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Ok, I havn't update this in a while. Firstly I'd like to say welcome to

I'd like to also note that I am also under the name of Splinter. so please direct any mail to the name. There are currently no 'official' sig makers here but perhaps as time passes I'll select a few goodens. If you ask for a signature you can request it from anyone. You can't always expect a crisp clean finish, as some people have only just begun photoshop here. If you request from me also don't expect one as I rarely make them now.

So please, ask us but don't expect an instant respone.

Please note, when the sig is finished alot of people have been doing 'something' wrong to make their sigs really small and have a large gap at the bottom of the signature. To enter you signature at full size, go to Edit Signature click the top box and type in

Please fill out this form for your sig request and we'll get back to you as quick as possible.

-The kind of style:

-The name you want on the signature:

-Give an example of a pic:

-Would you like a phrase on there and if yes what:

-Would you like your tribe on there and if yes would you like the logo:

-What size you prefer for the sig:

-Any other information:

oh and apparently Mark CFC is the best sig maker here (LMFAOWTFGOTOANOTHERFORUMANDHE'DGETHISASSKICKEDSOHARDHE'SNOVICELEVEL) so request all your tags from him tbh.
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Sign me up

giv me ducks, give me feathers and i giv u love :D


I'll take something with a Jackal, and my tribe name, if it isn't too much trouble.


Almost finished Gducks, then I'll get on everyone elses :)


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name, tribe name, pic of dragon ( if possible ) and background as flames.

Whatever you can do, make it possible.

Long B4 Time

I'm happy to make some sigs for people if they'd like some :)
If you willing to get creative ill take one, i won't tell you what i want but has to be something about Time...:icon_razz:

Only if you really think your up for the challenge though.:icon_wink:

Immortal Technique

Make me a sig please, i would much appreciate it.




since we are cloose mateword reaper, dark background, picture of the grim reaper would help if not no matter, just scary thats all i want ;) can alwats add wr 19 to :D my main world


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Can I get one? If you can put my tribe coat of arms on it that would be cool. along with W19 and radmer2360 and tribe name written on it
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No problem :) Time's now >:]
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