[W20] Isn't This Obvious Enough?


Rank Name Tribe Points Villages Average points per village
67122 Sleepy Kitten 52 1 52
66990 Cranky Kitten 52 1 52
11655 Bored Kitten DUFF! 1.367 1 1367
66392 purple kitten 53 1 53
66116 pokekitten 53 1 53
65230 ninja kitten 53 1 53
66534 backward kitten 53 1 53
31114 Silly Kitten DUFF! 263 1 263
66523 halokitten 53 1 53
66697 Baby Kitten 53 1 53
66695 Crazy Kitten 53 1 53
66694 Chewy Kitten 53 1 53
66604 Fat Kitten 53 1 53
66452 Untrained Kitten 53 1 53
66127 Mini Kitten 53 1 53
43079 Flying Kitten 117 1 117
Isn't this obvious? This person played obviously in K61 of the continent and the other account are just testing to see if anymore landed in the K61 area...

This is ridiculous... The game admin refused to ban this account as i suspect this player have updated the net work connection but it is clearly shared/ multiple account user...

How can it be so co-incident? and there are spacing ALMOST after each adjetives/verb... and the Kitten is all alined at the same manner "Kitten"...

... I'm so confused...


Loool maybe it is a group of friends joining together with the same name! like 2MB on worl 17 with .DC at the end!

but it could be multiple accounts! if you sent a ticket an they checke it out, then it isnt multi account!


If you already submitted a support ticket, the chances of it being a multi-account are pretty low given that that many accounts being run by someone would be very obvious. Its more than likely just a pre-made tribe...


Surprised they aren't in the same tribe. Probably a bunch of friends doing it as a laugh, like Mim said, if you've sent a support ticket in, they probably aren't doing much wrong.


If you sent in a ticket then clearly it is not multiple accounts.


well... you'll never know. that guy must have declared his internet connection and the accounts have different pass... perhaps...but thanks ..