W107 - Premade Looking for Players


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Guys we are looking to fill our ranks with more quality players for our W107 premade.
Tribe name is 'EVOLUTION' (Tribe Tag is 'EVO').
Our Leadership is competent and experienced, and is best described as hard but fair.

We are seeking players with some or all of the following attributes:
1) Has a 'Master of the Battlefield' combat achievement from a previous world.
2) Is willing to join a single tribe and stay there for world duration (i.e. very loyal).
3) Is willing to be paired with 1-2 other tribe members in different time zones so you can account sit each other daily while the other sleeps.
4) Is willing to play with premium features activated (i.e. +20% pits etc.).
5) Is highly active, a team player who will support, snipe and back time for other members/allies when needed.

If you meet some or all of these criteria please pre-register in W107, click on 'EVO' and apply, or email Grenade Launcher.

As most tribes have a surplus of UK server time players we encourage players in different time zones (e.g. Australia, New Zealand, USA etc.) to also apply so our player accounts can get 24/7 player/sitter coverage (or close to it).

If we get an abundance of suitable applicants we are prepared to open a second tribe to accommodate them.

World opens Wednesday, first in best dressed, see you on the battlefield.