hmm...now i may be no expert....but i dont think that it is totally their fault...sometimes its a weather thing...aye they do need to get a better server...but i dont think that they are greedy or anything like that...so i would have to say that you my friend are quite out of bounds with your whole comment...
aye? You scottish or Irish mate?


nobody is forcing you to play! ...as a matter of fact, quit and save yourself the aggrivation!!! and your neighbours can share your villages.... everybody wins :p

If there is one guarantee with Servers, its that they WILL go down from time to time. It just hapens that if TW is using german servers for W2, then they tend to develop problems more often than not! Accept it as "ce la vie"

I dont know about anybody else, but my noble count is about to increase with this boost in resources!!!
Pal, last time this happened, everyone got 3 days free premium. Everyone except me, and when I asked an admin, although I told him I didn't want the PA, he insisted his database showed I receivedit. I log on once a day. I did not get a PA. I can tell when I have a PA and I did not get one, not that the admins would admit that.


clearly ur not a businessman! how do u propose they are raking in the billions from TW??? the few adverts from other free online games? or the few Euro/Pounds per month they charge the few PA customers? This is a freakin free game people! get over it!!!
Free except when you BUY a PA, which is what I am complaining about, like many others. I don't buy a faulty product, then get told, it's not the people who sold it to you that are to blame.

Er, yes, they are to blame.


First off: you are free to complain, but if you do please read the following.

Anecdote for all those that moan:

I used to own a server in CounterStrike:Source. Together with my clan we bend over backwards to pay for the machine. As we had access to a brilliant backbone we decided to host a public server. It quickly became a very popular server with over 2000 unique-players per day on it. Whenever it went down (servers go down, it's as simple as that) we got over 100 e-mails, forumposts etc. etc. from people moaning that the server was down, we even received threats. Our server was up 97,5 % of the time, which is a higher rate than most commercial serverhosts guarantee for game servers.

I assure you that this game does not bring in millions to the people that run it. I also assure you that people are busy finding the cause of the problem and are trying to sort it.

Now ask yourself, by insulting those people, do you think they will try harder?

I would like to thank all those people that have a Premium Account, they are the ones that makes sure this game can stay online. Oh, and if any of you wonder about the people that run the Support/mod the forums etc. etc. they do it voluntarily.

*end of rant*
Peeps didn't pay to use your server.
I wouldn't mind downtime, except the admins very rarely post about it, and very rarely post an apology, just a standard letter to all players.
I also wouldn't mind downtime, if peeps got what they were promised like the free PA's everyone except me got, I filed a support ticket and was told their database gave me the PA, they then closed the topic.
They refused to email me proof, and I tell you now, I did not receive a PA, and any admin OR database that says otherwise, will not change my mind. I login once a day. I know what a PA looks like, I didn't get one. As for me buying a PA< TW can dream on.


Unfortunately there is no way we can make everybody happy. The server works well now, I hope you enjoy your stay ;)


Ex Community Manager
well, we do have a warning system, so we do know when the servers are down. It works pretty good too, it just sometimes takes a little time until it "catches". There was a problem with the nightly backup and it took a little for the server to get back on track.
It should not have any consequences for game accounts.


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Free except when you BUY a PA, which is what I am complaining about, like many others. I don't buy a faulty product, then get told, it's not the people who sold it to you that are to blame.

Er, yes, they are to blame.
Do you have PA?

If not how can you complain how can you about not getting what you pay for? Let us that buy PA complain about not getting what we pay for, we don't need help in that.


is TW2 DOWN AGAIN. NOT AGAIN>>>>> :icon_sad: :icon_confused: :icon_confused: :icon_neutral: :icon_cry: :icon_cry: :icon_cry:


can i swear, i have the very urge to do so, use the force to suppress it down, one two three four five. i am calm now. well, fix it already. i thought the alert system is all good.:icon_eek:


damn im an aussie and when they servers down is the time i can get on :icon_sad: and when its up its about midnight or 4 in the morning or something :icon_sad: :icon_sad: i hope it gets fixed soon


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Are the newer graphics, if it gets them, going to cause more strain on W2 in the future?
Who plays this game for the graphics? :lol:

"Text-Based-Game". Thats all im saying. This game wasnt really meant to have GFX but its a nice little aesthetic that we dont mind. However, causing server downtime just to add a night phase to the GFX is unneccesary and unacceptable. If I dont get my W2, my very life force could dwindle to nothing.

nah im JK about the life force crap but seriously. I love the game and i play on each world just so I can play it more. W2 is my strongest b.c its where I started. I do agree that the creators are money grubbing bastards. If they truly care about their fan base or even their own game they would definatly show some more care. They should post at least 2 days in advance of a scheduled down-time to upgrade something with the servers. If something goes wrong with it, they should work on it continuously until it could be fixed and all the while updating in a dedicated forum area for crashes the progress they are making and a projected up time of the downed server.

Sorry if Im ranting but poor administration is one thing that bugs me very very much.


Maybe they are working that hard on the game to get it back up and running that they dont have enough time to tell us about it and are working there best to get it fixed.


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well it will currently be 7:47am german time, and people do have to sleep, normally around these hours.

they do have moderators that are in other countries, but hey not much they can do if its a physical fault with the server.

Just have to wait for them to wake up, realise there is a fault, and work on getting it fixed.

not a major biggie is it? sure I am also dissapointed that I cant play the game I have purchased PA, but like I said to Ferinos in another thread. Hardware faults do happen, quite frequently, could be a simple fan that stopped working, causing an overheat, which has tripped the server off, could be anything.

I am a full time online poker player, and periodically, a site goes down due to a malfunction, that angers me more, since they get a LOT more of my money through the rake system, but at the end of the day I know that faults do happen, one of life's little annoyances, get used to them, there will be far greater problems in life than a little down time of one world on one game that you play for free, or approx 6pennies a day
9.14 am european time...server is still down -.-.
Like yesterday...
I think its getting annoying...
Any1 got an idea WHY its keeps crashing?
And when you figure that out...WHY online W2
and no other worlds? -.-


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i have a PA and this is getting really annoying. you may play the free service card to most players but there are quite a lot of us who pay for this game.

fix it!
Believe me, there are more playing members then you think.
Cause it isn't that expecive, and you can buy it so easely.
So there are many paying players out there...
And paying or not...doesn't really matter...
As long as they fix the problems so we can all play again :icon_razz:


I disagree that they are out there to make a great proffit from this game. I do however agree that their communication is extremely poor. It is clear, having played this game for about 6 monts, that W2 tends to crash between the hours of 4:00 - 9:00 German time. I mean if a trend appears, it doesnt take a genious to figure out something needs to be put in place to rectify a reoccuring problem!!!

and if it is known what the problem is and they genuinly are trying to fix it, then for goodness sake, tell us about it! How bad at customer service can you get, when your servcie breaks down, you do not promptly rectify the problem and you keep your customers in the dark?!?!?!?!?!?

I have been a PA customer in 2 worlds now for the last 4 months, I think this is enacceptable as a service!!!!!!!!!

I just think that they dont care