W30 former members


This world is about to end and shit, so I wanted to leave my final mark on it and attention seek and be obnoxious one last time, and above all else- Leave messages for former W30 members to come back to, should they ever check on this world again.

Well, I personally would like to say congrats to Phoenx. You guys really are the best tribe on this world- and I think you could make a case for the best tribe on tribalwars, ever. I still came out on top of you guys in my eyes, though, and achieved a personal moral victory and was one of the few to actually get the better of Paj+Co.

My only regret is not playing legitly in your tribe for longer and getting my hands on some sits before suciding all the accounts. If I was a more patient man, your tribe may not have faired so well!

I'm just trying to be an idiot here- I'm not trying to discount your win!

You all deserve a big pat on the back for sticking it in as long as you have, and an ever bigger pat on the back to those who were here from the beginning, your drive is very impressive, and I hope the passion you have for succeeding carries over into real life and you all become really successful drug dealers or whatever.

Phoenx, you are welcome for Big Brt as well. I know you could have just nobled him but then you would have had to listen to him the whole time.

To Shitley: Eat shit and die Shitley. Fuck you.

To Noobaxes: You lost. You suck. You're a coward. You probably only quit cause Phoenix wouldn't let you join. I bet you actually asked.

To The Red Hot Chili Pepper: I hate the shape of your head. You were a coward and loudmouth who couldn't back anything up. I am your daddy.

To Karmax: It was a pleasure playing with you. You taught me a lot about this game and really brought my game up to the next notch.

To TheCincyKid: I remember watching you ruin my tribe and eventually my account, with no idea at how the time how you were so good at the game. Never had as much fun getting beaten/rimmed/farmed as when you were doing it. I still lol at building massive amounts of spears and dodging you for a few days and randomly spiking you. Same with when I built a full nuke+train in a 2k vill that I demolished as I built up the farm so it didn't look like I was growing, and then nobled 'Bree.

To Aubree: Out of all the players I've ever played with you taught me the most. I was a total noob when you gave me the keys to your account, and I literally got twice as good at the game overnight from just logging into your account and seeing how you had it set up. You had hundreds of full nukes and a hundred nobles, and I'd never had an account with more than 60 villages before. Watching how you played helped me to become a better player myself and if not for your generosity I would not have ever gotten as good at this game as I have. I wish you and your kids the best in whatever it is you're doing these days and hope all is well.

To Rpduerr: I'm sorry. I think I'm funny sometimes when I'm not. I wish you the best and good health, and if I ever meet you in person (we live in the same state) I will stand, legs spread, hands at my sides, and allow you to give me a swift kick in the nuts.

To Jpohlman: I never spoke to you, but I feel it is my responsibility to demand that you spend more time in the sun.

To Pajuno: Congrats. You have some pretty impressive accomplishments under your belt and built a tribe that I think most aspire to.

You are welcome for me gracing your presence W30.