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i have a feeling that wont be the last we hear from him :icon_smile:

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Well, here we are once again folks!

It has indeed been a long time in coming for the next installment of W39 weekly. Apologies for my prolonged forum delay - fortunately it is unlikely to happen again (taps wood).


As promised to many an active player on W39 (although most now seem to reside inside a single tribe) recently, the old W39 newspaper is being revived!

And what better a way to kick it off, than for a (brief) return of the once famous, now infamous ex-duke of T.D.E? Well, that's what I thought. But as we all know, communication with this King of Dragons is difficult at best.

So, the way to kick it off, is by a nice little statistical count.

[SPOIL]Side 1:
Tribes: A-21
Side 2:
Tribes: T.D.E, Who?

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 12,947
Side 2: 2,269
Difference: 10,678


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 121,899,493
Side 2: 20,961,454
Difference: 100,938,039



A-21 has recently reached the point where, only from caps of players whilst they were inside T.D.E or the Who? branch-off, they are in the lead by a whopping 10,000 ennoblements. Who would have thought that this would be the case?

Certainly not the then duke of T.D.E - the tribe who looked all but set to win W39.
HAHA both NOB and RAID was losing hundres of villages to The Dragon Empire, and now you merge and some member choice to join us, and there villages are beeing lost in your area?

And the player that are in our area, yes like Arrakis, BEL, Hitman and so on did you not even invite becuse you dont want to sabotage the stat,

You are funny, hole world know this, i think you are the only that not see it....

Want a tip? if the stat changes again, you can allways make a new tribe... and a new...


//King Dragon

Well. We are several months on now from when this W39 veteran, the last remaining duke of a tribe around from the beginning of this world, decided to take his leave. And in this time he achieved a remarkable success which nobody can deny the truth of. Leading a group of europeans from his home server, to form what was a 2, and then even 3-tribe family on the northeast of the map. Everybody believed they would fail. I doubt any one of us seriously thought that The Dragon Family would become one of the last two giants standing in W39. But, he did it. The methods, arguably questionable at best. But, credit where credit's due - up until A-21 formed, there was no stopping him or his tribe.

But then, the formation occurred. NOB!! leadership and Rx4U leadership and ~RAID~ leadership, all combined in to one. With several old faces coming back for one last struggle. With this, A-21 was born.

And now? Now, A-21 seems all but ready to celebrate their world victory. There are few players left to eliminate now. 103 players with villages left. 51 of these residing in A-21. It is down mathematically, to player versus player.

But, I think it is safe to say no tribe will rise out of the ashes to steal the victory from the hands of A-21.

And, with this being said, I will now hand you over to A-21 members. A post was put up in the internal forum on the 30th of December, asking all members who wished to give comments to answer 4 simple questions. And here we have their words!

1. If you were in T.D.E, how would you have felt if your King and Queen abandoned you?
David/Anabolic11: Relieved - at least after they left my mail box wouldn't have been cluttered with gibberish.

James/redfernj: Its Hard to say normally one would be frustrated if there leaders took off when they needed them most but considering my past dealings with King Dragon I would probably have been relieved.
How annoying would it have been every day to wake up and see mails from such an ignorant, self-centered and sneaky person?
They existed on this world to complete their own selfish goals only when those goals started slipping from sight they quit and left the members that had helped get them that far high and dry.

In Short I would have been more pissed off with myself for ever joining a tribe under that leadership than them high-tailing it out of world 39.

Solace15: I would've been t'd because that proves that most everything leadership of A-21 said, was right which means, 'I'm doomed'

DaWolf85/Donaldm23: Like shit, of course. I definitely wouldn't want to fight for that cause anymore.

BBJ/LittleBabyJesus: I would completely understand. I have wanted to quit this pathetic game many times. But I am addicted.

Jenni/The Dragyness: I would have felt betrayed if my leaders left me, under normal circumstances... however, I don't know if they count as normal.

LightGod44: I would have felt as if they betrayed me personally. Of course me being who i am i would have continued the fight but would be deeply upset that my leaders did not have the dedication i have.

2. Out of every player to play in T.D.E, which players do you have respect for?
David/Anabolic11: None - not a single player I've fought in TDE is still playing

James/redfernj: None. Not one of them could defend.

Solace15: Cer-berus, a player who was feared but when his tribe let him down because they were a bunch of wusses

DaWolf85/Donaldm23: pollocktown, although he quit while the going was good he actually was not that bad a player. I just wish he had stuck around and fought it out.

BBJ/LittleBabyJesus: hmmm....K.D. His tribe completely fell apart after he left. As a matter of fact, it would be nice if he could somehow play all of their accounts. You know, like he did earlier ;)

Jenni/The Dragyness: At one time I would have said Cerb, but I have mixed feelings about the deletion, so let's go with Jeremy 'cause he's a decent player when he bothers... and he likes Glee too!

LightGod44: Charizard, cerb, jeremy, cathrine.

3. Do you have any words you wish to provide to the King and Queen of Dragons?
David/Anabolic11: Just one - 'goodbye'

James/redfernj: You disgust me.
But At least we proved to the world that you really are nothing more than a cheating dishonorable coward.
I'm not going to say anymore as you are simply not worth my Time.

Solace15: You suck, you're spineless wimps who could only cheat to win

DaWolf85/Donaldm23: They're not appropriate for the forums.

BBJ/LittleBabyJesus: Not really, Idid not really know Per that well.

Jenni/The Dragyness: No words except for good riddance! I got tired of trying to interpret whatever the hell they were saying.

LightGod44: Guess you couldn't hang with the best? Don't worry A-21 has got you covered!

4. Do you have any words you wish to say regarding the success of our glorious tribe?
David/Anabolic11: All things come to those that wait. A-21 was a long time in the spawning and had it's detractors at the start, but A-21 had 3 things its opponents didn't:
* Quality players
* Team work
* A sense of purpose

Those 3 things make the difference between owning the world and deleting ingloriously.

James/redfernj: 4. Having seen the downfalls of quite a few tribes in this world I think its easy to see why A-21 was successful.

Strong Leadership.
In any tribe you need a strong team of leaders for it to be truly successful,
Leadership is so important in so many ways that so many people will never come to realize.
This Tribe had the best leadership team I have ever seen and I am truly proud to be a part of it.

Loyalty and belief
A-21 is a tribe of unique members who are indeed hard to find nowadays.
We are comprised of members who believed in their friends and stuck by them through hard times when it looked as if all was on the downward slope.
We have seen people who we thought of as friends leaving to join forces with the enemy when times were at their worst and yet through all that disappointment We stuck with our friends and here we stand united at the finish line.

Hard Work and Team Work
Its been an honor to be a member of A-21 due to each and every member working hard for each either.
We would have support requests sorted almost immediately after a member posts looking for it. Every time an Op is organized we would see people lining up to be a part of it.
A-21 is the ultimate tribe we have every ingredient a tribe needs and that is why we were able to turn this world upside down in the devastating fashion we did it in.

Solace15: It is through teamwork, communication, leadership, planning, support etc etc
that we succeeded. Almost every member played a crucial role throughout the world and evidently, we were the only tribe with it. When push came to shove, we never turned and ran from conflict, we embraced it and faced every challenge for what it was; a test of our mighty machine. We took major losses from villages to players that couldn't stand the heat and yet we prevailed with those ingredients that made us a brutal and ruthless war machine. It was an honour to be part of such a might and it was sad to see so many we trusted run to the enemy and despite friendships, a pleasure to take their cowardly trading villages. We were A-21 and we did it, on our own without cheating and against huge odds. It will be hard to be part of any other world and tribe because it will be hard to find such a good team. It has been an honour mates.

DaWolf85/Donaldm23: Yeah, we're pretty cool.

BBJ/LittleBabyJesus: A-21 is more than just a tribe, it is a brotherhood (sorry Jenni), Its leadership is 2nd to none. I just wish that some of our former members were still here to share in the glory of winning. Joe, Max, Wayne, Rohan...oops Rohan is still here.

Jenni/The Dragyness: A-21 is friggin' awesome, period. I am honored to be a part of it and I want to thank all of the people who made it possible for that to happen.
And it's all good LBJ. : P

LightGod44: We all had a common goal and purpose, with a good core of active and talented players, it only was logical we would be the victors in this world.

And a special shout out to Rohan, been with him since almost 400 points throughout every tribe. Now that i consider an achievment on its own. And i only wish MAX was here to see it...


And there we have it. The end of this W39 Weekly.

I will leave you with an idea of what to expect in the next article (although it shall not be out for a bit longer than a week owing to an essay I still need to write). I will be compiling a timeline, including a map showing the major changes of this world on a monthly period, from the start of W39 until what is nearing the end of W39.

I hope you enjoyed this newspaper, and I am hoping that any active players outside of A-21, and any past W39 players still following this world, will get in touch with me via the forums or my skype, for a feature in the next article :)

Googly - over and out.
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Ps - 22 month necroed :lol:

lol @ war stats ^^

Bye Googly :(

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I troll once more dear necris.

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Yep. 2 years - whoever had 3 years before I'd be allowed back owes me money :icon_razz:

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Next week and a couple of years :)

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Googly quit tw.

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i have a feeling that wont be the last we hear from him :icon_smile:

Indeed you are correct dear sir.
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Nicely done!

Loved the Q&A session... some of my favorite answers:

David/Anabolic11: Relieved - at least after they left my mail box wouldn't have been cluttered with gibberish.

Jenni/The Dragyness: ... so let's go with Jeremy 'cause he's a decent player when he bothers... and he likes Glee too!

DaWolf85/Donaldm23: They're not appropriate for the forums.


[11:04:10 PM] ~Googly~: I see you reading my newspaper :O
[11:04:49 PM] Aaron: :D
[11:04:58 PM] Aaron: and here I thought I could avoid making your head any bigger


Well, I thought I'd have a peep. Deleted months ago. What've I missed?


TDE Mass deletes and cerb quittin. a 21 rocking the world. Not much


Mwahahaha :icon_twisted: Well, I expected TDE to crumble, leadership is everything and there wasn't any. Selfish players, very little co-ordination but the biggest killer was non-activity. There were some brilliant players, but so few and not enough to fend off A-21. TDE were outgunned and outplayed.


As promised to many an active player on W39 (although most now seem to reside inside a single tribe) recently, the old W39 newspaper is being revived!
Orly. Revived, is that what you'd call this? :icon_razz:

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Not got much to write about, and I don't have time to do the big map thing I wanted to do until my assignments are done!


There wasn't much to write about last time but you managed it then. :p