W19 Forum Sigs :)


ohhai, I was wondering if i could get a new siggeh.

I would liek a cool pic of teh cool stuff, you getz to choose. I would liek my name (Yarnie) to we written on it, and W19: -=CB=- as well. I also would liek for the line: So you question my honor? to be written on it plz.

tank you :)


I need an awesome signature picture
Player: darknight2409
Server: W19
Tribe: ~UWA~
Picture: An awesome picture of guns, or darkness. Both are Ok, or even a picture of Roman/Greece Soldier

King Muffin

if anyone is still doing sigs perchance, i would like an update :D

if you could the opposite of this --->

that would be perfect. :) kinda like a giant muffin eating up a lot of little joker-ish people :p

Da eDGe

I need a new sig.
Could somebody please help me?
Something that go's with my avatar if possible?