes and stuff. The usual, but we soon met another strong tribe to our North. BD (Black Dawn) And I believe I even lost all my original vills and had to relocate. Eventually if I remember right, our tribe fell and the leftovers were recruited into our allies, PHX lead by Pajuno. Who (Again my memory is hazy and I'm to lazy to go and factcheck) ended up winning the world.

W34: I tried co-playing again, with GravyBoatCaptain, a cool guy but yeah... Wasn't for me this co-playing business. We played in Muppet under Allyboo, but the tribe was pretty tryhard and it didn't quite suit me. I quit fairly early into the world.

Now in between 34 and 40 I focused more on school but didn't stop playing, I was a mod around this time (Strange how things go...) and mods had the privilege back then to join worlds before they realized and mess around while Morthy tests things. The staff back then for this game was far larger than you'd think as well. IG mods, forum mods, bloggers, wiki people, TW even had a radiostation at one point! But anyways. On one of these "Testworlds" I formed a small tribe and had to give it a name, I called it Apathy. And me and 7 other guys smashes the other staff to win ^^ And it gave me the urge to lead again.

W40: By this time worlds came out 2 at a time. So when I had announced my premade to be on W40 I was taking a risk. But W40/41 were coming out in the summer and after the exams. I had 2 months to play a world and have fun. W40's settings weren't to the liking of a lot of my players though, more than half decided to play 41 instead in a friends tribe. Another baron from W21's Sexy! But I'm forgetting his name... Regardless, since we had a smaller group (About 10) we decided to join a bit late and just mess around not taking things seriously, Apathy was a suitable name. We joined in IBAN's backline (Sameish tribe as W10 lead by Sp.AG) and secured their backline for them. We basically owned family tribes 10 times our size and ridiculed them on the external forums. I was still a teen mind you... ;) We really had loads of fun but when summer came to and end so did our success, we kept punching above our size but I couldn't continue with school starting. I merged the tribe into IBAN and quit. IBAN fell soon after though.

[13/04/2018 08:52:23] h0llygh0st/Jasper/FiveNobleDeathPunch: Taking a break for now, the next world is a really long type. I finished my nightshift and need sleep, will continue tomorrow most likely

[23/04/2018 22:27:34] h0llygh0st/Jasper/FiveNobleDeathPunch: Alright, took me a week or so longer but I'll continue.

After W40 I took a long break, about a year. I had just received the news that I had to redo my final year so I wanted to make time for that. Unfortunately I didn't... But I did pass.

And so I announced a premade, this time a serious one. For W51, called Apathy again.
We honestly had an amazing line-up and a great start as well. When we as a tribe hit 1 mill, the #2 wasn't even at 700K yet. We we're dominating most of the SE except for K65. And I was closest to that. Now during the first few months nothing much happened, I had a decent leadership but a lot of the strain still fell upon me and my co-duke Grawler/Krakkan. But a month after I graduated I got myself a job and started working, I noticed I didn't have that much so I handed duke to Grawler and let myself be co-duke. But... He was also losing in activity. Basically we had a shortage of capable and active leadership. While trying to work on that we received an OP from a small tribe named Axte since we had hit friends of theirs in another tribe. We lost some vills and they took that as an incentive to continue.
By now I should highlight the main issue in our tribe, K55 and especially the border region around K65, was struggling... While K56 was doing really well for growth. Even venturing North somewhat and also into K57. The core needed help from the rim, I was in the core and Grawler on the rim. Apparently our continued struggling formed a rift in our tribe. I had a chat with Grawler about me taking back the title of duke to try and create more cohesion in the tribe and Axte merged in their friends and launched another OP. Causing me to lose vills while there was still uncertainty and division in our tribe.
Next thing I know, Grawler leaves the tribe (Apparently disgruntled I tried to demote him) and forms his own tribe, inviting the people from K56. Most follow suit, some ask me what's going on. Apparently a lot of the people who followed thought I was on board with the idea. Regardless our struggling K55 part was now alone and Grawler had worked out a deal with our enemies Axte for them to rim me and then ally. I didn't take it well... But me and the people close to me were rimmed nonetheless. I still had plenty of friends in the new tribe Grawler formed, but since I was rimmed they couldn't help me...
I restarted on the rim, deciding to go SE again and hopefully grow large again. 2 others restarted with me but they didn't grow much and quit before nobling once more.

From there I regrew Apathy without disbanding, we climbed back up to #6 after absorbing other tribes 8 months or so later. And we're prepping to face either Sheeps, or Axte. The 2 top tribes in the world.
I wanted to hit Axte... But my tribe favoured hitting Sheeps. Axte had starting hitting our allies Metal though (Lead by DA Nemesis) which to me meant my hand was forced and we'd go against Axte while working with Sheeps. Like I said though, my tribe was a collection of recruits gathered from different tribes. One such tribe was being led by Anthils/Shahyd. And he didn't get in, but did speak to Axte. He managed to convince a former member of his to hand over his sit to him, coincidentally our largest member. I felt forced to kick him as apparently our largest member had quit, giving the acc to him. Axte recruited him soon after... And 2 others followed. At this point I just couldn't handle it anymore... Betrayed again. I should mention that everything leadership related was done by me in the last, well almost year. I've had more than 10 people in my leadership and none did as you'd expect due to various reasons... I just burned out...

After W51 I really felt like quitting TW altogether, and I did for another year or so. I played Grepolis and other games such as AoE2 and loads of Total War. Eventually Innogames came out with another game, Forge of Empires, on which I met a lot of old TW players again. They somehow managed to drag me back for W61 :D God damn it...

So, Riot! W61. Tbh I don't remember as much as I should. I co'd Skux and we did real well, holding a top 5 rank for a long while, even hitting #1 for a brief moment. I was doing diplomacy (Which I love) and Riot! was dominating their starting K. Our duke, Sacredfool, quit though. And the rest of our leadership (Royalist, Alphabonkers.) were people I had trouble getting along with, though I honestly can't remember why. I do remember quitting and joining again on the rim, leaving my old acc to Skux to finish the world. On the rim I met Bill again and a few other friends, we joined a family tribe and took over but it was harder than we thought. We soon had to give up. This time I was determined to quit for good though. I uninstalled my Skype and before that asked Jirki to permaban me on the externals. My account was still lost on Skux.

Then W77 was my next stop, about 18 months later. I don't know why I came back... It started with reinstalling Skype, a week later asking Jirki to unban me and then eventually I even got my account back. What was I thinking? But 2 days ahead of W77 I got dragged into a premade (Pow!) lead by Muldie. I did quite well, getting top 10-20 for the first few weeks.
Somehow I got made into a diplomat, then a baron, and eventually I was duke. I say eventually but this all happened in the span of 2 weeks or so. Muldie left me a tribe that had drama, an ongoing war with Krieger and no real leadership. It was quite a mess... I allied our West so we could focus on Krieger in the East (Who did not want to speak of peace.) But Krieger started real clustered up while we were spread out, this was my first no hauls world so I might have made the same mistake had I been leadership pre-world, but still another thing Muldie left me. We kept bleeding villages eventhough the tribe did quite well all in all. Leading in a losing tribe is rough though, you get the sits, the shit and it's all on you. I merged us into our allies to the West and let myself be internalled. Apparently Krieger couldn't be stopped though. When I checked later he had wiped them all out, though he did recruit a few. for some reason Krieger asked me if I wanted to co on an acc for a while, I accepted. It had been a few years since I played on an acc larger than a 1 mill. It was kinda refreshing, though after a month the original co came back and I tapped out.

I then played in a HP world with Arabela which we won (sun) While planning a new premade for W83. This one was to be lead by Bill, who was also on W77 btw, and he wanted me for diplomacy.

[23/04/2018 22:39:27] Undead Billy Mays: :D - this is longer than our entire blog (j/k)

[23/04/2018 22:48:34] h0llygh0st/Jasper/FiveNobleDeathPunch:
Now, W83 Golden was the best fun I've had in a long long while on TW... Probably the most fun altogether since W40.
We had a great leadership team, a strong roster and I had a lot of time during start up :D Not unimportant. We started off strong, dominating our corner of the world, and eventhough I was nearly rimmed (If the enemy's noble had landed 30 min earlier...) we had loads of laughs on VC and in the normal Skype chat. We allied 4 tribes on that world. And merged in all 4 of them, some were small (5 players.) And others were large (30 players.) But I do prefer to merge in allies rather than betraying them. Besides, after the long defense, against NAM, we had to do of our ally trough sits... We were quite done. Taking on our allies after that would have burned out our leadership completely.
I could go on and on about W83 and it's tribes (Freak, Blue!, Google, Warpigs, NBD) and my interactions with them as diplomat. But in short... This world was going to be Golden on 1 side and NAM on the other. NAM gladly took the "bad guys" tag and that helped us quite a bit to convince other people to join "our" side. While NAM was nobling tribes that would have gladly sided with them. What started as 2 equal loose coalitions, ended in a 2v1 against NAM. Bill and Krieger has also been our leaders since the start of the world while NAM had a coming and going of leaders. The stronger tribe won out in the end is all I'll say about that.

After W83 I took another break, though this time I remained involved in the TW community. Which was far smaller now than it had been...
I fooled around on a few worlds, and agreed to lead a tribe on W100 with Bill and Tris. Bill was playing on W80 and 90, Tris was being a community manager on Travian (Lol) and I decided to mess around like in the good old days of W40 with a premade called Apathy.

I had it planned for W91 and a lot of old friends turned up ^^ Bill and James joined to try and rim me for shits and giggles early game, but landed on the other side of the K.
Soon though I noticed that quite a few people I had recruited didn't understand that I wasn't actually going to lead much. We'd just goof around normally and have fun picking on weaker tribes. But that wasn't meant to be I guess. Meanwhile in the K next to us, Incoming Impact (Sam) was duking another tribe with a few people abusing the p2w system with him. I declared war on them for fun and got peace soon after, but contact was made. Sam asked me if he could recruit around myself and thus secure a passage to the rim for his tribe, he'd internal me when I was done having fun. I was not amused by that, finding it pretty arrogant as a suggestion and declined him. He didn't take kindly to that though... And turned hostile, he went on to recruit the people he planned to earlier and I was now pretty much surrounded.
Seeing my earlier plans of not caring and just doing whatever going up in smoke if I took this seriously... And I did. For some reason, people asking me to do so and my pride getting hurt were the main factors I suppose. I started recruiting in the NE and started doing diplomacy. All in all, things went very well for us. The larger portion of the premade died out soon and we were left with a more capable tribe than most premades would be. We even had a functioning leadership unlike in W51. I soon noticed though that being on the frontline while also being duke and having a RL did not mix if you wanted to also then sleep. I felt myself slipping and losing interest as time went on... "Just going trough the motions" I'd still talk to our tribe and even make video's, but I no longer believed we'd win the world in my heart.

To the south was our long term enemy Corp (Sam's tribe) To the West were a NAP'd tribe called BeCool who had helped us sporadically against Corp but wanted to do more if possible. And in the SW you had our allies Rimjob, a merger between 2 tribes lead by friends of mine. (Ronnie and Barzy) We had been fighting Corp for a few months now and they had consistently been almost twice our size. Yet the score was pretty much even. Some time ago we decided to make it official and also declared on the externals. Before we did so we got confirmation from Rimjob that they'd join in on our side 2 weeks or so after.
Yet... That help never came, instead they wanted to take down the other last remaining power, BeCool. Which was suffering from infighting and inactivity. Admittedly a far easier target than Corp looked to be. But... That would mean that Apathy was to fight Corp alone, twice their size, while Rimjob which was almost equal in size to Corp would be munching on easy caps without helping in any way.
Well that's not an alliance in my book. I tried to talk to their leadership on multiple occasions but never got trough to them properly, I felt like they were just stalling me. I proposed to split up BeCool, us recruiting 1-3 and them recruiting/nobling the rest. We wouldn't even noble any of them as long as they'd help us against Corp. (I still liked my odds against Yahoo after Corp was done for if we had those at least.) But nope. They made it clear that I was to just stall Corp until they could beat Corp and then us due to the mere size difference. And that pissed me off. So I figured, if Apathy is to have NONE of BeCool (We also weren't allowed to noble them). Then we'll take it all. And I merged in BeCool creating a family :d Honestly a stupid thing to do, but man did it shake things up! For a time it was unclear what Rimjob would do, but when it became clear that they'd turn on us, well things got rough. I recruited more to try and equalize the size difference but it still came out as Apathy being the same size as both Corp and Rimjob separately. Fighting a 1v2 war would be rough and would take forever... I really felt betrayed by Rimjob's council and lost my motivation. We held out for another few weeks, but again I was "Going trough the motions.) In the end I spoke with Sam and decided to merge my tribe into his. Because eventhough we had been enemies all world long, at least he never lied or pretended to me. He was actually always straightforward in what he wanted, even if it was more than I could give him. I would quit very soon after, but I figured Corp would win being now 2 times larger than Rimjob.

I was wrong... In the end Rimjob won, but I do have to remark that Apathy members on both sides of that final war fought better than the players from the other 2 tribes. My biggest regret that world was giving up when it was 1v2, or perhaps merging in BeCool... But I shouldn't have given up. We could have still win... To late now though.

Now, after W91 and before we get to W100. I shortly played in Obey on W96.
Not much to say here, I co'd Arabela and we dominated our area early game. At the end of the year though work became to much for me (Sick colleagues) and I was going on a near 2 week trip to Tenerife (Where I later bough an apartment) The mood inside the tribe wasn't something I was used to, it was quite serious and fairly selfish. I didn't feel at home... Tribemates got angry at me for nobling vills that should have been freebies for them and everyone was so damn competitive... I mean, c'mon guys! It's only a game. Fight with people outside of the tribe not inside. Anyways, after I got done travelling I came back for a short while but still didn't feel at home. I decided to quit.

And now we're back to W100 :) Should be a fun world!

[23/04/2018 22:48:40] h0llygh0st/Jasper/FiveNobleDeathPunch: Yeah I know it's a bit long :d
[23/04/2018 22:48:45] h0llygh0st/Jasper/FiveNobleDeathPunch: I just felt like writing it down tbh
[23/04/2018 22:49:13] h0llygh0st/Jasper/FiveNobleDeathPunch: Now when someone asks me "Hmm, your name sounds familiar, where do I know you from?" I can just bombard them with a huge copy pasta, and tell them to figure it out for themselves
[23/04/2018 22:49:47] Undead Billy Mays: That sounds like a great plan!

Thanks for reading W100! :)


The landscape of W100 has changed drastically since June when Fleezus Clyde posted his comprehensive overview. Back then we had Riot!, Paranoia and Uruz leading the ranks on their continents while 100000 wasn't even listed in top 10 of K54. Since then many tribes have disbanded while others have flourished creating the new world order.




I haven't been following W100 in detail so I haven't though about it as something interesting. All I knew about W100 until yesterday was that Al's invincible Riot! has disbanded, Fredrik is traumatizing some folk with Beast and his despotic PnPs, DA hasn't quit TW and is duking again and Chatty has changed his tribe at least 20 times. But after a day of looking through maps, stats and rosters I love what I have been seeing and I think I can give you a good summary of what's happening and where things can go from here. So let's look at the current map.


We have still 15 significant tribes in game and there is no single continent with one tribe having complete dominance nd in fact the situation in every core continent seems to be so different. The world is filled with great players and outspoken personalities, it is a perfect setup for a very entertaining mid game.

I have spent few hours pulling out different stats and I prepared three tables that could help me better understand what is happening on the ground and give you opinion on what might happen next.




Starting with K44 it has Band of Brothers, Balkan Mafia and Identity Disorder sitting in between Tequila Sunrise. BRO, BM and ID?!?! are sitting very quietly, BRO is nobling some barbs and BRO1 villages while BM and ID?!?! are barbing like crazy. In the same time we have Beast putting some pressure on TQL and O.m.G. This continent is like a barrel of gunpowder. All we need is that one spark for hell to break lose. If Best tarts dismantling O.m.G BRO, BM and ID?!?! could all jump on TQL pushing towards the K44/K45 border before Beast enters K44. TQL has some great players that could quicly find a new home.

Moving into K45, Beast has been wrecking havoc dismantling Para Family with ease (122 caps) now moving onto it's next target (O.m.G.) So far they only had 13 caps against the side but as I am typing this I am sure there are some trains about to hit O.m.G hard. I assume Beast and Code have a treaty allowing Beast to focus fully on pushing north and setting themselves for future engagement with tribes across K44 border. If Fredrik and DA made a pact Beast is completely secured from the south and it will start outgrowing everyone. The same can be said about Code, if Beast secures it's northern border they could push south towards Rhythm and the Core. I am not sure if such deal exists but it simply makes sense plus DA and Fredrik know each other well from OBEY.

K55 has two very interesting tribes, ODZ & DI and there are already signs of hostilities between them. But so far ODZ has been focusing mostly on the Rhythm family and Swedes. However DI blocked them completely from the rim and is also growing on the weakened Rhythm which might trigger ODZ at some point. The centre might be very problematic for both tribes, there are some clusters completely surrounded by the opposite side. I don't think anything major will happen as long as ODZ can grow. DI should use this time wisely to push inwards making the front larger but also to use diplomacy and gain alliances against the bigger side. I believe in you Griff.

So finally we came to K45 where 100000 is having a ball. The tribe has ideal position, a lot of options for growth, clear border along K55, access to the rim and core plus Uruz which is struggling a lot. At the moment 100000 is dismantling Sly and HUN and have just landed another good OP today. They might be the counter balance to Beast in few months as they are clearly outgrowing Uruz and TQL. Uruz has struggled fighting HUGS and that war has costed them a lot of resources limiting its growth. Depending what happens in K44 TQL. might look south for growth especially if Uruz looks so much weaker than BRO in coming weeks.

In the core we still have HUGS who are quite a surprise wining the war against Uruz, they might become issue for 100000 in the future, they are already establishing clusters on the rim planning ahead. Misery is rather not impressing making gains from barbs and lesser tribes, they are a perfect target for a gang-bang by Code, ODZ and HUGS.


To comment more on the stats I had some interesting finds. On positive notes DI has the least tribal changes with only 24 and also they have taken the least barbs (12). On the other end of the spectrum we have TQL. with 121 tribal changes and ODZ with 120 barbs. BRO is ranked 3rd with only 10th rank ODA and 85 barbs. 100000 has nearly double point average per player comparing to second Beast, they have also taken only 14 barbs and have very high 7th ODA for only 10 accounts in the tribe. Well done 100000.

I hope you enjoyed the read. Shout out to Jasper for reanimating the blog team and convincing me to write this thing.



Small update courtesy of Shadow. All credit for this post goes to him!

Rather than the bloodbath many players expected, World 100 has been relatively diplomatic and calculated compared to a lot of worlds. It has been a world of alliances, of family tribes and of coalitions. Tribes that have chosen to run on their own have been annihilated as have tribes with unreliable diplomatic agreements. Since no single tribe is currently sitting far ahead of the rest, it is key to use diplomacy to your favour in order to win. Today, I shall look at the history of diplomacy on World 100 and how it has shaped the world to where it is currently.


Although, in my opinion, the weakest of the four continents, the first sign that diplomacy was going to reign supreme came from K44. A pre-world alliance was set up between a few tribes by Iron Lady with the intention of conquering K44. BRO would later join this in what would become known as the coalition. Riot!, arguably the most stacked premade in the world would join this continent with 75 accounts, would join the world with no friends, a bad spread and eventually end up falling to this coalition. If anything was to be learned from Riot!'s demise, it was that one cannot go alone, even against tribes that are worse than you. Later on in the world, after Riot! was defeated, this coalition would fall apart and start attacking each other. I believe this is the beginning of the end of K44 as a contender to win the world, with tribes from K45 and K54, especially Beast and HUGS, ready to capitalise on the chaos there.


K45 was expected to be a bloodbath at the start of the world similar to K44. There were four major premades that landed in the continent, Beast, Para, Gents and Bugz with the eyes of most on Gents and Beast. One tribe that slipped the eyes of most in the early game was likely the most influential to the outcome of K45. That tribe was Code. Code was in an interesting position, being able to attack a cluster of Beast that included the Beast leader Killa Gorilla, but clearly not having the pedigree that Beast did. So the Beast vs. Gents war started and Code hedged their bets, they would stay out of the war and ally with whoever won and then team up against the rest of the continent. It is my understanding that Code was the one that initiated the alliance with Beast, creating the longest lasting alliance in W100 and a model that would be copied by others. The rest is history.


Now we get to K55, similar to K44, this has been a continent of coalitions. One difference from K44 is that the coalition did not always have absolute victories. In K44, every tribe that fought Riot! survived, but in K55 there were casualties, such as Life/Death and NewGen who whilst fighting on the winning side, were not winning tribes. The two major targets of the ire, the latter of which is still ongoing, were Awake and the Rhythm family. The current coalition grouping in K55 is ODZ Family, Misery and DI. Unlike the K45 grouping of Code and Beast, who have an alliance on a roughly equal basis, though people have argued Beast control Code, ODZ seem to have a certain level of control over their allies, telling them what to do and planning their Ops for them. There is still quite a while to go until Rhythm falls but it will be interesting afterwards as new players such as Code, Hugs and 155555 reach into the continent, whether those relations will stay the same.


Finally we get to K54. K54 was a mess for the longest time, with the two major tribes, Hugs and Uruz fighting a stalemate. In the back, 100000 were growing quickly off easy fights and avoiding major conflicts, which would allow them to become the rank 1 tribe after Uruz recruitment. From what I have heard, K54 is following in a similar path to K45 with the two biggest tribes there teaming up to take over the continent and from there perhaps even the world. Furthermore, HUGS also has an alliance with End! and it will be interesting to see if they use that to project power into K44. Either ways, it has been shown that tribes cannot go alone and it looks like three major alliances are gearing up for an endgame: Beast + Code, ODZ + Misery + DI, HUGS + 166666 + End!.

Keep your eyes open for more guys!




Just as I expected K44 has exploded this week pushing some tribes into state of panic and disappear while giving others many reasons to smile. Bro and TQL took huge hits, Bro has lost 37 villages to End! and 33 to HUGS while ID?!?! took 35 villages from TQL and AKA joined in taking another 6. Those attacks caused enough pressure for both tribes to collapsed. I am not what exactly happened but my guess is leadership did not handle things well and soon members realized that there is no hope unless switching sides. In Bro johnxxx and eduolicar left first on the 23rd of July causing a domino effect and another 16 members leaving in next two days. In TQL it started on the 18th of July with Leather and Latex, Alpha, war-peace, sweetmisery, Nwaro and Malt Whisky leaving followed by another 10 members who left between 19th and today.





TQL members has either moved to ID?!?! or to IDPA a new tribe with only 8 members.
BRO players migrated mostly to AKA and few to BM while Jazbix ended up with ID?!?!.


HUGS was the tribe that made considerable amount of damage to BRO (33 caps) but has gained only one member (Nescio) who left them for AKA 2 days later. That is already telling me that relations between AKA and HUGS might turn sour very soon now, we have already seen HUGS taking 9 villages from AKA which capped only 2 in return. When we look at the map AKA's position is far from ideal, it stretches across large part of the continent having villages surrounded by ID?!?! and BM, it is already fighting with End! and HUGS so the future doesn't look bright for the tribe.

A lot depends on what ID?!?! is going to do next, we might see them joining the fight against AKA and that would basically mean that BM would have to join as well and AKA would be torn apart by the 4 other tribes. So that is my prediction, we might see them hang on for another couple weeks but unless they will pull out some amazing diplomacy AKA is as much as dead. They took a lot of members who won't show loyalty to AKA under threat, we might see them jump ship again.

But what else can happen in K44? We see End! and BM shooting at each. BM location is also difficult having villages mixed up with End! in the south and sharing a lot of territory with ID?!?!. Unless BM has alliance with ID?!?! it would be obvious to assume the fight will break between those two, and End! might become ID?!?! aide in that fight. BM is not a bad tribe but I don;t think they could stand against two tribes especially if they faced a surprise well coordinated attack. It all just assumptions but if I were in ID?!?! leadership I would be already talking to End! about it.

So we can have a gang-bang scenario against AKA or gang-bang against BM where AKA could join ID?!?! and End!

Which way is it gonna go? K45 might be giving us an answer with O.m.G family being the key to unlocking this mystery. For now Beast attacks on O.m.G ceased it can mean Beast actually hits it's ally Code or it needs some time realizing O.m.G family might not be as easy target as it seamed. I don;t believe Beast and Code would ever fight, they need one another at least for now. There is nothing better than a trusted ally that can protect one of your flanks. Then what will Best do? I must come back at O.m.G for sure, but if it does it maybe it would be better to ally with ID?!?! and get them from both sides. If that war ever happens we can have entirely different ball game inside K44. Id ID?!?! defeats O.m.G it would emerge as a strongest tribe in K44 being finally able to get rod of BM on their own.


Finally Code and Hugs might find out that Misery is their best option for the next fight, In that case AKA could not end up in a bad position, they could ally End! and stand against BM and HUGS in the future.

Few things are certain right now, ID?!?! and HUGS are in the best condition in K44 right now, plenty of options to chose from and unless something bad happens internally they should go through to the 'next round'.

"First of all thank you for accepting my invitation for the interview. The blog team really struggled to find key leadership figures willing to talk publicly. Everyone seems to think the attention on the forum is something unwanted and can be harmful. How come you are not afraid of stepping into the flash lights? Isn't the influence of externals on diplomacy a bit overrated?"

DA - Nemesis
Thanks for having me. I see no reason to be afraid of answering a few questions. A lot of people are afraid of saying what they think because they believe that others holding knowledge of their future actions or opinions will change a future outcome or that they may offend another tribe. I think a large part of it too is shyness and not wanting to draw attention to yourself. I'm pretty free to say what I want because I have this nice tribe called Beast next to me that are kind enough to draw attention away from us without even trying. Other tribes do not have said luxury.

I do agree with the idea that the influence of the external forums is overrated. I think forum posters like the idea that their squabbles mean something in context to actual gameplay. The vast majority of the time this isn't the case, it has to be something big to actually influence actions ingame. I'd say that Hot Eagle's posting has influenced attitudes towards his tribe from certain individuals, but asides from that I don't think that the externals has amounted to much in terms of how it has influenced ingame actions and diplomacy.

"I know that you haven't made a premade for W100 nor even planned to duke a tribe here. When and how did you decide to start Code and how difficult was it to create a decent tribe out of nothing?"

DA - Nemesis
I decided to join W100 because of the non-P2W settings and made an account to familiarise myself with start-up again whilst looking for a premade to join. I applied for a variety, from well known names like Uruz and Beast to long gone tribes like Life/Death and -ND-. Whilst I was waiting back from these tribes or rejected, I was a bit bored so I made Code and just started inviting people from the area. I think it was about 3-4 days in that it looked like the tribe was going to actually fill up and be stable so I mostly abandoned my idea of joining a premade. I ended up getting an invite to Life/Death about 4-5 days in to coplay, but by that time I was committed to seeing how things went with Code so I didn't accept it. That's probably for the best since we ended up outlasting them.

In terms of how difficult it was, I have no doubt that more effort was needed than having a ready made team assembled since the start of the world. Overall though, it was less difficult than I thought, I did manage to recruit some experienced members that helped out a lot especially in the early game. I treated it exactly as if I was running a top premade and held people up to the same standards. The game actually isn't difficult to learn to a decent level if you drop people in the deep end they'll most likely pick it up.

One thing that I have really come to appreciate though, which is a key underlooked reason why top premades do consistently well and the hardest hurdle Code has had to overcome, is the prevalence of coplaying. When I recruited our first 25 players, our full roster had 1 account that was coplayed. This is no longer the case today, but Beast, ODZ and 100000 certainly did not start off with solo accounts unless it was specifically to merge and coplay.
"How would you describe your experience of playing W100 so far, do you feel the world is much more challenging than any of the worlds we've seen since W80 and if yes what makes it especially challenging? "

DA - Nemesis
I've really enjoyed playing W100, it's just a surprise to be still around and kicking to be honest with no sign of really going anywhere. All my concerns, that we would be just overrun and eclipsed by Beast or wiped out by one of the premades that spawned into our continent, or we wouldn't be able to get a roster able to be a world contender together haven't happened. I do enjoy the amount of faces I recognise from past worlds being around and in general it is just good to be back in a non-P2W environment. Code would have almost certainly failed horrifically in P2W, Beast would have overrun us in the early game heavily as they would have PP farmed before the beginning of the world. It was because of these settings we were able to create our relationship.

I've played on a lot of the post-W80 worlds and I haven't found W100 to be, at least yet, significantly more challenging than any other world I've played on so far which has been surprising. I think there is a lot of hype around tribes here, but a lot of overhype too. A lot of post-W80 worlds came down to having the most stacked roster, having lots of Premium or individual skill. When these inherent advantages are taken away, you see some premades that were hyped struggle a lot in a world that is more about activity, teamwork and coordination. What I can say is that at least it is not completely one sided as has been the case in some post-W80 worlds. I'm looking forward to seeing how the late game turns out and seeing some good wars.

"You are an experienced leader and a very good strategist who has seen it all when it comes to TW. Can you tell us what in your opinion is the key for a tribe to win W100? Which tribes in your opinion are the favorites to win right now and why?"

DA - Nemesis
Three things that have always won tribes worlds traditionally, will win a tribe the world this time. It will be about activity, teamwork/coordination and drive. If your tribe has these three things, everything else just smoothly fits into place and that is when difficult worlds start looking easy. That being said, the vast majority of tribes, even some world winners do not have all three at a top level. I'd suspect that to be the case in W100. There is a fourth factor which is important if your tribe is not a family tribe, that is diplomacy and having someone that you can rely on. I think the politics of recent worlds, stemming back since the late 50s has made it very difficult to find partners that are both reliable, trustworthy and competent as backstabbing your friends is very rewarding.

In terms of tribes that I look out for to win, I believe it is the same few as everyone else does. Taking Code out of the equation, Beast, 100, ODZ and the HUGS family all have a reasonable chance. Just have the best rosters or solid leadership or a combination of the two. I'll be honest, I don't think much at least right now for the chances of a K44 tribe winning the world. Perhaps this will change though.

"K44 is a total mess at the moment, who do you think will come up on top and which tribe we might see to disappear first?"

DA - Nemesis
It will continue no doubt to be a mess for a long time. TQL are already pretty much gone, so I guess they will be the one to first fully disappear. Then I guess BRO. After that I'd put bets on BM2.0. I don't think any tribe from K44 will end up on top. Perhaps a new reformed tribe could bring it all together, but at the moment I don't see it. Too much of a mess.

"Finally what has been the biggest surprise and biggest disappointment for you so far on W100?"

DA - Nemesis
I've been pleasantly surprised about the forum activity on W100. It's good at least that forum is active, it's always a good place to shitpost, trashtalk and watch rather trivial drama unfold whilst waiting for stuff to happen ingame if nothing else. I don't think anything has hugely surprised me on the world itself.

The biggest disappointment for me so far this world has been the decision making of some tribes, especially leadership. The downfall of Para and Bugz in my continent come to mind as of recent, the pointless destruction of TQL, the greed of Riot!, the ragequit of Gents and I could probably list a few more examples here. It's just a shame to see wasted potential.



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