W23 Account or Co-play?


I want to co-play or play any account in this world...W23 is my first world so I'd like to play in here when I go back...By the way, I quit because of some personal issues so that's it and now I want to be back.....

I guess most of you don't know me but maybe there are some...I used to play ataymo[original account] but I abandoned it and played the account lvlutt which was part of PLG and then to TDL and then to LOOK...Players know me by the name, Katie...

If there are kind-hearted players want there...pls pls pls.. :-(

The Ch0sen 0ne

Y'know Katie if you had mailed this here about 1 month ago i would of had a 6.3mil account you could of had but unfortunately it barbed :(

skype me tho Dan_The_Man6989 wanna talk to you about your old times :)


In looking to play on this world, my exp is in my siggy, pls ;(