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... answer this thread. Or is it simply cause you got nothing to say. Biased or not it does not matter.

(of course you can keep up the good sh** you are serving the world all this time, eg noobaxes drama etc etc) - that would not be surprising.


Lets stay on topic here guys. :icon_eek:

1) What is your current ranking?

2) What keeps you motivated?
My tribemates, my personal goals, & I'm still learning!

3) Did you start out on the account that you're playing now, or were you gifted it/joined it later on?
I'm the original & only, Calyxa ;)

4) Do you play any other worlds?
I'm checking out W58 on a coplay acct.

5) Do you see yourself sticking it out to the very end? Why?
Of course - I like to finish what I start & want to play one TW world all the way thru beginning to end.

6) How experienced were you when you started W30?
Complete noob. I'm an RPG gamer but the little village was sooo cute :p

7) What was your highest ranking?

8) Which was/is your favourite tribe and why?
THE - my tribemates were incredible.

9) Who were/are your favourite leaders and why?
AK_Iceman from THE because he taught me to be flexible in the game. Badlapje from Black Dawn because he was teaching me even when he was making me crazy as I was fighting him. My current BH leaders because of their commitment to the tribe & they put up with me spazzing at them :p

10) Who were/are your favourite opponents and why?
My favorite opponents ever were Black Dawn. It was an amazing tribe & the only way to survive was for me to learn as fast as I could.
I'm currently enjoying sparring with LoEn :D

11) If you could go back and relive any period of time on this world, which would it be and why?
All the stages of this world have been interesting If sometimes frustrating, but it's kept me in the game. I still miss THE though.

12) What are some of the personal challenges you've had to face on this world?
Being a noob, getting sick & not able to play for awhile & the usual RL challenges we all go thru.

13) What would you deem to be your greatest success on this world?
Surviving this far...lol. But I couldn't have done it without help.

14) What is the most important lesson that you've learned on W30?
Patience. This game has taken more than I've ever needed for a game before :)

15) Who was the person that had the most influence on you personally, and why?
I'd have a very long list of players - most no longer here. But I'd have to say the current acct owner of CrispyCargo. Without his support & encouragement I might have given up early on the game. Check out his profile for the very long list...lol.

16) Do you like where the world is now?
Definitely. It's a mature world with a lot of high caliber players.

17) Do you see this world ending any time soon?
Not unless something suddenly changes with the current tribes.

18) Who do you believe will win this world, why?
NOT going to go there - there's still room for changes.

19) If you could rate this world on a scale of 1-10, what would your rating be? Why?
I've only played three worlds seriously & this one is my favorite. I like the settings & it has some of the best tribemates & opponents I've ever had the pleasure to play with :)

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bump for the "known" pnp slackers to answer and be somehow communicative with the rest of us. :)