W105 ~ Tribalwars Podcast 9AM ST 18/12/2018


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I heard Topat has locked himself in his mother's basement to produce the greatest podcast in the history of podcasts


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I think he got the date wrong. 2019... not 2018. I'm so excited for this day to come.


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Hey all, I'll be doing a podcast about W105, live streamed to twitch at the above time. Questions are welcome.

Basically 4-5 people talking about TW live, I'm gonna need 2-3 prominent leaders or I will accept any noteworthy forum members.

If anyone is up for this, message me on Skype. I was on episode 2 and enjoyed it, I hope I can make h0lly proud with this follow up.

Yours sincerely ToPaT <3
49 days ago there was a plan