W103, The Showcase of Weak Leadership

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So here we are, 222 days into this world.

This world has had an interesting course so far, at some point it showed potential to be an interesting world but every opportunity for good war ended in disappointment and this all comes down to weak leadership, let me explain why.

There has been no established duke on this world, no players that followed him here which made the average endgame player skill level and experience lower than on other worlds.
Don't get me wrong, there certainly are some decent players on this world, but less competitive than other worlds.

The lack of a strong leadership presence in a tribe automatically doesn't necessarily lower morale in a tribe but it does lower the number of effort players are willing to put in while the tribe is on the losing end of a war.
No war on this world pre-endgame didn't end in a merge or so-called "recruitment" which shows in both sides of the endgame war having not one, but two family tribes.
On the other hand, the lack of an experienced duke makes them be less likely to take risks and they usually play it safer, for example, merge the best players in instead of noble out the entire tribe and risk a war situation developing on another front.
Add these two together and there are your two endgame families.

It was expected, especially after seeing how Finzone handled TBFS on 102.
Don't try to convince people nothing of this is true because from the 34 players besides the duke that were part of the original premade only 4 are still there. (Above still here as in above a Million)

Thank god for Charsaun and the rest of them or this world would have gone down as the most boring one I ever played.

If any of these dukes ever decide to give leadership another try, please don't take the boring road, but actually play a war game tyvm.
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Doesn’t seem like you are too good at tactics and diplomacy, are ya?



I, too, praise people that leave a tribe in the middle of a war for some cheap pot shots


Yea I completely agree with you, lets all reward backstabbers, thank god they exist otherwise it would be a boring long end game war :)

PS, stop pulling words out of the brown, you seem to have zero knowledge about what's going on.


Just 4 from the original premade?

Obviously you know exactly nothing. Less talking without facts, k thnx bye.