W32 player pics

Jeckyl N Hyde

Seeing as by this stage in the world the people still here should be around for a while lets get our mugs on view.

I'l add mine in about 30 minutes as im going fer a bath!

Edit: Im far left. (jeckyl)

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Michael Corleone.

No worries dawg, yo e-gangster got ya back. I jacked like seven sharpies today.

If ya need one gimme a holla.

Jeckyl N Hyde

Whoa, how did you get that one? only my disciples have a hard copy!


JnH, you looking good. (Not trying to sound gay)

Don't laugh, but here is me:


Prince Sean

Omg Krieuk...

You kinda look like Casey Affleck...
omfg Krieuk you do!!! :icon_eek:

Grow your hair a little more and get green contacts!!!

The girls will strip for you!!!:icon_eek:



Nightz I got so excited when I saw your name was the last one on the thread after I asked you to post a pic :icon_eek:

Then I sign in to to read you comment on another :(

You made me sad :( Cheer me up by posting your pic !! :icon_wink: