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teh nub cookie

<3 this thread.

Gapkid5 on 26.11. at 18:02
Would your tribe like to merge into us? We are full of great members and our tribe really wants you guys here....we have other tribe merging into us and with them in us we will atleast be in the top 20 and with you it will be more!

Gapkid5 today at 17:17
so what do ya say?

Teh nub cookie today at 19:22
You're too good for us :(

lucky78 on 26.11. at 21:10
Hi i am the duke of [ally]~HOPE~[/ally] On this world we are also from w21 We were hoping to make a strong alliance with a tribe That will fight there best and be loyal and who wants to own k44 and Then this world

So i would like to ask if you will have an alliance woth my tribe I know we are small at the moment but we have people from w21 still to join and soime from w12

Please reply


lucky78 on 26.11. at 21:15
Please reply

We could set up a shared forums So we can work together in k44

faih1980t on 26.11. at 20:46
mate the guy that came to you is a spy if you keep him to your tribe you become an enemy to us

Teh nub cookie on 26.11. at 20:48
Who's a spy? LOL.

faih1980t on 26.11. at 20:49
ok wew are enemies from now on see you on battlefield

^ That is when Rank 1 is standard went into CHAOS for teh lulz. Why would you tell me you're spy? :D

Teh nub cookie on 26.11. at 21:25
Why you in a n00b tribe? :S

zxjy on 26.11. at 21:43
be quiet.

Teh nub cookie on 26.11. at 21:45
n00b tribe :(

zxjy on 26.11. at 21:46
oh and for your information you are in a nOOb tribe.

Teh nub cookie on 26.11. at 21:56

Got bored, and had to figure this guy times for a friend. :lol:

teh nub cookie

Is therE? Never seen it?

We'll use this now. :icon_cool:


begananew today at 03:01
Hello player.

Currently we are seeking active players to join our ever-growing family of END. We do see currently your growth rate and we are impressed. Our council has recently asked me to mail you to see if you would like to be duke of our academy tribe we are starting. The only catch is; for our world domination plan, we need our academy on the other side of the world so we can move inwards via nobling. If you would like to agree, just restart your account on the southeast and we will give you the details to start the tribe.

Thank you for reading in consideration of this message.


Yeh we have a premade but wants us to restart:lol:


Well, Using this one?

Dude Im Arab? today at 17:15
Stole it from the simpsons now did ya? I watched that episode today D:

IntensiveCareBear today at 19:23
stole what from the simpsons?

Dude Im Arab? today at 19:27
Your name D:

IntensiveCareBear today at 19:29
oh well no i didnt know the simpsons had done it, but may have picked it up from their and subconciously stored it.
but i did steal it from a former tribe i was in

Dude Im Arab? today at 19:31
Its like....

I'll put you in Intensive Care Bear o_O


teh nub cookie

spann94 today at 19:27
Me, do it!

Teh nub cookie today at 19:28
No :(

Im with conor ;(

spann94 today at 19:28

Teh nub cookie today at 19:28
why j00 spam meh?

spann94 today at 19:29
why not o_O

Teh nub cookie today at 19:30
you nub :[

spann94 today at 19:31
Yeah is right :p

Teh nub cookie today at 19:33

spann94 today at 19:34
Bish, I have rights

Teh nub cookie today at 19:34

spann94 today at 19:34
How do you like them apples?

Teh nub cookie today at 19:36
What apples?

spann94 today at 19:37
Errrr, juice?

Teh nub cookie today at 19:37

spann94 today at 19:38

Teh nub cookie today at 19:39

spann94 today at 19:39

Teh nub cookie today at 19:40

spann94 today at 19:40
:O No wai

Teh nub cookie today at 19:40
ya way

spann94 today at 19:42