W18 Map Thread


can i just ask a question related to the maps why am i not 2nd in K35 when i have been ranked 2nd there on the ingame rankings for about 2 months give or take a few weeks??

It calculates percentages by number of villages in continent, not amount of points in continent.

2 fred 4 ever Apoc-F 1,19 Mio. 122
3 Chunderboy9uk [BA] 1,16 Mio. 124

Andrew Done

If you look at Andrew's post, all he says is:

'Update pls!'

Typically an exclamation mark is linked to either shouting (eg Hey!) or a demand (eg Stop!) so I can see SN's pov on this. If Andrew had typed, "Can you please update this thread?" or even "Please update :)", it would have come across as a request as opposed to a demand.

As for your argument about adding the 'please', how many angry toddlers add a 'please' when forced to and how many times is it used sarcastically? The use of the word please does not automatically equate to respect.


You know as well as I do that SN was being provocative. He doesn't have a PoV, he simply exists to stir.

My "update pls!" was not an order, it was a good-natured plea (and equally valid use of the exclamation mark). I am sure most folks took it that way. As with most emails/posts the medium is rarely up to conveying the actual feeling/meaning of the message.

If you, or anyone else (particularly SN), took the post to be rude or demanding then I don't give a monkey's. If the OP did then I humbly apologise.


Tyr Hades

How about we keep this thread about maps rather than an argument on the grammatical use of punctuation?

Andrew Done

How about you stop deleting posts and closing threads at random and keep it consistent across the board?

Bella: Our Mods have a hard enough time without the trolls having a go. I suggest you move on and enjoy your newly liberated life...


I'm no expert at making maps, but I think this is a cool:


Oh, but I will be, lover boy! You could have turned the world blue, but sadly, now that goal is beyond your grasp. I and the rest of the -N inactives will be around watching the embers of W18 come Dec 9.

However, since World 18 is so close to eliminating all opposition we've decided to extend the end date. The world will now end after the final player not in Apoc, [BA], Apoc-F is eliminated from the game.


Community Manager

apparently not :icon_rolleyes:


Thank you bnaujok for updating the maps even you left W18. We do appreciate it. :icon_wink:

You do have the best looking maps across the worlds.


these final maps look awesome.

Thank you for keeping them updated long after you were on this world.

They were the best.
I wish i had access to their beauty, coding and color scheme on every world i will play.