W43 Updating Maps Made by Nickjer


I might look at the code as it does seem funny that there is no map which gives the same info as the ingame ranks.

Maybe over time it will sort itself out when the point counts go up.
if i remember right, the ingame ranks are listed according to the points of the top 40 players, whereas nickjer's self updating map orders them according to total points of the tribe. (not to mention families. . .)


wow, wait, ALONE isnt head of the family, LOKI is...

but other than that we got to rank 1 somehow :|


is this map updating...There's no mention of the #5 tribe, I know they just didn't pop up today


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Just upset as we killed his W21 tribe off when they tried to gangbang us.

As for my in game name anyone can ask, I did not think anyone really wanted to know it.