W12 Favorite Cocktails


This forum is dead and boring!!!! I know that talking about beverages always gets people going so bring it on. I want to know your favorite drink. If it is a mixed drink please share with everyone what is in it. If it is beer, let us know your favorite brand and which country it is made in if it is non USA.

Pictures of your drink are welcome but not required.

Here is Suko's favorite drink:

Sometimes he drinks it right from the source:

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Beer Singha- Thailand
Grolsch - netherlands

Whiskey coke

Long Island Iced Tea
Thai Tiger (mmm, what was in there: vodka, something else, sugar stuff, hot chilli, ginger and lemongrass, brilliant!)


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Oh finally a good topic>

Guinness/ Ireland properly served room at room temperature none better thick head taste heavy without being heavy /great for black and tans

Grolsch /Canada ! coors and molson! crisp has to be ice cold! Only the larger is worth drinking

Fullers/ london excellent beer good drinkability not to heavy smooth taste

Sapporo/Japan Better on tap than in the can

one of my favorites*

Sam adams USA there winterfest is unbielivable and can compare to any over seas beer and surpass it.For an extra kick there imperial line is worth trying the imperial stout will blow your mind and taste buds!

other than that red stripe jamaca,kalik bahamas,and ill throw 1 out to budweiser only with there brewmaster reserve

now pass me a 7&7 or a Jim beam double straight up im thirsty/ill settle for glenfiddich though


I had this beer when I was down in St Kitts. I could not get enough of it.