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I played W24 at the start was in Spoon we killed off many a premade with pranks. Think some of the leadership of Deus / Manic, played with me in W10 have seen a few in worlds in the 80's but not for a while now.

which tribe in world 10? Was it 8AA8 (dead mans hand)

count me in for classic too!

Dual Dragons

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I hope it's mostly older TW players... older as in played old worlds.

Noticed these newer worlds have so much more internal politics and backstabbing than I ever remember lol

I'm excited for classic whenever the next one gets released


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I know it slim, but any player from Deus or Manic from W24 in this world. I just started again and be nice to play alongside old members.
Was in RES and =TTD=

Was a big nooby kid then though living off of cypherrrs (s2orm) back while him and laforge1 (deus) taught me to play properly