W30 Favorite Memories


No doubt I will always remember the players who I have fought an those that I had as mates, some of the best times I have had has been here on W30 very few worlds can I say that about only one world even comes close to W30 an that was W6, but this world is hands down the best fighting world I have been on.

I have had the pleasure of fighting some of the old world players an some new players who proved they could hang with the big boys, I have watched those new players become even better then some of the old ones an that impressed me very much,and I will be saddened some by the closing but its time it did end and move on to other worlds an other parts of the game.


-Being taken under Badlapje's wing early on- with W30 being my first TW world ever, it was very special for a newbie to be taken under the wing of one of the most fear-inspiring players on the server.
I'll second that. I was a clueless RPG player and he taught me while I was fighting him & Black Dawn. He was always polite & not patronizing and made me work for it but it was FUN. :icon_smile:


My best time was when i catted down Ariahna Powers church down and went to town on nonreligious troops. that and every time i attacked Cshiply.

spewn i never played on .

Edit : Ham are still the worst tribe in the history of TW imo


Scott I met john as well a few years ago, he drove to Raleigh NC for family time and took the time to visit me. We had a lunch at a local Burger King, and of all things... what did we do? He got his laptop out and logged on to TW,,, lol....


lots a memories and wow how this game has gone on for so dam long
cant wait to finally give up this world as a sole player getting hammered by former players (tribe-mates) and current enemies-friends
there were so many players
that are not playing today
that it would of been good if they were still around
unfortunately its the world 30 against davepowa1 :p
and that seems the way it is
and robot you can always help me :p for last 6 days haha
bt im enjoying my dodging and stacking and moving troops around and especially attacking cxtain acc


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hmmmmm a dragon pic hmmmm get me a sit to get nearer hahahahahahhaha I think time has saved ya dave :)


it appears to be the exact same dragon pic zoomed differently... bronse you have a fanboi!


and robot you can always help me :p for last 6 days haha
LOL ! (been something more than 3 years ago last time I did that! :D)

Oh and dave allways had that dragon pic ever since the Hammer days when he was the last Duke with McMellen. In fact I saw bronse's a long time after Dave's. We must have been several k's away for some years ;)


Call me sappy but W30, for me, was a sort of 'coming-of-age' kinda deal.

Like many people, I'm sort of saddened by the end. Having said that I don't regret any single part of it.

The disbandment of Tardis, was a stoke of genius, it's no big secret that I regret disbanding the tribe.

One thing to think about is, what if i had kept up my alter-ego 'Dairyboy'. Nobody knew i was playing that account and what if took on that alternate persona and not disbanded Tardis... I don't think Phoenx would have won the world.

So you owe me a thank you PAJUNO.

But If i could travel back in time 3-4 years... I'd do it again.

(*For future reference, never let me join your tribe, when will some people learn? :icon_cool:*)

I had a long-winded speech planned out but i find my self sitting here and not being able to express my true feelings for once, something I always prided myself on.

I guess it all comes down to wanting to be remembered.

Here are some of the most notable players to me and I feel I should give them a shout-out and a thank you:

  • Inflrc - For nobling me on 6 different accounts
  • ChamichA - For the same as inflrc only responding to my smack talk
  • KarmaX - For introducing me to RAM
  • Articbear - A very good friend and source of advice.
  • Elecetricool - Great mid-game banter and fun with a few skirmishes
  • Dan1000 - the damn scout *^*&*"$* (one time i woke up with 3 pages of scout reports from him)
  • Dgoodhue - Mid game powerhouse - kindof like the Inflrc and Chamicha of Mid-game
  • Jakedeazy - Mid game powerhouse - kindof like the Inflrc and Chamicha of Mid-game
  • JungoJungo - Early game powerhouse
  • Rethea - For never backing down in the face of adversary.
  • Noobaxes - For being a nooooooooob :)
  • Badlapje - Badass
  • Gicusan - Really Badass
  • Acidangel - Fast trains and powerfull nukes - gave pinky a run for her money.
  • LiquidC - Seemed to... underachieve in this world.
  • Belvalcor - Educated me on how to play tw and helped me relocate. (Bet all you guys are thankfull)
  • R2D3 - The first robot to play TW successfully :D
  • Lauradoom - For having the most D in the world.
  • Killbow aka Tommy G - For taking a lot of abuse and laughing it off.
  • Echao, for taking on that account and putting in the most amount of effort into an account that i have ever seen. Well done mate, in my opinion you won this world.

I also want to give a special shout out to these 2 people who made my TW experience Extra-Special.
  1. Smurks - For sticking by me no matter what. A true brother in arms.
  2. RavenJ - For being a complete genius, (s)he gets a lot of praise in the forums and in game and it is 100% deserved. (s)he had even supplied me with Premium when I was attacking him/her/it. I will never forget you Raven.:icon_wink:

And Finally, Just letting the people unfortunate enough to not see the end of this world that we still think of them my two tribemates who have unfortunately passed on:

*RIP* Dennis aka Crimson Angel, a Soldier who died for his country.
*RIP* Craftyandsly, Illness can take even the best.

On a lighter note I've switched over to the .co.uk server.
Anyone that wants to get into a fight on that server... You know where to find me.

W30 was my first world and the people and memories will be with me forever.

Tribes, friends and enemies alike, wars, alliances and everything I will never forget.

I cannot be as poetic as Raven, but this is the best i can do:

Sionarra W30 - I shall never forget thee.

*SOLDIER 1st Class out*


Greetings on and greetings all,

it seems a little bird told me w30 had finally finished and i just wanted to come by and congratulate all those who finished, with a special shout out to Pajuno and his crew for nailing it. Impressive how you stuck to it for all that time!

As for favourite memories:
- My number one hands down is the teamplay in BD at it's prime. In my experience it is truly rare to find a group that can work together as a team, it is even rarer if all of them are amazing people in their own right. That's what we had at BD, and it's what i liked about it.
- Second is all the great people from outside BD i had the honour of meeting, teaching, having fun with, sitting for (hehe, i sat almost as much outside BD as i did inside), fighting, ... . More then on any previous world i played, this one had some truly remarkable players on it. I count myself lucky that i got to hang out with so many of them.
- Last one i'll specifically mention is the war with TARDIS. That was hands down the single most awesome war i've ever fought on TW. The timing and effort from both sides was truly remarkable. We should have fought sooner and longer!

As for people, there are so many i could mention, and i'm sure i forgot a ton of them already. So apart from the entire BD crew i'll mention just a few: Jesse, Laura, Jubal from THE, ravenJ for sure, Pajuno and (dang i forgot his name) MarkE? from Phoenix, Calyxa who's tribe i forgot, Wildcats and Boooh from BH. Last but not least: asalamalakum, diamond in the rough when i first met him but with the potential to walk among the greatest of them.

As my favourite TARDIS player, you definitely deserved it! Didn't regret it for a single moment, my only regret is you joined after the tardis war, i feel you only saw us when BD lost it's purpose and drive. Woulda been badass to play with you at the start of the world.


BD was a ton of fun. I enjoyed programing our attack planner with canine.
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: Jesse, Laura, Jubal from THE, ravenJ for sure, Pajuno and (dang i forgot his name) MarkE? from Phoenix, Calyxa who's tribe i forgot

Baddie, you were a fun dude. Glad we still talk from time to time.

I have lots of memories. Many folks I still play with on W69 (FrostPDP); any of you are welcome to hit me up on Skype.