W100 Premade by Bill and Jasper

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yeah I dont know my password to my actual account its me though! and you didnt invite me thats just rude! a fellow chemist who probably drinks a little too much as well
This tribe is years from now, it's to soon to invite people :p
Try and get your skype acc back and message me, there's a group chat for people like you ;)


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I am getting the itch to come back to TW. World 90 did not have settings to my liking, and all the other worlds are a bit late to dust off this account. Yeah, I could coplay but I want to start in the core again like I did for world 72.

I remember you holly. I remember having fun before you quit or whatever it was that happened (can't quite remember, been a while)


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Well w100 is still a long way away. Weve come up with a few themes for it, but we're pretty excited about what we're planning.


How about the tribe names: "THE LEGENDS".. :p

If this will go, I'd like to vote Jirki to join us in w100.. :p


Does he know how to play TW?
yes mate, he knows, and he's good.. :) I met Jirki on world 2.. :D

Hey TW team, how about setting up plans for w100 maybe in 2018.. :)
1. Bring back the winners of each world or those players by sending invitations, email-s, skype or even facebook ads about this world.
2. Setting up the biggest world with biggest events but not much PP usage.. Can also remove the PP Exchange in the market cause it'll remove the challenge in the game.. Tech are simple those are level 15.. With paladin but no pally items of course with level, with archers and MA appended in the skills slots, inventory items.
3. Add additional building that will ignite more the fire that has been lit before to this players.
4. Make the world instead of a circle one, the Square one from K1~9 up to K91~99.
5. Tribes can be consisted of 100~150 players and family/allied win is acceptable.
6. Fake limit - none; Noble system - coins based; Attack speed - 50ms; World speed - 1.5; Unit speed - 1; Barbs - Grow to 1.5k points; Morale - grows overtime and limit based system.
7. Each player can only invite his/her friends anywhere in the map and no relocation package.
8. Each premade tribe respawn randomly in the middle but players are spawn outside the core's.
9. At the time the world start, free and random events for 1 month with Bonuses must be released.
10. Top 100 players within the second month up to 18 days of the second month will receive awards and achievements. (Since the game reached 100 worlds and the game is at 18 years working)
11. Enable the Noble Range Limit.
12. And many more...
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[10/26/2016 9:27:54 PM] h0llygh0st/Jasper: Jirki
[10/26/2016 9:28:00 PM] h0llygh0st/Jasper: Would you play in my W100 premade?
[10/26/2016 9:36:34 PM] Jirki88: doubtful :p


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To be honest. We'll need to teach him how to play again anyway. Probably not worth our time.

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Can I be a part of this? Please? *throws tears and beggings at people*
If not, that's ok, I will not humiliate myself for this!
*humiliates himself, falls on his knees, crying*