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It is indeed impressive, even if we're spamming again... Is there a record kept somewhere in stats of the highest ODA and ODD achiever in a 24 hour period since world began?


no but there should be! I tried to make a thread in the Forum general section to see if there was any higher but the gay admins denied it :|


Perhaps it could go in as a suggestion? I'm sure it's the sort of thing most players would like to see added to World stats: who has top score ODD and ODA for a day ever. Gives everyone something else to compete for.


Pimpjams. Is the biggest I have seen and I look over w33 stats nearly everyweek....

Stiker and ify have been close.

Mightybears 24million ODD in one day is the most ODD I have seen here too ....


Ok got rid of the lower milestones for player villages and tribal ODA.

Also wesgan is 2nd to 125 million ODD

and stiker now has over 5000 villages and is leading the way for 5500 with a lead of almost 1000 villages from 2nd place.


Stiker is on a roll with his ODA and has passed 250 million...

the 30 million point race has begun and has pinder in the lead with about 300K

3 pinder TW 29.199.228 3613 8082
4 amatus TW 28.871.036 3511 8223

Legion has also gained the 1.5 billion ODD and is well on the way to gaining the 2 billion as well.

and still waiting for the 125 million player ODD race for 3rd to end right now mineslong is in the lead by 7 million with stiker behind at around 110 million.

and thats all so far...

btw...can we get this stickied...please?



Sorry for the delay folks but I've finally updated it...slow world so slow updates I guess.

First off let us congratulate stiker with another 1st for W33 and that being the 5000 village mark. amatus has also reached a milestone and has reached the 4000 village mark in 3rd thereby sealing the 4000 village milestone forever (sorry pinder better luck next time :lol:)

With Stikers massive village growth his points have also grown quite a bit and another 1st taken in the 50 million points category. congrats again!!!

Also showing/proving that Stiker isn't just some point whore he has also taken 1st in prize in the 300 million ODA category.

Also looks like Koe82 is feeling the love from the HAWKS as his ODD has shot up and put him not only in 3rd place for the 125 million ODD but shot past wesgan up into 2nd place for 150 million ODD (might have to give some love to Koe 82 myself :icon_twisted:)

As for the Tribal milestones HAWKS have climbed into 1st place in the 40K villages category and based upon LEGIONS drop down below 35K villages I'd say it's due to that (don't worry Legion you get to keep the milestones even when we get you into the 10 thousands :icon_wink:). The HAWKs top 40 has also put them in the 1st slot for 350 million points.

While there has been no change for the ODA tribal chart (yet :icon_cool:) the Tribal ODD charts have just seen LEGION hit the 2 billion ODD mark and are well onto hitting the 2.5 billion mark. congrats for LEGION!!! :)

And with all that...that concludes the update to the W33 milestones. signing off and wishing you the best of luck is your very own...

Guardian Angels :icon_wink:


based upon the past months performance and the growth of ODA in the top accounts for the ODA charts I'd say it was up to mavarok, freakazoid or acid. each have made impressive gains ranging from over 11 million to over 14 million. Unfortunately unless pherion (myself) is able to find some poor fool who doesn't dodge and doesn't stack I won't be able to mount a serious opposition for the race to 100 million...everyone I hit dodges :icon_sad:

As far as the Legionaires who are in the top ranks of the ODA charts they simply don't have the growth with IFY being as small as he is, wesgan being taken apart by everyone, papoomio and drunk inactive and with pimp jam only making under 10 million a month gains they simply don't stand a chance.

however my money is on the top mav, freak, or acid. All three are voracious attackers and have numerous targets...however I give the edge to freakazoid with his size advantage and recent inactivity of the enemies around him he just may make it to the silver for the 100 mil mark.


once again these stats have been updated...some of the changes are...

Stiker de Grey is leading the pack by not only taking the 5500 village milestone but the 6000 village molestone as well and well onto his way to takeing the 6500 as well. Meanwhile Freakazoid2 snuck up on us all and grabbed 2nd place for the 4500 village mark.

Also due to Stikers massive nobling spree he has shot up in the points area and is almost at the 60 million mark so I'll just give it to him as he is less then 100K away. Also Pherion has locked in the 2nd place slot for the 40 million point area.

Also once again in the lead in ODA is Stiker coming in in 1st place with the 350 million ODA mark and well on his way to 400 million ODA. Congratulations!!!

Now as you know we had a race to the 3rd place 100 million ODA slot and it was between Mavarok, freakazoid2, and Acidburn247. It was a close race to the very end with Mavarok and Freakzoid2 literally neck in neck and under 1 million points away from each other.

23.04.2011 at 20:57

3 freakazoid2 [HAWKS] 100,34 Mio.
4 Mavarok [HAWKS] 99,40 Mio.
5 Acid Burn247 [HAWKS] 90,01 Mio.

looks like the race to the 2nd place 125 million slot has begun. bets anyone :icon_wink:.

Now this massive gain of ODA from the HAWKs side is not with consequences for the LEGION (well former legion now as they are gone now :icon_razz:) members.
KOE 82 has rocketed up the ODD charts taking not only the 1st place 200 million ODD slot but also the 1st place 250 million and on his way to the 300 as well. In just over 2 weeks a gain of 100 million ODD...looks like someone is feeling the love :icon_razz:,

Now onto the Tribe milestones...

Now for the villages HAWKs once again have a commanding lead and have led the way into the 1st place 45K tribal village slot and the 1st place 400 million points tribe slot. TW has also popped their head in and have taken the 3rd place 20K village tribe slot as well.

HAWKS have also taken the 1st place 1.5 billion ODA mark as well and before disbanding LEGION made it to the 2.5 billion ODA mark as well.

And with all that...that concludes the latest update to the W33 milestones. Signing off and wishing you the best of luck is your very own...

Guardian Angels
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