W30: Propaganda in Pictures

spleen mage

The old BD picture contest aside, W30 has a serious lack of propaganda pictures, which I find sad; they're usually the best part of Pnp.

Here's my attempts to jump start a picture trend, or if not, just for a space to put the feeble attempts I make in my spare time :) While mine are obviously biased, people are free to put any spin on theirs that they like if they want to make some :)

Already used this one, but I thought it should go with the rest in here anyway.

i stated many times over, stats will not be important to us!!! we have a lot of villages that were in bad positions, and activity over the weekend due to emergencies did not help!!

its called Calculated losses... Something every good leader has to deal with and handle in their own way.
As nice as the euphemisim is, Pajuno throws the phrase "Calculated Losses" way too much for me to not comment on it.
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I love them :D

I wish RAM would let me write a declaration :icon_cry:


why they dont?

anyway, you are welcomed to make some pics with Zac tiger running from his jungle after a few hours of attacking from PinkyToe.


I am still laughing with the pics (biased or Paj focused, is not the issue, me humbly thinks...) Good thinking spleen ! I especially liked the hypnotism attempt and the noble invader type noble attack :lol:


Even though I'm in Pheonx, I chuckled.

Only comment is that in the Pokemon picture, use a picture of Moltres for Phoenx, after all, a Phoenix is a flaming bird :p


I love the pictures almost motivates me to try and put some out there although my would be no where near as funny.

a Phoenix is a flaming bird :p
HEY SIR, I thought there were rules against making sexually orientated slurs or is that only against individuals??:icon_rolleyes:


Gotta say, chamicha you have pretty much captured us-so good on you.

Spleen, definately bravo zulu for starting this thread, creativity and for a good laugh.

Pajuno, if you are drawing so much attention, you must be doing something right.


Pajuno, if you are drawing so much attention, you must be doing something right.
Agreed, though "something" probably does not describe Paj's gameplay (and pnp walls :lol: ) to the full....

or just noisy.
Your opinion -valued of course- but you really should have him as tribemate in an early start world, to look up to him a little more than you 'd ever expected. There was a wholeout vicinity conspiracy to to take him out in W46 if I think correctly...

No wonder Paj is the protagonist in most pictures so far... And a pity he stopped interviews imo.

Go Paj! :axemen:


Just a quickie:

KarmaX on 06.03. at 03:22
Hi all members,

I've noticed that most of the players in this tribe are like tigers but the difference is that they have been fighting rabbits or deers till now.

It is soon time that 1 tiger meets and another so I want you all to be in full attention. Yadda yadda yadda...