could be true...
you have to thnik likt this, 4 worlds...that are a LOT of people playing, and what if 1 world brake's down all the time. They just say, join different world...
SO could be they don't care, or that they don't know the problem, or there truying to work on it but can't fix it -.- anyway...
I would be happy with just something, if they can't fix it then tell me so we know SOMETHING...


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I disagree that they are out there to make a great proffit from this game. I do however agree that their communication is extremely poor. It is clear, having played this game for about 6 monts, that W2 tends to crash between the hours of 4:00 - 9:00 German time. I mean if a trend appears, it doesnt take a genious to figure out something needs to be put in place to rectify a reoccuring problem!!!

and if it is known what the problem is and they genuinly are trying to fix it, then for goodness sake, tell us about it! How bad at customer service can you get, when your servcie breaks down, you do not promptly rectify the problem and you keep your customers in the dark?!?!?!?!?!?

I have been a PA customer in 2 worlds now for the last 4 months, I think this is enacceptable as a service!!!!!!!!!

I just think that they dont care
However much I dislike people moaning about server downtimes, I have to admit, that you do have a point, servers crashing are sometimes inevitable, but explaining that, at least, to the PA account holders, shouldnt be out of the question.


are game forums not there to facilitate a method of communication between developers/mods and the users/customers? so if they dont listen to us or care for our concearns and cannot post explanations to the faults. this forum serves only two purposes.... for people to boast about their achievements and bitch about each other and the game! seems a bit pointless.... mods talk to us please
lets see...the server is down...thats as much as we know :s and since were complaining from 7 AM and it almosth 11 AM --> 4 HOURES.

Looks like mods and developpers don't mind...
They don't care that we are complaining
Thery are working on a methode to fix the damn problems.
...WHATEVER just les us KNOW SOMETHING!!! :s
Knowing nothing is more frustrating then hearing they don't give a sh*t -.-.


The server can't hold on more then 90 villages/person and that's why keep crashing:icon_evil:

So, Sapphire is guilty for this:nobleman: :nobleman: :nobleman:


The server can't hold on more then 90 villages/person and that's why keep crashing:icon_evil:

So, Sapphire is guilty for this:nobleman: :nobleman: :nobleman:
Funny thing is, when Sapphire signed on, she got kicked off in nearly 10 seconds. :)


:icon_eek: ahhh its 3 minutes over 13:45 and it still not up :icon_sad:


are the admins female? lmao.... talk about making promises, getting our hopes up, and then it all comes crashing down


men have never been relaibale, and cannot keep their promises, but they dont tease!!! :icon_twisted:


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This was fun :icon_rolleyes: :

Attack at Dec 01,2006 03:17;
Change of Loyalty Loyalty loss from 53 to 27

Attack at Dec 01,2006 05:04
Change of Loyalty Loyalty loss from 38 to 18

11 loyalty points gained in just under 2 hours :icon_rolleyes:

W2 went down between the attacks and my 2nd attacking force was halted while the loyalty of the village was rebuilding. When the server was up again, my attack hit, suposedly, at 05:04 but seems like the system made the report at 1345 and therefore the village gained 9 hours of pointsrebuilding.

I'm a happy little camper..... :icon_evil: