W20 @ War!


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ampac i dont know where you get we are cowards if we were cowards we would be in prime or would of quit like so many before us now yes i agree i am not a skilful player i have been a lucky player through out this game i dont have the time to be skilful

Uhmm, your not attacking any Prime, hey I said I'm wrong right.

:lol: How you doing atid? still staying strong?


i am attacking prime and except what you say
im doing ok loosing villages taking more lol this could take a while


Very Well :)

Not as much as i would like, but enough.

As annoyed as a person falsely charged with murder.

Already seen it.

Review on the players?

Dejan - Noob
Rotl - haha
Ragefang - Noob
Moff - big uber noob
Twin Peaks - lol newb
Lord Chuck - noob.

well....prime has the last laugh. we won!