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The Revenants are the most extraordinary tribe. We have won every single world. We have top player damage, troop count, have the top 10 ranked players in each world. Alas, this can not be verified. See History for more information.

Prostrate yourself before the supreme one. Offer your eternal devotion. Disallow your misguided freedom, and you will know the bliss that is subjugation. Join us; the end is near. The final battle has begun. Will you stand with us or perish to never appear in the pages of history?

Our enemies will be destroyed.

In the year 2008, Minerita, the top theoretical physicist of The Revenants, discovered and perfected transtemporal travel. This significant innovation gave The Revenants total control of all the worlds. For twelve years, the Revenants were unopposed.

Each world knew peace. The Revenants gave benevolence to the uneducated opposition. Head diplomat MegusDominion would send a train of nobles to provide clarity to the unenlightened.

As of 2020, all worlds are under control by the Revenants. This did not last. The self-proclaimed Great Point Whoarders attacked the Transtemporal Travel Complex on September 10th.

Duke Exoflux, commander in chief, was inspecting the complex during the terrorist attack. He killed all but a few of the Point Whoarder terrorists. The few who survived activated the transtemporal device.

The worlds belong to the Point Whoarders. They changed the past. In one moment, the entire Revenant empire sizzled out of existence.

Is there no one who remembers the real history of the world? Today is the resurrection of the Revenants.

How to join
Rediscover the actual history of the worlds.
Understand that you are already in the Revenants, the past has been changed and your mind altered. (Mods are rumored to be involved).
And finally, pledge your undying allegiance to our infallible leader.
Building a shit ton of troops wouldn't hurt.

Tribe Roles

His Excellency, Dear leader, President for Life, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas, Descendant of the Sun, Father of the Moon, etc.

Leader's Waifu: <Edited Out> She doesn't approve of this

The Council: All mundane activities too banal for the Glorious Leader will be decided on and carried out.

Diplomats: Discover weakness in our enemies, all who are not us, and make preparations for exploitation.

Jesters: Nihilism affects all those not under our subjugation. Mingle with the outsiders, act like one of them. Gain their trust, and when they need it most, tell them a joke. Or better yet, are you skilled with magic? Make something of theirs disappear in a puff of smoke. That'll cheer them up and bring them closer to freeing them of their unwanted freedom.

Spy: If Infiltration, espionage, and sabotage are your thing. Unlike the jester, the spy requires to be unnoticed for long periods. Only death awaits a branded spy.

Plebeians: The meat shields, the exploited, the bloody, you have your uses. No, you will not be remembered. However, your role will be pivotal. You shall obey all instructions, attack as commanded, sacrifice when demanded, and dance on command.

Builders: A peaceful life of growing and building; prosperity is yours. You will grow and grow, and the empire will watch. When your belly is full, The Revenants will feed.

Orator: Handles all propaganda. Is given the privilege to decline all diplomatic treaties with outsiders. Further, our agenda in any way possible. May troll to heart's content.

More roles to be arbitrarily added later.

Alliances / Non-Aggression Pacts

Not interested in merging.
Not interested in NAPs.
Not interested in alliances outside the family.
You're not one of us? Not interested in you. Some interest in your villages, though.

Build troops.
Sleeping is for those with a lot of troops.
Use troops to get resources.
Buy more troops.
Expand your farm.
Make more troops.
Make some more troops.
You probably should sleep now.
Enough sleep. Noble a village already.
You lost some troops in that last attack, make more troops.
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Sure, defend your glorious leader at all costs. Die if you must as long as the great one survives! :p