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At that point it was still an open choice as Legion were not yet our confirmed enemy, whereas HAWKS and TW were long-term enemies. Taking up discussions with Legion would appear to have been an exciting option at face value and the establishment of an alliance more easily attainable due to no past bad blood between our tribes unlike that which existed with some in the other tribes.

For some, this game is solely about winning. For many, including myself, it is about the the type of people I play with. I chose to work towards the option that united us with the group I held most respect for.

E=MC continuing on as a self-sufficient tribe was not an option I chose to entertain at any point in time.

I might add at this point that I have developed respect for certain Legion tribesmen and yet if I had the choice to make over then I would still make the same decision.


Poor diplomacy.

Thinking, because how much bigger they were than every other tribe(double) they showed some arrogance that annoyed everyone.

Much like my arrogance here.