W29 tribe too beat all.


Ok were nearing the end but i would like anyone who wants too put together a tribe of 20 of your choice now you know everything about them,you can pick your own tribe members and also enemy ones you maybe wished were on your side.....

Must be players still active as of now..

jvincent duke....Mr calmness personified..
Logboss... you wont meet a nicer person and more skillful player anywhere..
Sobaks...aka Dallock and Christine,there ODA for being such a small account for a while is amazing..
Iainr...I am so glad i helped him return,one of the best guys in the tribe..
Lord of Emos..Hes Scottish and great too have about..
Rollo86..Helped him return and now hes No 1,good guy and plays despite supporting Coventry which must be hard.
TNN...Likes nuking thats good enough for me.
Cliveuk..A very skilled player,underrated.
Matador..A friend..
Erto..Always online and thats all is needed in this game..
Sidewinder..He tried so hard and was always polite ingame,a credit too himself..
S1999fan..Skilled player..
Shaunabeer..Good team player..
Briclioni..Keeps the tribes stats updated..
Minoy..Never has PP but a very good guy and always eager too get his nukes sent when he has PP.
Paladayi..Takes his claims quick.,
Myve...Lost a load of villages but took them all back plus a few extra..
Slayer..Not as active recently but if ever a book were too be written of w29 he would be the one too do it,knows everything about everything on w29.
Homeini..Plays too many worlds but a great Aussie player.

And finally myself.

Sterile Mess

So basically, a fantasy tribe. The only players I really got to know this world were not very good. Other than a select few, but i've never been in a tribe with any of the people i'd like to have been. :p